Review: After the woman got married, she found that her mother -in -law was pregnant. Her approach caused her mother -in -law to collapse after half a year.

A woman was moved by a man’s sweet words, and finally married him without hesitation.

I did not expect to get an abnormality on the first day of marrying to my in -laws.

It turned out that his mother -in -law always hid her.

Later, after some efforts, the woman discovered her secrets of her mother -in -law: she was pregnant for three months.

In this regard, this woman understands the purpose of her mother -in -law, that is, finding a big head to raise children for them.

And this woman is also very clever. She has always been seriously holding her family. After her mother -in -law gave birth to her child, she used a trick to collapse her mother -in -law after half a year.

In a room, a mother is confronting her daughter. The woman is called Sun Meng.

One month ago, she knew her fiance Zhang Lian. Because Sun Lian would coax her happy, Sun Mengtie had a heart to marry him.

In order to get married, Sun Meng also stole the household registration book at home, but did not expect to be discovered by his grandmother.

Faced with the persistence of her daughter, the grandchildren and grandfather persuaded each other, but Sun Meng was not Zhang Lian who was not married.

In fact, the worries of the grandmother make sense, because Zhang Lian’s character is somewhat unreliable, and the mother -in -law is worried that her daughter will suffer.

The grandmother also talked about Zhang Lian’s family.

Zhang Lian is an ordinary migrant worker, but pays 1,000 yuan a month for his parents.

Therefore, she felt that Sun Meng’s marriage would definitely be noisy because of trivial life.

In this regard, Sun Meng believes that this is just a trivial matter. In the end, the mother -in -law was forced to agree to only agree with her daughter to marry Zhang Lian.

So Sun Meng and Zhang Lian led the marriage certificate and determined the wedding.

It is worth mentioning that Zhang Lian gave the Sun family’s 80,000 lottery money, and Sun Meng brought 40,000 dowry.

On the first day of marriage, Sun Meng did not see his mother -in -law. Asked Zhang Lian, he said that his mother -in -law liked to be alone.

Later, when I had dinner, I didn’t see my mother -in -law come out.

Zhang Lian said that her mother -in -law was eaten in advance.All signs made Sun Meng feel that her mother -in -law was a little greasy, so she decided to see what a ghost she was doing.

On this day, Sun Meng returned a little early. When she saw her mother -in -law in the living room, she did not expect that as soon as her mother -in -law saw her, she hurried back to her room. Even Sun Meng knocked on the door and ignored it.

This made Sun Meng more and more doubtful, so when she went to work a day, she asked for leave to her superior, and then hurried to the house in a hurry. The purpose was to take a look at the mother -in -law who had not appeared these days.

After coming home, Sun Meng opened the door of the room lightly, but saw that her mother -in -law was eating. When she saw Sun Meng, her mother -in -law was at a loss.

But Sun Meng saw that her mother -in -law was holding a big belly, which surprised Sun Meng very much. Is this mother -in -law pregnant?

Sun Meng stayed on the spot, while her mother -in -law hurried back to the room.

The grandson has a lot of dreams. She really doesn’t understand why her mother -in -law is pregnant, is she to ask for one more child.Later, she understood that her mother -in -law wanted to raise her children.

At this moment, Zhang Lian came home. He saw Sun Meng at home and was very panicked. This made Sun Meng more sure of the guess in his heart.

In this regard, Sun Meng still had hope for her husband, but did not expect that her husband refused to explain why he deceived Sun Meng.

Sun Meng just wanted to scold him, but did not expect Zhang Lian to play emotional cards.

He said that he was because he was afraid to lose her, so he didn’t tell her the truth.

In this regard, Sun Meng asked him why he was still hiding her when she got married.

This made Zhang Lian dumbly, which made Sun Meng better understand the purpose of the Zhang family, and he fell into their scam.

But Zhang Lian threatened her, saying that she was married now.

If she can’t take advantage of her divorce, Zhang Lian hopes that she can bear the responsibility of raising her future brother.

It turned out that a few months ago, Mother Zhang found that she was pregnant.

Because it was his own flesh and unwilling to kill the evil, Zhang Mu decided to give birth to the child.

However, Zhang Mu Zhang did not have economic income, so Zhang Lian thought a way.

That is to find someone to cheat marriage, and then let the other party raise children with themselves.

However, the social reality is very good. If the woman knows this situation at home, she must not be willing to marry himself, so Zhang Lian uses sweet words to coax Sun Meng, and finally successfully marry Sun Meng back home.

And Sun Meng’s performance was also wondering. She did not lose her temper, but continued to take care of the Sun family.

When her mother -in -law was eight months pregnant, her mother -in -law showed signs of production.

Sun Meng waited quietly until the child was born.Before Zhang Lian was happy, Sun Meng directly told him to divorce.After that, Sun Meng returned to his mother’s house and told many people about the marriage of himself, including the residents in Zhang Lian Community.

Moreover, Sun Meng also had to be affected by Zhang Lian. The reason why she did this was to let Zhang Lian deceive the marriage by others. In this way, Zhang Lian could no longer marry other wives.

From this story, we can understand the truth, that is, don’t play any small abacus for marriage.

It seems that you can achieve your own lust, but after a long time, others will still know your true face. At that time, the other party will naturally become angry with you, and eventually make your marriage completely end.

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