Repeated abortion?Correct contraception?You should know these

Dr. Li Yantao is answering the consultant.

Red Net Moment News March 11th (Correspondent Hou Rui) Many women will choose abortion surgery after accidental pregnancy.What are the dangers of repeated abortion?How can I avoid it?Li Yantao, a gynecological clinic of Changsha Baijia Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, summarized the following points.

Repeated abortion will lead to the emergence of various complications. During the painless abortion surgery, if the surgical operation is improper or the medical and hygiene conditions are poor, bacteria can easily enter the uterus from the vagina or cervixMissing can also cause big bleeding or uterine perforation, and even endanger life.Poor people’s flow may also cause complications such as vaginal bleeding.Infertility during or postoperative infection can cause gynecological inflammation such as pelvic inflammatory disease and cervical erosion.In addition, sequelae will be left. Some women are worried about pregnancy after painless abortion, which may cause fear of sexual life. Negative emotions such as nervousness, anxiety, suspicion are caused, causing the relationship between husband and wifeLater, symptoms such as pale, sweating, dizziness, dizziness, chest tightness, slow heartbeat, and blood pressure decreased due to bleeding, tension, etc.It will also cause irregular menstruation or even infertility. The abortion surgery will affect ovulation or luteum function, causing women’s irregular menstruation. In addition, the unhappy mood after surgery will also affect normal menstruation.Sales such as small amounts or endless menstruation.Make painless abortion can damage the endometrium, and the endometrium of the uterine is too thin. It is very likely that habitual abortion or infertility will occur. In addition, the various gynecological inflammation that may cause or cause or cause in the normal conception will also cause interference.

How should I choose the way to choose the contraceptive method correctly?For women who have not intended to have a baby within two or three years of marriage, when choosing a contraceptive method, the principle of simplicity and easy grasp of the impact on future pregnancy, such as using condoms.In addition, short -acting oral contraceptives are also a good choice.The current short -acting oral contraceptive hormone hormone dosage is very low. As long as it takes on time, it can achieve the purpose of inhibiting ovulation and preventing pregnancy. Its effective rate is as high as 99%and has a small side effect.

If you have to have an artificial abortion, remind women to pay attention to the following three aspects to stay away from the damage of artificial abortion.After receiving formal surgery, some women found that they had a drug flow for saving money after accidents, or went to a small clinic without a license, so they had hidden dangers for their lives.Remind everyone that we must go to a regular hospital for regular operations to minimize the damage.Combining labor and rest, you must follow the doctor’s advice after abortion and rest. Do not rush to work and do housework, so as not to hurt your body.Persist in contraception. Once the menstruation is restored after artificial abortion, the uterus starts to restore ovulation, and it is possible to get pregnant again.Women should take reliable contraceptive measures as soon as possible, and do not let themselves "hurt again."

Women’s abortion surgery may not only lead to surgery infection and suffer from gynecological diseases affect fertility, but also likely to damage the health of the uterine due to one or multiple abortion, making the uterine wall weaker, and making women lose their pregnancy.Therefore, female friends must pay attention to protection measures in life to avoid accidental pregnancy.

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