Real cases 丨 Xiaosan pregnancy wants to be superior, the derailed man is very unhappy, but the original match is very happy

It is derailed and is separated by Primary Three. Sometimes, there is a means of original matching.

And this opportunity to separate Primary Three may need to be created by itself, but it may also be that Primary Three will give you directly.

If Xiaosan gives you a chance directly, then the original match seize the opportunity. It is the most important thing to separate Xiaosan first.

Before a fan came to Tianshu, saying that her husband was derailed for three and a half years, so he made Xiao San pregnant.

And Xiao San’s ambition is very big, and when you are pregnant, he starts to drive a derailed man to divorce and marry her. The derailed man is unwilling.

Xiao San used the exposure to derailed men, looking for the original match and even the child and the original child to say such threats.

The derailed man was forced to be forced by Xiao San. He confessed with the original match, saying that he was very painful, and asked the original match to help him.

After being derailed, the original match was painful and angry.

At the same time, the original match also hates the derailed man betrayed himself and betrayed his marriage. Their emotions collapsed.

Just thinking about how to vent the hatred in my heart, before thinking about how to separate Primary Three and solve the problem.

In fact, the situation of this fan, for her, created a chance to separate her.

Because this fan is not independent of herself, she likes to find someone to discuss things when she encounters things.

She said that she was looking for her husband, but now her husband is obviously unreliable.

Her parents are old, and she is also afraid of stimulating her parents, so she dare not say to her home,

Relatives and friends said that they were afraid of shame, but a person didn’t know how to deal with the current situation, so he came to Tianshu for help.

Tianshu learned in detail her situation, derailed men’s situation, and the situation of Primary Three.

She is the only daughter in the family. Her parents are all small leaders of state -owned enterprises. They have retired for many years at home.

She and her husband are both civil servants, and they are relatively developed, and Primary Three is a KTV wine salesperson.

Derailed men often sing with their friends in the place where Xiao San is located, met Xiaosan, and developed extramarital affairs.

Based on these situations, the probability of derailment men will not divorce for Primary Three. After all, the conditions of the Primary Three and the original match are very different.

Derailed men have a special nature. Because derailment divorce also affects the cause, derailed men only want to be extramarital affairs.

Tianshu analyzed this, the original match was a bit disagreed, and the derailed man didn’t want to divorce and marry Primary Three.

In fact, the manifestation of the three three after pregnancy and the attitude of derailed men can be seen that derailed men don’t want to have children with Xiaosan. He just let Xiaosan get pregnant.

I don’t want to have a child with Xiaosan, and to make Xiaosan pregnancy is not conflicting, because pregnancy does not have to be given birth.

The derailed man may be refreshing for a while, so that Primary Three is pregnant, and Primary Three has a plan, and obediently makes himself pregnant.

The derailed man did not expect that Primary Three was going to be in the palace upper, and Primary Three did not expect that the derailed man did not want to marry her at all.

Therefore, there will be a situation in the current situation. The primary three threatening men are threatened. On the one hand, they want to be superior, and on the one hand, they also have resentment for derailed men, which is a kind of revenge.

For the derailed men, no matter whether there is any feelings for Primary Three, no matter whether they have a little feelings before, they must be gone now, but they try to separate Primary Three without losing their own interests.

Derailed men want to separate Primary Three. Primary three derailed men are still a little resentful. Isn’t the original match for the best time to solve extramarital affairs?

Derailed men and primary three about children and divorce. The contradictions and conflicts are very large.

What the original match needs to do is to use the existing contradictions between the derailed men and the Primary Three to continuously expand, so that the derailed men are not only tired of Primary Three, but also hate.

And Xiaosan found that a derailed man hated herself, and she would not force up the position, and she would have resentment about the derailed men.

She probably probably wants to talk about conditions in the child in her belly, and she will leave after fishing.

Therefore, if the original match wants to divorce, then join forces to take the evidence, sue divorce, and divide the property.

If the original distribution does not want to divorce, you must start to separate Primary Three and use existing contradictions to solve extramarital affairs.

At this time, the original match can be done in two aspects, on the one hand, for derailed men.

What the original match needs to do is to determine the idea of separating a man to separate the primary three. In front of the derailed man, pretending to help the derailed man, so that the derailed man must be firm and separated from Primary Three.

One very important reason for many original combinations is that the original match is too upright, will not pretend to be, or disdain to pretend to be.

They are all to tear the derailed men in a bright knife, or you are troublesome to find Primary Three directly. You are not shameless enough, you are just a shameless person.

On the other hand, for Xiao San, the original match must learn to stimulate Xiao San, let Xiaosan let go of and the derailed man make trouble.

Because the greater the small three of the derailment, the more derailed the man, the more disgusted with the third, and the actual impact on the derailed man, the derailed man will resent the Primary Three.

In addition, the losses from Xiao San were the best punishment for derailed men.

After experiencing this primary three, she will know that Xiao San is not easy to mess with. When she was just derailed, she said she did not try to be derailed.

In order to achieve their own purposes, only Xiaosan made trouble, and the derailed man can truly see the small three.

Not only is he who died of this little three and wants to solve extramarital affairs, but he is afraid of all the primary three, and he dare not develop the second extramarital affairs.

Therefore, the original matches should not be afraid of the losses caused by Primary Three. On the contrary, you want to completely resolve extramarital affairs and prevent the second derailment of men.

It is also necessary to make Xiaosan make a loss, which is the best way to keep the derailed men’s long memory in extramarital affairs.

In many cases of extramarital affairs, derailed men and Primary Three were originally contradictory. When the derailed men were unhappy in extramarital affairs, it was when the original match could be happy.

The original match should take advantage of this opportunity, whether it is the third primary school of the pregnancy, or the primary three who brings an illegitimate child to the door.

As long as the derailed man feels unhappy primary three, it is a primary three that can be separated. The point is that the original matching must seize the opportunity.

In the end, if you are derailed, you don’t know what to do, you can pay attention to Tianshu, and talk about your situation privately.

I am Tianshu, an emotional mentor who can really help you solve the problem of marriage.

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