Regardless of men and women, what are the good places for folic acid after the age of 40?

When it comes to taking folic acid, the first thing you think of is women who are preparing or during pregnancy, because if you take folic acid during pregnancy, you can prevent neurophantal deformities.So the question comes, do women only need to take folic acid during pregnancy or during pregnancy? What is folic acid? Next, let’s take a look:

What is folic acid?

When it comes to folic acid, everyone first thinks of supplements, nutrients, etc. Folic acid is actually water -soluble vitamins that cannot be synthesized by themselves.Water -soluble vitamin is actually a "glutamic acid", combined with metastases to synthesize to cells.However, folic acid is an important substance for synthetic glutamic acid. Cologne can not only ensure the healthy growth of normal cells in the human body, but also repair damaged cells.

Do you only take folic acid during pregnancy?

In fact, folic acid is not an exclusive product of pregnant women.When the guest BTV Health Hall, the academician also said that men can also supplement folic acid.For a long time, we all think that during pregnancy, we need to supplement folic acid for the health of the fetus. So why do good people need to replenish folic acid after the age of 40?What are the benefits of taking folic acid after 40 years old?

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01 Taking folic acid can protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and reduce the risk of stroke

Professor Hu Dayi found that the probability of stroke caused by hypertension in my country is far more than European and American countries. Do not underestimate the stroke.Most stroke patients will leave hemiplegia, which will cause the phenomenon that life cannot take care of themselves, and even some patients will die.

After 10 studies by scientific researchers in my country, the main reason was that this phenomenon was due to the lack of glutamic acid in the body of hypertension patients in my country, which led to a high level of HCY in the body, so it greatly increased the risk of stroke.Therefore, it is recommended that people with hypertension, cardiovascular disease and other people should pay attention to the supplementation of folic acid.

02 Folic acid helps improve sleep quality and maintain memory

As the age increases, the secretion of melatonin decreases, and sleep disorders often occur.Insomnia in a short period of time does not have a serious impact on the body, but if the quality of sleep cannot be improved for a long time, it will affect your health.Therefore, it is recommended to take some folic acid appropriately after the age of 40, so that not only can supplement the glutamic acid required by the human body, but also the role of sleep help.Mainly because the nutrients contained in folic acid are calm, and after taking it, it can make people slowly calm down.

03 Folic acid can reduce nerve damage and prevent dementia

With the continuous improvement of living standards, diet and schedules have changed tremendous changes, so that the number of people suffering from dementia in my country is also on the rise.The main cause of this disease is because the brain nerve is damaged, and the brain cannot issue normal instructions.It is found that the proper use of the elderly to take some folic acid can prevent the occurrence of dementia, mainly because folic acid and vitamin B12 can promote nerve regulation.This is the effect of preventing Alzheimer’s dementia.

In daily life, most women who are pregnant and pregnant are taking folic acid.So what do you need to pay attention to when taking folic acid during pregnancy and pregnancy?

① The dose of folic acid: "The more folic acid eats the better" is the misunderstanding of the vast majority of people. In fact, folic acid does not eat more, the better.For women during the period, take 0.4 mg of folic acid every day.Do not eat and eat too much will have a certain impact on the fetus.

Friendly reminder: Women during pregnancy and pregnancy must pay attention to the content of folic acid when buying folic acid, and buy ordinary 0.4 mg per tablet for folic acid.Do not buy folic acid that treats anemia, because the content of this type of folic acid is 0.5 mg per tablet, and it is not suitable for women to take pregnancy and pregnancy.

② In order to increase the probability of pregnancy, taking a variety of nutrients: At the same time, taking multiple nutrients is also a mistake that women who are preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy. They always feel that as long as they have sufficient impact, the chance of conception will increase.In fact, this is not the case, this will affect the chance of conception.Therefore, it is recommended that: women must follow the doctor’s advice when taking nutrients during pregnancy and pregnancy, and do not take nutrients without authorization.

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