Research reveals the new law of blood pressure during pregnancy: the increase in blood pressure during pregnancy exists in the "window period"

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, August 24th (Reporter Xiao Sisi) The weight management of pregnancy during pregnancy is an important prevention and intervention in the health of the mother and child’s health.During the 40 weeks of pregnancy, does the increase in weight during pregnancy cause diastolic blood pressure to rise?Where is the "window period" that leads to increased blood pressure during pregnancy?

Recently, a study answered the above question.This study first discovered that excessive increased weight gain in the middle and late pregnancy was one of the important reasons for the increase in blood pressure. For the first time, the new academic view of the "stretching and reincarnation of pregnancy during pregnancy" was proposed for the first time.

On August 22, the official magazine of the American Heart Association "Hypertension" online published the research team of Professor Niu Jianmin, Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital affiliated to the South Medical University, Li Yuming, Professor Zhou Xin of the Armed Police College, and Professor Zhang Zhuoli Research Team of Northwestern University.The latest research results.

In order to explore the laws of rising blood pressure during pregnancy and its key influencing factors, Niu Jianmin team and Li Yuming, Zhou Xin team and Zhang Zhuoli team in Shenzhen "three projects" project funds, Shenzhen Future Industrial Development Fund, and National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaWith joint funding, the research method of birth queue was adopted to analyze the weight growth and blood pressure changes of 1112 pregnant women different pregnancy weeks.In order to reduce the characteristics of the characteristics of increased rebellion before; the amplitude of the ekehem pressure rebound is closely related to the weight increase in the middle and late pregnancy (22 to 26 weeks) weight: the weight gain is based on the standard value (about 450g/week).More than 200 grams/week, the risk of excessive blood pressure rebound before childbirth increased by 20%.

Professor Niu Jianmin’s team research found that the proportion of low -risk groups of maternal and child complications in the traditional sense of unparalleled mother -child complications was as high as 76.7%of the proportion of weight gain in the middle and late pregnancy.This discovery not only provides a reference value for a reasonable increase in weight, but also reveals the key window period of weight management during pregnancy.

Niu Jianmin introduced that the research results revealed the incidence of hypertension during pregnancy, which is of positive significance for preventing and blocking the occurrence of hypertension during pregnancy.The study first discovered the phenomenon of "diastolic pressure to bottom out during pregnancy". For the first time, it systematically analyzed the laws of rising blood pressure during pregnancy and its key influencing factors, and further expanded a new field of blood pressure regulation and hypertension mechanism during pregnancy.

Niu Jianmin said that the research results clarified the "window period" of rising blood pressure during pregnancy, which is more accurate in guiding significance for blood pressure management and weight management during pregnancy."Strengthening the management of pregnancy during pregnancy, especially the rapid growth of the weight of 22-26 weeks of pregnancy, is essential for reducing the occurrence of hypertension during pregnancy. Therefore, this latest research results are for the formulation of older pregnant mothers who are suitable for my country’s national conditions. The weight and blood pressure management plan provides new evidence of evidence -based medicine, which has important clinical guidance and practical value. "

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