Reasonable exercise during pregnancy during pregnancy can increase the life of children

The moment the mother influences the child from the beginning of life, it has begun. In addition to irreversible genetic genetic factors, exercise is also a very important aspect.

圣 The University of California St. Diego studied the British "Daily Mail" reported that in addition to the key role of the University of California, the University of California, in addition to the key role of inheritance, the reasonable pregnancy exercise during pregnancy can also increase the life of children.

Reasonable exercise during pregnancy

At all stages of life, physical activity and exercise can improve physical and mental health and extend their life. Pregnancy is an ideal time for starting or continuing exercise.

Foreign surveys have found that less than 15%of pregnant women can meet the minimum exercise standards; the concept of "security" during pregnancy is deeply rooted, and the proportion of exercise during pregnancy is lower.

Reasonable exercise during pregnancy is one of the important contents of health care during pregnancy. With the liberalization of the two -child policy, the proportion of pregnant women in the elderly has increased. In order to avoid risks, rational exercise during pregnancy is also paying more and more attention.

The benefits of reasonable exercise during pregnancy

For a mother

It can effectively improve the state of anxiety during pregnancy, increase their tolerance to pain, enhance the self -confidence and self -satisfaction of pregnant women, help pregnant women to maintain a happy mood, and reduce the incidence of prenatal depression.

Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

前 Reduce the risk of pre -eclampsia.

体 Avoid excessive gain and consequences during pregnancy.

尿 Prevention or reducing urinary incontinence -Potal muscle movement during pregnancy (Kiger Movement) helps reduce the risk of short -term urinary incontinence of women in the past.

Reduce the severity of pregnancy -related muscles and bone discomfort, such as back pain, lumbar pelvic pain, and pelvic paint pain.

环 The promotion of blood circulation in blood circulation helps improve the cardiopulmonary function and peripheral edema of pregnant women. At the same time, it is also helpful for constipation, abdominal distension, fatigue, insomnia and other pregnancy.

分 Reduce the childbirth rate and vaginal delivery rate of cesarean section, shorten the postpartum recovery time, and prevent the occurrence of postpartum depression.

For a baby

大 Reduce the risk of huge childbirth.

, Can improve future health and increase life.

During pregnancy, maternal exercise can promote the protein of extracellular superal albumin enzyme (SOD3) of the placenta, triggering the changes in epigenetics of fetal liver metabolic genes, thereby improving the metabolic health of future generations.

高 During pregnancy exercise, it is helpful to improve the awareness of the children and the ability to learn and remember.

How to exercise reasonable pregnancy?

1. Sports type

Aerobic exercise and resistance exercise are the two most commonly used exercise methods during pregnancy.

Aerobic exercise can improve the cardiopulmonary function of pregnant women, prevent chronic diseases, and prevent excessive physical quality.

The resistance movement focuses on enhancing muscle strength and improving the overall health situation to make pregnant women energetic.

Multiple studies have shown that combination of aerobic exercise and resistance exercise can help pregnant women control blood sugar more effectively, improve cardiopulmonary function and maintain body shape.

Safe and beneficial exercises during pregnancy include:

▶ Pregnant yoga

Yoga is a department in the six major philosophy of ancient India. Yoga movement can improve people’s ability, psychological emotions, and spiritual ability. It is a way to achieve a harmonious and unified way for the body, mind, and spirit.

As a relatively emerging fitness project, it is favored by women, including pregnant women.The psychological and physiological characteristics of pregnant women at different pregnancy should choose the appropriate yoga practice method to achieve the purpose of promoting pregnancy, tires, smooth delivery and postpartum recovery.

In the early stages of pregnancy, we are mainly practicing yoga breathing methods; more stretching exercises should be performed in the second trimester; some legs, waist, and abdomen can be done properly in the third trimester.

Early pregnancy

Chest breathing: Prepare sitting, straighten your back up upward, and pull up the back upward; deeply inhale, feel the bulging of the chest (the ribs are expanding outward, upward), and then slowly exhale, relax the ribs inward and downward.

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Abdominal breathing: Abdominal breathing: Put your hands on both sides of the abdomen, inhale deeply, and your hands rise with the bulge of the abdomen. Do not expand your chest.Slowly exhaling, the abdomen tighten the direction of the spine, and the maximum amount of air will be driven out of the lungs.

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Complete breathing: Use a relaxed sitting position, lying position or standing posture, unsolved wide clothes, the spine and head are kept vertical on the ground, the arms are naturally drooping or placed on the legs, and the whole body relaxes.

Mid -pregnancy

The side waist stretching style warm -up exercise: Clame legs and sedent, inhale and lift your right arm upward, the back of the spine is extended upward, and the shoulders are relaxed.Exhale, abdomen, bend your upper body to the left.Inhale your body back to your right position and put down your right arm.After a little adjustment, change to the left exercise.

Sitting on a mountain -style exercise: Basic sitting posture is prepared, the ten fingers are crossing the chest, the arms are extended upward, the palms are facing up, the shoulders are sinking, the arms are extended upwards, the cervical spine leads the entire spine to extend upwards, the chest opens, the breath boweds down and bowed her head to bow her head downClose the chin close to the collarbone and keep the neck’s back muscles extend.

Triangle stretch: Basic standing position, open your feet with a large foot, the distance between your feet is probably the width of your own leg.The right leg rotates inward and the left leg is rotated outward.The hip joint is maintained.

