Right upside down 丨 16 -year -old girl is pregnant and has children, but now it is not when they are shaking each other.

In January this year, a 16 -year -old high school girl in a middle school in Cenxi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region gave birth to a baby girl in the hospital.After this incident, the Internet and reports caused heated discussions, and the division of responsibilities of parents and schools became the focus.

According to media reports, the girl is a single -parent family, and his father, Mr. Huang, has worked outside for a long time.Mr. Huang claimed that after learning that her daughter was in love at school last year, she called the class teacher and asked the teacher to pay more attention, and the teacher agreed.However, from the daughter’s pregnancy to the delivery, no one found and told, so Mr. Huang was dissatisfied: "I entrusted my daughter to the school, but it caused this result, so now I only hope that the school can take this responsibility."

Single -parent families, left -behind children, unmarried fertility, several factors hit together, so that this case constitutes a specimen of refraction of the crux of the times.

Parents and schools shake the pot with each other.If Mr. Huang is correct, the school is naturally responsible.But a father should know even more that he had to take responsibility and could not take the responsibility of "entrusting the daughter to the school".

The school should first reflect on whether sex education is in place.Some adolescent children are in danger of trying to prevent it, and sex education is to teach them how to protect themselves.

On the other hand, the physiological changes of women after pregnancy are very obvious. What is the reason for this girl in the class for a long time?It is likely that her relationship with her teacher and her classmates is not harmonious, so no one cares about her, and she has no friends to tell her mind.Leave stays and single parents are common factors that lead to lonely personality. It is not too much concern to schools and teachers to pay more attention to these children.

The relationship between father and daughter is obviously abnormal, and emotional communication is likely to have obstacles.Today, my father repents "rarely meets his daughter, this is all a father’s fault" is too late, but this lesson is worth learning from many families.It’s just that simple moral criticism is weak for such single -parent poor families. The outside world should think more about how to warn in advance and rescue timely assistance.

There is a speculation that it is likely to be established: this girl is because the relationship with her father, classmates and teachers is not good, so she is too deep in the relationship between men and women.Become bitter fruit.If this is a prank of fate, everyone can’t laugh.

Family and schools are the two most important lines of defense to prevent children from "derailment" on the road of growth.Unfortunately, this time the two lines of defense fell at the same time.Now it is not to throw the pot with each other or the time when the water battle, but the time of reflection and remedy.

In any case, the newborn baby is innocent.It is said that the child’s health is very bad. There is no money at home to let this "little mother" and the child go to the hospital for recuperation.This family may indeed be unable to bear the weight of a new life, and the school is no longer the most appropriate main body, and the civil affairs department and charity agencies should take over.Don’t let tragedy reciprocate in this imperfect family.

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