Rumor: "Long Mao" born on the stomach of a pregnant woman?Will there be a "little hairy child"?Worry

Recently, the sugar mother was brainwashed by a song, and the streets and alleys were broadcast. "Everyone has hair on the body. Let me sing it for you …"

Then I received a private message from the background. A expectant mother asked with hope, "Is the boy who is long on the belly of a pregnant woman? The old man said so."

It can be heard that she really wants a male baby, and even more like her mother -in -law.I told her very reasonably that this matter has nothing to do with the boy and girl, she seemed a little disappointed.

I then comforted her and said, "Since it doesn’t matter, then there is no rule of giving birth to a boy. Whether men and women, children’s health is blessing, isn’t it?"

The expectant mother was embarrassed after hearing this sentence. She said that she did not ask for boys and girls at the beginning, but she was said to her mother -in -law like her mother -in -law every day.

Her belly is sharp and has a small black hair, but in the past, it was pure and pure!

This kind of statement around us has been circulating for a long time, saying that the pregnant woman’s belly is "long -haired", and she is pregnant with a male treasure. On the contrary, if the pregnant belly is not long after pregnancy, it is the female treasure of the pregnant.

In this regard, my explanation can only be "coincident". The baby’s gender is determined at the moment of the combination of essence eggs. It will not reverse. Without the last moment, all kinds of things that are imagined by the sky are all.Zi Xuwu.

The secretion of hormone secretion after pregnancy is surging, but the speed of metabolism of expectant mothers is declining. Under this contrast, the hormone of pregnant women cannot be eliminated in time, and it can only be released "another way".

So many expectant mothers "recruit" because of this, becoming dense hair, and fur in other parts of the body. For example, under the influence of prolactin, the breasts have begun to grow.A dazzling "wool" comes.

As for the gender of the fetus, it is determined by chromosomal, not whether the hair is long, whether the hair is dense, it is purely nonsense.It is really not recommended that everyone be far -fetched, and the elderly should not put too much pressure on their juniors with this excuse.

Do n’t panic, after hearing the scientific interpretation, I ’ll clarify a few questions after hearing the scientific interpretation.

① Will the long -haired hairy impact on the health of the mother’s health?

Tell you clearly that the hair on the pregnant belly will not affect health, so there is no need to worry.It is a normal physiological phenomenon under the action of progesterone, and it will naturally fall off with the baby’s birth.

In terms of beauty, it will have a little impact. To say that health is really considerate.

② Will women "long hair" on the belly after pregnancy?

This incident is actually different from person to person. It is also related to the skin condition of pregnant women before pregnancy and the degree of hormone changes.Some pregnant mothers are still smooth as early as the beginning, while others have dark and dark hair.

But from another perspective, these are the witnesses of my mother when they are pregnant. Is it a little happy?

③ Is the expectant mother began to grow hair, will it give birth to a "furry" baby?

Most of the baby’s birth is a "hairy child", especially the thinner children, the hair on the body will appear longer.This has nothing to do with the changes in expectant mothers during pregnancy. In a few days, the fetal fat goes off and look at it, and the child will become much beautiful.

If the child is really thick on his body, it is also a hereditary and nutritious factors. You don’t have to be far -fetched, and you don’t have to think about it during pregnancy.

There are all kinds of guess about the gender of children, on the one hand, the medical technology in the past is underdeveloped. Many things depend on guessing. Guessing is naturally widely circulated, and guessing is generally closed.

On the other hand, this also entrusts people’s hope for children. Many times, they are not "heavy men and women", but expressing their care of the older generation of their grandchildren.

The child’s gender should be taken correctly. Imagine that the future is okay, but so thoughtfully, it is "confused". It is better to have a healthy and intelligent baby to have this energy.

I am a candy mother, a mother who studies a growth type, focuses on pregnancy and parenting. If you want to raise your baby easily, do n’t forget to pay attention. The candy mother team will answer questions for your parenting road.

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