rare!A pregnant woman in Hunan naturally gave birth to a full male triplet

It is a happy thing to be happy, but for Ms. Zhang, Ms. Zhang, Hunan Province, this surprise is a bit big.

At more than 9 o’clock on April 18, 2022, Ms. Zhang gave birth to the second child in the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hunan Province, and gave birth to three male babies.Earlier, the couple had a 4 -year -old son.

In the second half of last year, Ms. Zhang found that she was pregnant. After examination in the local hospital, she learned that the triggea was pregnant.

In order to better welcome the baby’s birth, they rented a house next to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hunan Province to facilitate regular inspection.Due to the high risk of the triplet, the doctor suggested that the fetus was reduced, but Ms. Zhang was unbearable and decided to leave their children.At 33 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Zhang was admitted to the hospital for delivery.

Because Ms. Zhang is a high -risk maternal maternal, the hospital is closely monitored by the hospital after admission, and the use of dexamethasone to promote the maturity of the tire lung and the magnesium sulfate to protect the tire nerves.The Provincial Maternal and Child Health Institute, the Multi -Disciplinary linkage of the obstetrics and child health institutes, the Department of Freshman, and Anesthesiology, and implemented the cesarean section of Ms. Zhang.

At 09: 08, 09: 10, 09: 11 on April 18, the three men and babies declared their arrival with loud crying.34 weeks of triggea, it is a premature birth, of which the boss is 1.65kg, the second child is 1.88kg, and the third is 1.89kg.

According to Peng Xianglian, the director of the first family of the newborn of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hunan Province, the chance of natural pregnancy is one of 700,000 to millions, which is very rare.Therefore, since the maternal admission, it has received the focus of the hospital.Pre -delivery neonatologists entered the obstetrics and explained to their families in detail a possible series of condition after the baby was born.After the birth of the three babies, the overall situation was good, but because it was premature babies, there were new child pneumonia, etc., the newborn observation was left.

Under the influence of many factors such as the pressure of life, the older first production, bad living habits (staying up late, drinking, smoking, etc.), there are more and more high -risk pregnant women and more and more premature babies.The Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital actively promotes the integrated management of neonatal prenatal (prenatal consultation), during delivery (accompanied by childbirth), postpartum (newborn monitoring) integration management to ensure the safety of newborns and obtain widespread trust and recognition of family members.

At present, 53 cases of premature babies are in the hospital patients in the hospital, of which very low birth weight, super low birth weight (that is, less than 1kg), super -produced infant (that isName, the youngest is 25+5 weeks, and the minimum weight is 560g.Under the careful care of the medical staff, these premature angels are currently stable.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Mei Mei Correspondent Wu Zhou You Peng Xianglian

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