Rural bunks have been pregnant for two months when they enter the city. I don’t know who the child’s biological father is?absurd

The hot summer heat comes, and all creatures on the ground of the hot sun are like the eggplants that are frosty. They lowered their high heads on weekdays. They wanted to find a cool place to hide inside and don’t want to come out.Professor Zhang and his wife Xu Aiyun have not been out of the door in recent days. The hot weather made the old couple’s body a little bit unbearable. Usually, they all had high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and other basic diseases.They all seem to be listless, unwilling to move, and sometimes they are willing to eat.

Professor Zhang’s career is a writer who has published literary works with good social response. Because he is well -known in the local area, he is hired as a visiting professor of a university., Very respected by students.His wife Xu Aiyun is also a people’s teacher. He serves as the head of a research and development project in another university. He is usually busy at work. Both are in their fifties.I am busy, I rarely go home, but I heard that the old couple ’s bodies have been unbearable recently. They are because they are busy at work. After returning home, they ca n’t eat a hot meal. They did n’t discuss with the old couple in private.Babysitter, to take care of the living of the two, was originally kind, but did not know that it caused the rupture of the parents’ family. Let’s see what is going on?

At noon one day, the scorching sun, the old couple was resting, and suddenly the doorbell rang. The old couple was reluctant to open the door. I did n’t know who it came at noon.Just go to open the door, don’t hold it, come, Professor Zhang said angrily.

As soon as the door opened, Professor Zhang was stunned. A little girl wearing some soils stood in front of him with a Xiaobian woven bag and watched in his twenties. Professor Zhang hurriedly asked her?Who are you?It is Wei Xiaoyan, a little nanny of Professor Zhang’s son, and Professor Zhang. Hello, I am the nanny you asked for you for you. My name is Wei Xiaoyan and I came to report it today.nanny?No one told us to find a nanny, wife, wife, you came down, the family came, and asked what was going on? Xu Aiyun also came out at this time and saw the little nanny at the door. I don’t know what’s going on?I called my son and asked the reason for the matter. I said that I did not tell the old couple. I was afraid they did not agree. I would like to see if the nanny was satisfied. If you are not satisfied, you can change it.I was not prepared from my heart, so that I can make it come, so let her try it, so Xiao Yan stayed.

The old couple asked Xiaoyan to enter the room and asked her some situation, where is the family?How old is this year?What education?Are there any diseases such as the body?The little nanny answered truthfully. Xiaoyan was originally a little girl in a poor county in the city. Because of her poor family, she did not continue to school after graduating from junior high school.I am one year old and I am healthy. I am a child from the countryside. I ’m not afraid of suffering or tired. I have any living in my uncle and aunt, although I can do anything, I can do anything.

After listening to the introduction of the little nanny, the old couple looked at her carefully. Don’t look at the little girl from the countryside. It looks pretty beautiful, her skin is also very clean, her teeth are not restrained, their clothes are a bit dressed in clothes.Old but very clean, look like a sharp person, so the old couple discussed, since the person has come, then leave it first to try it out, and say some precautions to the little nanny.Work is to cook, clean up, wash clothes, etc., and the two of us have nothing to do with it. Just eat it and light, and we like to be quiet. If you are okay, you stay in the room.Just a little, Xiao Yan agreed to say that, Professor Zhang took her to the guest room on the first floor to stay.

Xiaoyan, you can pack it up first, and get familiar with the environment. Let’s rest on the second floor. After we have a rest, let’s talk about it. Okay, uncle, aunt, you go to rest.Formally opened his own nanny life.

It’s too hot, Xiao Yan came to her room, the room was large, and the furniture was very complete. It was also very convenient to wash next to the bathroom next to the toilet. The only thing that was in disadvantages was that the room was not installed in the air conditioner. It was hot!After Xiao Yan locked the door, the hot one couldn’t work, so he changed his clothes. When he first came, he wore a very loose gown skirt. In addition to seeing his white body, he couldn’t see how good it was.Now after changing the clothes, the good figure will be shown. Although the age is not big, the body is developing very well. The long place is not falling at all.A piece of denim shorts, looking at it very well, this body can’t see that she came out of the countryside at all, plus her in her early twenties, live a beautiful beauty. After changing her clothesAfter looking at yourself, I am very satisfied, so go out and see what to control.

At around 4 pm, the lunch break of the old couple was over, and Professor Zhang got up and downstairs first. When I got up the building, Xiao Yan was hygienic in cleaning the living room, but Professor Zhang was a little circled, watching Xiaoyan’s dressed and just now.There is a big difference. I ca n’t recognize it at all. When Xiao Yan saw Professor Zhang came downstairs, he greeted, Professor Zhang wakes up, and I watched the ground a little dirty and cleaned it.

Professor Zhang came back to God. Ah, I woke up, and I just woke up. I haven’t recognized it yet, but it ’s very good. When it’ s too hot, I changed a cold clothes, okay, you, you, youThen clean it up. I watched the TV for a while, and I watched the news for a while. I watched the news at this time every day. When I said, I sat on the sofa to watch TV. I just sat down for a few minutes. Xiao Yan dragged to Professor ZhangSitting, Xiao Yan bent down, lowered her head, and the pier was very careful. Professor Zhang, you raised his feet, Professor Zhang had no intention of turning his head, Xiao Yan just bent in front of him, and saw it at a glance.The place to watch, hurried back to watch TV. It was just that Xiaoyan didn’t wear underwear. Professor Zhang was very embarrassing, but Xiao Yan did not respond and was still struggling.

