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In September of this year, the People’s Court of Nankai District of Tianjin accepted a case that applied for disappearance. The respondent, Mr. Wu, was declared missing in 2003 and suddenly returned to Jin in August this year. Previously, he disappeared for 22 years.The family once looked for him, but they couldn’t think of it anyway. Mr. Wu had no message for 22 years because of his amnesia, and according to Mr. Wu himself, he remembered the family address in his dream again, so he hired a car from Dandong early in the morning to set off from Dandong in the morning., Drive 800 kilometers back to Tianjin.

Da Yu Night Police Station calls

At 9:30 pm on August 19 this year, Ms. Wu, a citizen, received a call from the Great Temple Police Station of the territory. The police told her that her brother was back.Ms. Wu, who was holding a mobile phone, immediately froze. After hanging up the phone, she took a blood reduction. The news was too sudden for her."After all 22 years, this person is like disappearing." Ms. Wu said.

Ms. Wu’s lover Mr. Liu remembered that there was a heavy rain that day. He rushed to the police station with his wife’s rain, and when he met his sister and brother, he cried.After coming out of the police station, Ms. Wu picked up her brother back to her home. The family talked for a while. Everyone was eager to know why Mr. Wu left home that year, and why he never contacted his family over the years.Mr. Wu’s answer made his sister and brother -in -law surprised. He said that after leaving home, he suddenly had amnesia.

I am amnesia without signing the train without warning

In 1999, Mr. Wu was 36 years old. He was originally a worker of a passenger car factory. In 1998, he handled his salary and stayed in the sea.On the other hand, there were some problems with his marriage, and his greatest pressure came from his father."My brother also lived with my parents after marriage. My father was more domineering and said at home. He was particularly strict with the children. Our sister and brother were the only boy. My father looked at him.So he was beaten the most. At the age of 3, he had to be beaten with a poem at the age of 3. "Ms. Wu told reporters.

On March 19, 1999, Mr. Wu was sitting out of the car with his brother -in -law Liu’s car as usual. At about 4 pm, when he was near the Yellow River Cinema, Mr. Wu suddenly asked his brother -in -law to stop. "He said he went to do something about it.Let me go home first. The mobile phone and BP machine are put on my car. He only took his ID card, and there were 500 yuan in his pocket. That day he was normal and did not quarrel with my father -in -law.Think about it, let me go down. "

At 12 o’clock at night, my father -in -law found her daughter’s house, and Mr. Liu knew that his brother had not returned.After dawn, the family began to call the police.For many years, as long as someone provided clues, Ms. Wu and her husband ran to identify, but they never found their brother.

Mr. Wu told reporters that his status was almost ashamed that year. After getting out of his brother -in -law’s car, he went to the train station to buy a ticket to Shenyang. After getting off at Shenyang, he found that he couldn’t remember the previous things., But he was not in a hurry because he found a Go pavilion next to the train station.Mr. Wu has learned Go since he was a child. At the age of eight or nine, he achieved good results in the city. In that Go pavilion, he met a forgetful annual friendship when he participated in the national competition."He asked me what to do in Shenyang, and I said I don’t know. His son opened a chess school and needed a teacher to introduce me to work there." Mr. Wu said.

After working in Shenyang for a few months, Mr. Wu met his current lover, and the two went to Dandong together. Since then, Mr. Wu has settled in Dandong and made a living for teaching chess.

Taboo topics at home

Four years after Mr. Wu disappeared, Mr. Wu Mouhe, Mr. Wu, declared the disappearance of the population to the court."It is mainly for my brother -in -law. She was only in her 30s at that time, and she couldn’t always drag people like this." Ms. Wu said.

Judgment of the disappearance of the year

Sister Wu’s brother is very afraid of his father. Ms. Wu said that when she was in her thirties, she also slapped her father. "Sometimes I do n’t know which sentence is wrong.Very introverted, everything is in your heart, people are particularly honest. "

After Mr. Wu disappeared, Wu Mouhe was still a strong face.He was not allowed to talk about this. Occasionally, his wife secretly mentioned his son with his daughter, and he would lose his temper when he heard it.Mr. Liu advised him to take a photo of his son to the TV station to board a tracing advertisement, and he refused to."He can’t say, how shameful, the old man is too good." Mr. Liu said.Even before dying, Wu Mouhe did not mention the word about his son, but every time the Spring Festival, everyone could detect Wu Mouhe’s abnormality. He became more irritable, as if he wanted to find a fight at any time.A few years before Mr. Wu disappeared, Wu Mouhe went to Hangzhou to find his son once because his son had visited Hangzhou to buy machinery and equipment.

Mr. Wu told reporters that all his memories have been restored. He has forgiven his father, but he just can’t stand the way his father is violently disciplined.

A chance to wake up to remember the address of the old house in the dream

The ID card brought by Mr. Wu was deducted by the training institution shortly after he went to Shenyang. After the training institution ran away, he could no longer make up his ID card, and he became a "black household".Fortunately, he has a skill, and he can find a job everywhere. It is also very harmonious to get along with the new lover. For him, there is no great impact on him. "More than 20 years ago, everyone did not know what a psychiatrist was a psychiatrist.I also want to remember, but this is not my hard work, I just don’t want to do it. "

The turning point occurred in August this year."The school arranged vaccines. He couldn’t get a ID card, and the school had not been vaccinated alone. Because he had not been vaccinated, he was suspended. He was in a hurry, always dreamed.One day, he dreamed of the address of the old house. "Mr. Liu said.

On August 18, Mr. Wu went to the train station and was told that he could not take the train without an ID card. At 6 o’clock on the morning of August 19, Mr. Wu took a chess friend from Dandong and drove 800 kilometers.Point to reach the old house address he dreamed.There, he met an old neighbor, and the old neighbor told him that his sister had moved to Xiqingda Temple.In the end, with the help of the police at the Daji Police Station, Mr. Wu found his sister.

The court quickly handled 19 working days to cancel the disappearance

Special procedures for the application of disappearance cases were revoked, and the trial was one month.The Nankai District People’s Court filed a case on the case on September 13, and on October 11, the verdict was issued to be announced to announce the disappearance.In the 29 -day cycle, the real trial cycle of the case was only 19 days after the Mid -Autumn Festival holiday and the National Day holiday.

Cancellation of the judgment of the disappearance

At present, Mr. Wu’s household registration and ID card are undergoing. He has not planned to return to Tianjin for the time being, but he is looking forward to getting his ID card and visiting his sister after getting his ID card.Ms. Wu feels that her brother has a lot of talks than before. "Maybe there is no father’s suppression, he is relaxed a little bit."

The 22 -year -old younger brother suddenly appeared. This plot seemed to be a TV series. Ms. Wu tirelessly talked about the legendary experience of her younger brother. Even she felt like everything was a dream.Although she is only 3 years older than her brother, her brother has been big since she was a child.Now Ms. Wu’s happiest thing is to talk to her younger brother and chat. In this life, she has waited for 22 years.

From: News Morning News

Source: Life Daily

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