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Inhale, open your arms to both sides, and relax your shoulders.Exhale, extend the upper body horizontally, push your hips to the right, and then bent down, put your left hand on your legs, and your right arm lifts up with the shoulders.

After several times of breathing, he inhale and bend your left knee to slowly return to your position, and then adjust your breath to do the opposite direction.

Door embolism: Kneeling is prepared, knee is uncomfortable, you can use towels or blankets under the knee to reduce knee pressure.

Open your right foot straight upward, the back of the feet facing up, stretch the instep, and hook your toes.Open your hands towards both sides of your body, exhale your right arm to the right, flex the side down, and gently put on your right leg on your right hand to do reverse exercises.

Late pregnancy

Phantom chair: Basic standing posture, open your feet or width or slightly wider than the shoulder to avoid abdominal squeezing.Inhale your arms up, your hands close to ten, your thumbs are intertwined.Bend your knees and squat, keep your thighs parallel to the ground as much as possible. Pay attention to the knees not exceeded the toes, stretch your belly with your chest, and fall into your waist, imagine that you are sitting on a chair.

Step by step: Prepare to lie on your back, and place your hands naturally on the floor on both sides of the hips; inhale, lift your legs together, bend your knees; your feet take turns to circulate forward like a bicycle to keep your natural breath.

Soldier: Stand your hands on the front of the cushion with your hands, with a big step back on your right foot, the right leg to the right hip, the left leg to the left hip;Giver the head of the head; the left leg is bent into the front bow step;

Warrior 2nd style: the feet are widely separated, the right leg is rotated, the left leg is rotated, and the hip is maintained in the middle; open the shoulder joint back, lift the hands on the side, and stretch it to the distance;EssenceThe upper body sinks vertically, and his legs are upward; stay for about 30 seconds, and then slowly recover the mountain -style standing and do reverse exercises.

Yoga posture pictures are for reference only as possible under the guidance of professionals

▶ Other sports

● Hurry up

● Swimming

● Play

● Fixed bicycle

● Aerobic exercise

● Dancing

● Anti -resistance training (such as strength training, elastic band)

● Stretching movement and so on

It is not recommended to have risk exercise during pregnancy. Do not try it easily.

High -risk exercise: including but not limited to riding, skiing, ice hockey, gymnastics, cycling (non -fixed bicycles) or weightlifting; diving or diving, because the fetal lung cycle cannot be filtered with bubbles, it is not recommended to dive or dive at high altitude; high altitude high altitude;sports.

2. Exercise time

Pregnant women without exercise taboos, 5D per week during pregnancy, and medium -intensity exercise for 30 minutes each time.

3. Sports intensity

At present, there are three methods for reference. The three methods are simple and operable, but the subjectivity of the meter list is relatively large. The conversation test needs to consume manpower time. The three methods can be organically combined to complement each other to achieve exercise to achieve exercise to achieve exercise to achieve exercise to achieve exercise to achieve exerciseExpert comprehensive assessment of intensity.

Pregnant women who do not have exercise habits before pregnancy should gradually improve the intensity of exercise. Pregnant women with exercise habits and no taboos can directly participate in high -intensity exercise, such as jogging and aerobic exercise, but the time should not exceed 45 minutes.

The temperature of the movement environment is suitable, and energy and moisture before exercise.Due to changes in pregnancy hormones, it is not recommended to excessively stretch before exercise.Avoid lying for a long time.

① BORG consciously fatigue table, pregnant women’s control table self -evaluation, the number of level 12-14 (a bit difficult) in the measuring table is medium -intensity.

② Monitoring of the mother’s heart rate during exercise, see the table below.

③ Talk test, in short, pregnant women can talk during exercise, but generally do not exercise too strong.

Summary of the characteristics of sports solutions during pregnancy and effective exercise schemes. The following table is as follows:

4. When to stop exercising

If there is a sign of the following warning potential issues, pregnant women should immediately stop exercising and re -examination:

▶ vaginal bleeding

▶ Abdominal pain

▶ contraction (painful)

▶ Early breakthrough

▶ Difficulties in breathing

▶ Dizziness, headache

▶ chest pain

▶ Muscle weakness that affects balance

▶ Call pain or swelling

Contraindications during pregnancy

Most pregnant mothers can obtain good benefits during pregnancy. However, pregnant women with taboos during pregnancy exercise are not recommended to perform regular exercise except daily activities.Summarized as follows:

呼 Severe heart or respiratory disease

期 Eclavies Early stage/eclampsia

压 Unexplained hypertension

病 thyroid disease

Type 1 diabetes

全 Cervical function is not complete

血 Continuous vaginal bleeding

✘Suctic and premature birth

✘ ✘ ✘ placenta

Early breakthrough

✘ severe anemia

限 Fetal growth is limited

(Multi -fetal pregnancy (third child and above), etc.

In the following situations, after receiving detailed professional assessment, after comprehensive consideration of the pros and cons of exercise, the doctor decides whether to perform pregnancy exercises and give suggestions such as exercise forms, frequency, and strength.

Mild moderate heart or respiratory disease

History of recurrent abortion

Premature history


Malnutrition or extremely low weight (weight index <12kg/m2)

Twin pregnancy

Epilepsy and poor symptoms

Seeing this, expectant mothers are still insisting on "the fetus" during pregnancy, is she afraid of moving?Let’s hurry up and arrange pregnancy exercise reasonably!


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