At this time, Xu Aiyun also came down. Seeing that Xiao Yan was cleaning, she seemed very satisfied. It felt like she was a very hard -working child. Hello aunt, you wake up, a word of a little nanny made Professor Zhang’s heart suddenly.Relax, you can find a topic.This is Xu Aiyun said, Lao Zhang, it’s not too early. You take Xiaoyan to the supermarket. It’s time to do dinner. Let him familiarize it. Xiao Yan said quickly. Professor Zhang said at this time, Xiaoyan, go to change clothes, I will take you to turn around, Professor Zhang, I will wear this, I have no other clothes to change. Professor Zhang heard that Xiaoyan did not understand what he meant, so justNot explained.In this way, the two came to the supermarket to buy food, and Professor Zhang had a deeper understanding of Xiao Yan’s experience along the way. He believed that this child was not easy, so he had to bear the heavy responsibility of supporting his family.A default, and also wanted to help her.

In this way, Xiao Yan has been a nanny for a month at Professor Zhang’s house, and the probation period has arrived. The old couple feels that she has done a good job, so she left her, especially Professor Zhang hoped that she would stay.Considering, in short, she stayed at her heart.One day was eating dinner, and Mr. Xu Aiyun received a call from the school, saying that she was going to go out for inspection. When the project she was responsible for was at a critical time, some key technologies could not make mistakes. It was probably a week.When the car came to pick her up, as soon as Professor Zhang heard it, he asked why it was so suddenly?Teacher Xu Aiyun said that the project was very urgent. If there was no way, she called Xiaoyan to pack her luggage for herself. She was going to travel on a business trip tomorrow morning. She also told her to take care of Professor Zhang at home. At the same time, she should pay attention to her words and deeds, dressing, etc.When you lock the door, what’s the matter to call yourself?This series of instructions made Professor Zhang’s face flushed, and he bowed his head and ate.

Early the next morning, Xu Aiyun left the car. The rest of Professor Zhang and Xiaoyan were at home. Professor Zhang also had lessons in school today. After breakfast, he went to school after breakfast.Said, I won’t come back at noon today, don’t prepare lunch.After Xiaoyan finished packing, it was already more than ten in the morning. The tired body was sweaty, so she thought about going to a cold bath. She was alone at home and didn’t think much.I went to take a bath on the ground, and hummed Xiaoqu while washing. It seemed that I was in a good mood. Soon Xiao Yan washed it, and he was wrapped in a bath towel directly.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceThe doorbell rang. As soon as Xiao Yan was happy to open the door, as soon as the door opened, a young man stood in front of the door.

I really want to die. It turned out that Xiao Yan’s boyfriend came to him. The two grew up together and now work in a city, but it is still difficult to see the previous side.His boyfriend came to her. The two said nothing. Xiao Yan’s boyfriend picked up directly and walked towards her room.There are no safety measures, what if you are pregnant?My boyfriend was also panicked. Now when I do n’t want a child, I should n’t get pregnant once. Rest assured, I have to comfort Xiaoyan. In this way, the two have lived a good day.At home, Xiao Yan sent her boyfriend to leave quickly.

In the evening, Xiao Yan was making dinner. Professor Zhang returned. As soon as he entered the house, he saw Xiao Yan cleaned his family cleanly.On the back, the hair was also scattered, wearing a conjoined skirt, and the serious cooking looked deeply attracted Professor Zhang’s eyes. Xiaoyan suddenly turned around and saw Professor Zhang standing behind him, startled, and it was startled.Professor Zhang, when did you come back?I didn’t hear your voice, the meal was done right away, you can wash your hands for dinner. Professor Zhang seemed to be very happy and prepare for dinner.

Xiaoyan, do you usually drink alcohol?I don’t drink Professor Zhang and can’t drink.Today, my work passed the assessment of the publisher. It was published immediately. Let’s celebrate. You accompany me to drink a little red bar. When Xiao Yan listened, he was also happy for Professor Zhang, so he promised to accompany him to drink.The two of them had a happy experience and they had a meal, and they were very open. After the three tour, the time had arrived at 11 o’clock. Xiaoyan saw the time, not earlier.After, Aunt Xu told you not to stay up late. Professor Zhang also said to rest.

After Xiaoyan finished packing, it was more than twelve o’clock, so I went to the bathroom to wash. At this time, Professor Zhang went downstairs to find water to drink. After drinking, he was thirsty.In response, Professor Zhang, I was taking a shower. When you wait, I came out immediately. Professor Zhang had to go to the water to drink. Xiao Yan also washed out.Fan Meiren’s bath directly made Professor Zhang look straight, and could no longer control the heat in his heart. Under the stimulus of alcohol, Professor Zhang picked up Xiao Yan and told his inner desire. Xiaoyan was frightened., I tried hard to break away, but I was always defeated by Professor Zhang, and they fell. The two lived in a room until I woke up the next day.At the beginning, Xiaoyan, who was originally lively and cheerful, became silent since then.

Another month passed, Xiao Yan always had a feeling of vomiting, so she went to the hospital for examination. I didn’t expect that she was pregnant. What should I do?I was pregnant before I got married. Isn’t it a laugh?By the way, who is this child?Is it your own boyfriend?Or Professor Zhang?Thinking of this, Xiaoyan hurried home to find Professor Zhang. As soon as he entered the house, Xiao Yan told Professor Zhang that he wanted to tell him that Professor Zhang was writing. Xiaoyan said that I was pregnant. The child may be yours?As soon as Professor Zhang heard the writing pen, he had fallen to the ground. It happened that Xu Aiyun, who was returned home, heard that the three looked at each other and no one spoke.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceXu Aiyun moved to a monk. Xiao Yan returned to his hometown, and Professor Zhang was lonely at home.

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