Recall the difficult days when those early pregnancy (5-12 weeks of pregnancy)

Preparation of pregnancy and childcare book

When I planned to want a baby at first, I was still busy doing strategies online

I have been planted by myself, I bought some scientific preparing for pregnancy | pregnancy | childcare books, and they read their online reviews and reputation, so I bought it to learn

One is to absorb scientific knowledge, and the other is to send boring and lonely days when you are pregnant. You can also refer to it.

This book is not boring, and some even have illustrations. The reading experience is very friendly, hee hee

Good news for pregnancy

The first time the pregnancy test was used to measure the pregnancy, I was shared with Xiaotao (our cat’s cat), haha

Xiaotao must be thinking at the time, what is this stuff?Why isn’t it a cat strip

At that time, my husband went to the night shift at night, but he still couldn’t wait to share this good news with him.

Alas, I didn’t expect it. Last year, I haven’t thought about pregnancy and having a child. This year I have become a mother

Is it amazing?

Normal person

The aunt didn’t get as promised. I think there should be good news, but I dare not be completely determined. I wait …

If you want to make the pregnancy test stick more accurate, according to the prompts of the book, it is planned to be detected 5-6 days after menopause

In the waiting days, I took a long -distance car back and forth for the exam.

I didn’t plan to go, I’m afraid of being too hard, and the "epidemic" color change in the talks. I dare not go, and my husband naturally doesn’t recommend that I go.

The most important thing is that now it may be with a "little guy"

I was hesitant to go again -first, there is no epidemic in the local area, but there are some related epidemic prevention and control policies at high speeds, and you need to follow; second, I should overcome difficulties and set a good example for the little guy. Don’t give up easily.

Under the premise of security, I successfully completed the exam and finally passed the written test. Now I think about it. Fortunately, my decision at the time was correct.

What is particularly funny is that the long -distance road was bumpy that day, and I was worried that I would roll out the baby.

I talked to my girlfriend afterwards, she joked me: Rest assured, TA stays well in your stomach

By the fifth week, the hospital where my mother (mother -in -law) worked, I did a B -ultrasound, and the HCG was measured. The doctor was informed that she was pregnant.

Before I had time to be happy, the doctor also found my ovarian cyst and reminded me to pay attention to the review. Suddenly, my heart was tight.

Wait until 12 weeks to formally go to the O -ultrasound in the NPD Hospital. The doctor said that I did not find it for the time being, and then asked me to pay attention to observation

Swittering is gradually obvious

When I was still feeling my normal person, pregnancy, nausea, dizziness, sleepy, and lack of appetite didn’t know.

Like many other pregnant mothers, I also insist on work

Different, people around me feel that I don’t love to talk too much, and I will be sleepy. In the past, I like to talk to my colleagues to talk about gossip time. Now I find that I will not join anymore.

Nausea and fatigue surround me every day, countless times, the meal I just ate at noon contributed to the toilet.

Looking at the weight, he changed from 106 pounds to a poor 99 pound. After a few days, he shouted at his husband: Ah, you lose weight again (I believe that people who lose weight should like this sentence, but who wants to use it to use it withThis method is thinner)

My family and husband often buy some nutrients for me because they are worried about my state.Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat anything at that time

Mother Qian Ding Wan asked: I must eat it, I have to eat it if I vomit.

Those weeks are almost a few days, and the children and moms will be displayed every day on the app you and mother.

At noon, my husband and I were eaten in his own unit, so he contracted all my breakfast and dinner

For a man who doesn’t cook much, it is really hard for him

From the fifth week to the eleventh week, almost the same thing every day

The bed in the morning is a burst of retching, and the brain is half sober: a day of pregnancy, hello!

You can barely drink Xiaomi porridge, eggs, biscuits, bread, and occasionally eat a vegetable salad

On the road of commuting, the footsteps are not as light as before, their bodies are heavy, they have no strength, and they have no vitality and spirit. If you think about eating such a loss every day, it is good to maintain your life signs.

