Reporting sticker: The first tires have a 7 -pound and 6 -heavy male treasure!(Share the symptoms of belly and male treasure)

I finally gave birth to my baby. I feel that the whole pregnancy process is really long -awaited!Fortunately, I saw that my baby is sleeping in my arms now, and this waiting is also worth it.Because it was the first tire, I did not go to the fetus of the fetus when I went to the B -ultrasound.It wasn’t until I knew that it was my son, and the symptoms of the Internet during pregnancy, I felt like a male treasure.Let’s share with you the symptoms of my pregnancy!

I vomited several times in the early stages of pregnancy, but not serious. I feel nausea and retching when I get up every morning. I do n’t like to eat some greasy things in the early stage. I also hate eating eggs.Taste, I still don’t like it when I give birth to a baby.When I was pregnant, I had a lot of dreams. I dreamed that I had a cute baby, and I still had a baby baby with a chick, but I also dreamed of having a daughter, so it should be a coincidence.I have seen fruits and animals, such as apples, tigers, snakes, and big wolf dogs. Sometimes they have a spring dream. It may be that when they are pregnant with a boy, you have a strong sexual desire.

When I am in the middle of pregnancy, I especially like to eat meat. I do n’t like to eat vegetarian vegetables. I do n’t have appetite when I see vegetarian vegetables. I like sweets in the later period. I can especially eat it. Therefore, the taste of my taste after pregnancy is very large.The belly is nostalgic, or it is not very obvious. I ca n’t see pregnancy. The pregnancy line is relatively light but not straight. After eight months, the stomach has stretch marks.It is about to give birth to the belly like six or seven months. From the side, it is very sharp. Many people say that such a belly is a man’s belly.

After pregnancy, I got a lot of weight because I was very good, and my husband followed me a lot. When the baby was born, it was also very strong. There were seven and a half pounds. The small one was already a fat man!During pregnancy, fetal movements are particularly frequent, and there are no meat except the stomach.Only these are the symptoms. As long as the baby comes out of health, the mother’s pain is not a problem. Finally, I wish you all the best to be pregnant and the mother and child are safe.

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