Ren Jiaxuan was pregnant with B -ultrasound. He exposed 4 uterine fibroids, with a maximum of 4 cm

On March 13, Ren Jiaxuan Selina updated his personal radio program "Welcome to solve" on his personal social platform.In the show, Ren Jiaxuan excitedly shared the good news of his pregnancy to the fans, saying that he wanted to share this good news with his fans first, because the information about his own before was known through the media. Now you want to share it through your own radio.Give fans.In the show, Ren Jiaxuan cried and laughed, and this was really different when the mother’s excitement was really different.

Later, Ren Jiaxuan shared the baby’s B -ultrasound on his personal social platform, and was equipped with the head of the official Xuan Bao.Ren Jiaxuan named the baby "small cashew fruit".The reason was that when I went to Vietnam in Vietnam last year, I was most impressive.Ren Jiaxuan said that she was actually very difficult during pregnancy. She even wanted to give up at the end of 2012, but in the process of arranging the natural state, she was selected by "small waist fruit" and became a mother.

Seeing the B -ultrasound of Ren Jiaxuan’s baby and his parents’ parenting manual, you can see how exciting Ren Jiaxuan’s mood after pregnancy is.At this age, it is really not easy to conceive itself, and Ren Jiaxuan has four uterine fibroids in his body. He was told during the physical examination last year that the largest one was about 4 cm.Fortunately, the doctor said that the position of these uterine fibroids will not affect the baby. Ren Jiaxuan Radio also joked: The largest uterine fibroids are almost the same as the current small waist fruit.Netizens are very worried about listening. I hope that the baby is healthy and healthy, everything is good!

For this relationship, Ren Jiaxuan did not cover up. After being taken, he acknowledged the relationship generously. Valentine’s Day also released photos with her husband’s contract, which was sweet.Now that I have her own baby, her husband is more considerate to make food she loves to eat for her.Listening to Ren Jiaxuan’s sweet sharing, it is enviable.

It is said that it is a mother, and Ren Jiaxuan also shared in the radio. He was still in the early stages of pregnancy and was still in a period of running with the baby.There will also be some symptoms, such as constipation. I am afraid that it will hurt the baby too hard and dare not go to the toilet.Because his four uterine fibroids appear to be particularly large, you are pregnant for two months, but look like a six -month -old belly.Fans also expressed their hope that everything was smooth during pregnancy, so excited to rub hands, and looking forward to the arrival of small cashews.X

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