In the first three months, the fetal state was unstable. I never talked about pregnancy with my colleagues. There was still a keen elder sister guessed. They persuaded me: I can’t see it. Your pregnancy is light.Hospital

When I feel uncomfortable, I comfort myself: pregnancy vomiting means that the baby is still there, and infertility vomiting is more worried about the baby’s state.

Before pregnancy, I love small barbecue, rice noodles, snail powder, potato chips, beef jerky. Now when I smell it, I want to vomit, and I still have dizziness from time to time; see cute strawberries, grapes, cherriesI forced myself to eat a few, stomach gastric acid pregnancy and stood up to me.

Before the lunch break, cut yourself an apple and let yourself support the lunch time

For lunch at noon, you can only simply pick it up, almost rarely a little bit of meat and fried foods

After lunch, the turbid smell in the office often forced me to go out, just to breathe the fresh air outdoors.

For a while, if you see a woman wearing a mask and hat walking slowly in the park, yes, that is me

They all said, "Don’t sleep at noon, collapse in the afternoon", I am "sleeping at noon, and it still collapses in the afternoon"

After surviving an restless afternoon, huh, the pregnancy in the evening is more excessive. As soon as I eat, this stomach and brain are like discussing it. I immediately reject the kitchen and dining table, let alone eat meals: I didn’t eat it.A few mouthfuls started to be disgusting, vomiting directly when severe

After finally cooking until the sleeping point, as soon as I entered the bathroom, the pungent smell of the sewer, and the stomach twitched. Generally, I tried to take a deep breath and then exhale with my mouth.

But when it is used, it is often vomiting, and the meal that is easy to eat is like this.

My husband was anxious to look at it, and persuaded me to go to the hospital to do nutritional water several times.

"A thrilling"

I saw the red twice in the early pregnancy, and I checked the information on the Internet and the Internet. The answer was uneven.

Considering that there is not much, there is no pain in the stomach, and there are no other symptoms. I have no rush to go to the hospital.

It is about the fourth and sixth weeks. If some pregnant mothers have the same situation as me, and they are really not assured, I still recommend asking the doctor, instead of letting themselves be upset.

In addition, don’t believe the information on the Internet too much. Many information has not been confirmed. Everyone must know that, as a new mother, your own feet must not be chaotic

Dissatisfaction is definitely a common thing. I almost slept at the workshop several times, although the leader "floated" from time to time from time to time ~ I don’t know if they found

I was at home on the weekend, I just wanted to lie down, I didn’t want to move at all.There was an examination interview in the first half of the year, and I was not prepared.During that time, the best companion was the mobile phone

After noon, I slept too much and lay on the bed, turning around, gathered hunger, nausea, dizziness, and weakness to sweep the whole body, standing, sitting, lying down, uncomfortable

I cried with my husband several times after vomiting-

Who said that pregnancy is easy?Intersection

Why do women get pregnant, women are so fragile, and why not let men get pregnant?Intersection

So uncomfortable -so uncomfortable -I really want my parents–

I want to go home, I don’t want to have children anymore, I want to be alone ——

(My sadness flows against the river)

… …

At this time, my husband can only hug me in pain, help me get some hot water, ginger bump milk, and sort out the scene where I vomit messy, and do everything in silence.

Slowly, my mood has eased a lot, my emotions have an exit of venting, and my body will recover to calm down.

I wrote such a long water account, maybe no one read it, right?

I do n’t be able to get angry for the article, just share the daily feelings of pregnancy

I like to write essays. It would be better if it can help which Baoma relieves anxiety. As long as you know: you are not alone!

As a pregnant woman, I say it is tears ~

The days of pregnancy are always accompanied by the mixed flavors, there will be any emotions

Read books, do manual, cultivate a hobby, or listen to songs, paint, practice calligraphy … or like me like me, write out your own ideas

Writing things itself can help the author reflect on his past, a dialogue and reconciliation with his own; in addition, you want to leave some memories for the future, the brain may choose to forget, but the text in the pen will not, each period should not, each period should beLeave a mark

I call this "growth footprint"

Baby Scale-(24inch)