Rumor, getting pregnant?wrong!Adjust your diet from 10 aspects, stabilize blood sugar during pregnancy

Colleague Yu Feng told me a few days ago that she was pregnant. She said that she was really worried at this time.Her grandmother has diabetes, and her sister had to have gestational diabetes when she was pregnant. She is now worried that she will have it.This limelight is not convenient to go to the hospital.Ask me: What should I do at home?

This is really a good question. Now our slogan is to contribute to the country without going out.It is not recommended to do it for pregnant women’s inspection. After all, the hospital is a high -risk area.

And Yufeng attaches importance to gestational diabetes is a good phenomenon, because after pregnancy, the body will secrete the anti -insulin factors in order to get more sugar, that is, weaken the right of insulin.Foods will increase, which can easily cause blood sugar to exceed the standard, that is, causing diabetes during pregnancy.

1. The fetal risk is too large, the risk of huge children increases

Mom’s blood glucose has always been at a high level, and the fetus will also consume more sugar, and sugar will grow the fetus as fast as a blanket.Jing Mu’s old friend was only pregnant and gave birth to a baby at the age of 39. She also had gestational diabetes during pregnancy. The child was generated by a caesarean section at 40+2 weeks. At birth, there were 9 pounds and 6 pounds, which belonged to huge children.And when he was born, it was hypoglycemia, hypocal calcium, jaundice, mother was discharged, and the child was still hospitalized.Fortunately, the child slowly recovered, and the friend was scared for three months.

2. Mother’s gestational diabetes is like a bomb in the body

Moms with gestational diabetes are more likely to have signs of eclampies, difficulty in shoulder -to -shoulder, and cesarean section.

3. The risk of premature fetal delivery will also increase

The fetus eats too sweetly, grows too fast, the mother’s belly space is insufficient, the possibility of hypoxia in the fetus will increase, and the possibility of premature birth will increase.Many gestational diabetes have to have caesarean section in advance.Because the fetus is too fierce.

1. Scale (a food that weighs)

Controlling weight is also the best way to control our fat and calories, which is also the best way to control blood sugar.It is recommended that you wear a fitted clothing to measure your body weight every morning after going to the toilet.

Daily weight records, see if your weight growth is normal.

Most mothers in the early pregnancy may not only increase their weight in pregnancy, but they will decrease. This is normal, but some mothers have the same appetite. At this time, it is recommended to pay attention to control.Within 4 pounds, don’t grow up to more than four pounds.Because our fetus was still very small in the early days, if we weighed long, it usually grew on the mother.

The weight growth in the evening of pregnancy is recommended to be carried out according to the weight before pregnancy. Before the thinner, you can grow more. Before the fat, you should pay more attention to control.Controld diet, and now it has not increased after 24 weeks of pregnancy, but the growth of the fetus is normal, and the doctor said that there is no problem.

The food scale is mainly to call the food we eat every day, especially high -fat, high -calorie foods must be controlled strictly.

2. Blood glucose meter and test strip

Because it is inconvenient to go to the hospital now, if it is too obese or the history of diabetes in the family, or if you have detected gestational diabetes before, it is recommended to monitor blood sugar at home, test five times a day, detect it once in the morning, morning, middle, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinnerTest every 2 hours and test it once at night.

Blood glucose five times a day is recorded to regulate blood sugar.

3. Felty Heart Monitor

Now there are some fetal heart monitors for family, or some hospitals also have fetal heart monitor rental, which can be considered, especially mothers with gestational diabetes.You can consider using fetal heart monitors, but you must learn to use scientifically, otherwise you may scare yourself and be more anxious.

4. A yoga mat

After pregnancy, we should pay more attention to exercise, and there are not too many equipment that exercise at home. A yoga mat is sufficient. You can follow some videos of yoga in pregnant women. Of course, you can also make some relatively simple warm -up exercises.

Of course, you can use yoga balls if you can use yoga balls.

It is recommended to exercise at no less than 6000 steps per day to do housework, yoga or walk at home.

