Rumor: Always lie on the left side after pregnancy?The two principles of sleeping posture during pregnancy are good at earlier


How did you sleep before you pregnant your baby?Sleeping sideways?Sleep on your stomach?Sleeping back?"Big" font?Or change countless sleeping positions one night?I am the last way. I often go to bed when I go to bed at night. I wake up in the morning to reach the end of the bed. I turn around at 360 °. It seems that sleeping like this is more comfortable.But I dare not sleep like this after pregnancy, and I am worried that it will affect the baby.Are you the same?

Chen Han is one of my distant relatives. She was very excited after she was pregnant and made a lot of video calls with me.She said that this was really excited. She had been preparing for two years, and she had to have a baby.What should I pay attention to after being pregnant, she asked me a lot.Just after the answer, she hung up the video, and she immediately posted her voice.Ask me how to sleep after pregnancy?I heard that it is true to lie on the left side?

I told her that this is a rumor. It is not that you must lie on the left side after pregnancy. As long as you and your baby are comfortable, you can change your posture, but you can’t sleep too much during pregnancy.Adhere to the two principles, sleep more comfortably and safer.

Do I have to sleep on my left side after pregnancy?

"The Holy Ceremony of Pregnancy" reads: The only choice in the third trimester is to lie on the side, and the legs on the top are bent forward. It is necessary to put a pillow.In any case, you can’t sleep in a posture all night, and pillows that are used to stand up and do support are necessary.

I have had two babies myself. I was like Chen Han at the beginning. I was anxious to ask people everywhere, and I also checked a lot of books. I was worried that making this is not good for the baby. It is not good for the baby.It was not until later that the sleeping position after pregnancy was not as good as the rumor, "be sure to lie on the left".

When we go to the hospital for a checkup after pregnancy, the doctor will tell: "Try to lie on the left side as possible, be good for the baby!"The left side is needed throughout the pregnancy.It depends on the specific situation, after all, the individual is different.

As said in the Holy Ceremony of Pregnancy, for normal people, it is not possible to keep the same sleeping position for one night, and it is more difficult for pregnant mothers to do.

Most people are constantly changing their sleeping postures because this can eliminate physical fatigue.The same is true of our pregnant mothers.However, as the fetus continues to develop, the abdomen is becoming more and more obvious, and the posture of falling asleep at night will attract attention.

Especially when entering the third trimester (after 28 weeks), some pregnant mothers will have a slight right rotation. The wrong sleeping position will increase the compression of the uterus to the surrounding tissues and organs, especially the compression of the abdominal aorta and lower cavity veins, which will affect it will affectThe blood flow from the uterus of the pregnant mother to the placenta may be severely caused by hypoxia.Therefore, it is necessary to adjust.

Two principles of sleeping position during pregnancy

After pregnancy, the sleep quality of mothers has become as good as before pregnancy, and she often wakes up at night, sometimes because of frequent urination.But you must pay attention to safety at night. The light at night is darker, which may make you wrestling.

Principle 1: The feeling of pregnant mothers

In the early stages of pregnancy, you can choose your comfortable posture to sleep. The early fetus is still in the pelvic cavity of the mother, and will not be oppressed by external forces or itself. Therefore, what kind of posture is casual.But try not to sleep on your stomach. This habit is not suitable for the abdomen that gradually increases after pregnancy.

At night, the body is completely relaxed, and the pregnant mother should not be too anxious. In the posture that you feel comfortable, there is no big problem to spend the whole night.The mother has a comfortable feeling that the fetus will develop better.

PS: If you are pregnant with twins, it is recommended to change the habit of sleeping on your stomach earlier and try to start lying on the side.

Principles 2: change of fetal movement

The fetus is in the mother’s belly, most of the time is sleeping, which has a certain relationship with his natural growth.Only in a relatively safe state can the fetal development get better and better.

If you feel that the fetal movement has changed significantly, then the fetus may be reminding you: "Mom, it’s time to change the posture."

The fetus draws the nutrients and oxygen stored by the placenta through the umbilical cord. If this process is interfered or affected by the outside world, he will use the method of kicking his mother’s belly to convey the signal, and the mother must receive it accurately and in time.

Mom keeps a sleeping position for a long time, and the fetus may feel uncomfortable. She wants to stretch her arms and legs and change the position and posture.

Therefore, when the fetal movement has changed significantly, the pregnant mother should adjust the sleeping position in time to adapt to the fetal activity.

Some special circumstances

Pregnant mothers’ sleep will be worse in the first three months of pregnancy and a few weeks before childbirth.This is not only related to progesterone, but also a healthy environment in the uterus.If the pregnant mother finds that there are more amniotic fluid during the birth check, then it is recommended to use the left side (30 ° tilt) when sleeping, and try not to lie flat as much as possible, which may make you feel unable to breathe.

Pregnant mothers of multi -pregnancy should also change their postures often. The posture of the fetus in the mother’s belly is not fixed. Keep a sleeping position for a long time, and the fetus will feel uncomfortable.If the lower limbs are swollen, it is recommended to add a cushion under your legs to relieve discomfort.

PS: Pregnant mothers who are left -handed, heart disease or myocardial ischemia, and fetal horizontal positions, it is recommended to keep the right side of the right side, or obey the doctor’s advice.

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In addition to paying attention to sleeping positions, pregnant mothers are also important.Foreign studies have shown that the Earth’s magnetic field has a certain impact on the sleep of pregnant women, and it is found that pregnant women have slept more fragrantly than other directions, have a higher quality of sleep, and have a very small deformed rate in newborns.(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

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