1. Starting from early pregnancy control sugar, especially refined sugar, you can not eat it without eating

You can put all the sugar in our kitchen. Do not put sugar for cooking. You can put it a little when you drink soy milk.

When buying things in the supermarket, pay attention to the ingredient table. If there are white sugar in the ingredient table, it is best not to buy it.For example, biscuits will follow white granulated sugar behind wheat flour. For example, there are sugar in the ingredients table of hawthorn tablets.

For example, we feel very healthy yogurt, which is also added with white sugar. It is recommended to replace yogurt with pure milk.

2. Healthy oil eating

Don’t eat high -saturated animal oil, palm oil, coconut oil, etc.High fat is not conducive to the control of blood sugar.

From high to low according to the content of unsaturated fatty acids, it is recommended to eat olive oil with olive oil, wild tea oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, etc., not only the fat digestion, but also unsaturated fatty acids can also increase the sensitivity of insulin and help stabilize blood sugar.

In addition to choosing good oil, pay attention to the amount of oil. It is recommended that it is not more than 25 grams of oil every day.

It is recommended that we cook a few drops of oil when cooking with boiling water, instead of adding amounts of oil to stir -fry, so that it is better controlled.

3. Less salt and less salt and less salt

High sodium is not conducive to the stability of blood sugar. The suggestion of the Chinese Nutrition Society: It is best not to exceed 6 grams of salt per day.It is recommended to control pregnant women at 5 grams.

Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers not to eat some high -salt foods such as plums, pickles and other high -salt.

When you cook enough every day, put the salt when you are enough. This kind of salt is on the surface, and we can eat a small amount of salt.

4. Although the nuts are good, control the amount

Nut foods contain a large amount of fat, walnuts can squeeze out oil, and peanuts can also squeeze out oil because of high fat content.It is recommended that you eat no more than 10 grams per day (edible part) equivalent to no more than three walnuts, about ten peanuts.

And it is recommended to eat more raw ones instead of frying, fried.

5. Choose pure milk or low -fat milk

It is recommended to be more than 400 ml of milk every day, which can be well supplemented by calcium and high -quality protein, but choose pure milk (not extra sugar) or low -fat milk, less fat, prevent blood sugar from instability.

6. Choose to eat animal food, eat in moderation

Do not eat: animals’ oil and fat.For example, pig feet, chicken skin and other suggestions should not be eaten.

Eat properly: High -visceral cholesterol, but iron supplementation is good.Generally speaking, it is recommended to eat two to three times a week and 75 grams a day.

One egg is added every day, and the meat fish does not exceed 200 grams.

7. Vegetables are not less than one pound

Vegetables are basically very low in sugar. They contain a large amount of vitamins. Dietary fiber can help stabilize blood sugar. It is recommended that green leafy vegetables account for more than half.

8. The fruit does not exceed half a catty

In particular, some fruits with more than 14%of sugary, such as durian, longan and persimmons are not recommended.Bananas should also eat less.

The fruits such as strawberries, cherries, and apples can be eaten appropriately.If the blood glucose instrument and test strip at home, plus a good diet record, you can know what kind of food will know what kind of food will rise quickly after eating, and the targeted adjustment is enough.

9. Don’t just eat white rice

Most of us take rice and noodles as a staple food, but they usually eat fine rice or sophisticated noodles. To prevent and correct gestational diabetes, the staple food must be combined, and coarse grains occupy half of the staple food.For example, add brown rice, mung beans, red beans, eyebrow beans, oats when cooking rice.Coupled with some sweet potatoes such as yam, sweet potatoes, taro.

It is recommended that a day’s staple food is 300 grams, of which 150 grams is rice, while 75 meters are coarse grains, and 75 grams is potato.

10. Drink more warm water

Drink no less than 1800 ml a day.It is recommended to drink warm white water without drinking drinks.”Diabetes Anti -epidemic Science”

Mother Jing said: There is no sugar during pregnancy, and there is no more sugar. In special periods, we must learn to protect themselves.”Battle and epidemic will win”


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