Qi Wei exposed abortions in March of pregnancy, Li Chengye’s words made people burst into tears: the lost baby will come back

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The baby who is looking forward to ushered in, suddenly gone …

This pain is really a big blow for the mother’s prospective father.

Some parents even think about the baby’s name, but all happiness and expectations stop abruptly.

On May 16, Qi Wei talked about his experience of miscarriage for 3 months of pregnancy in an interview.

Although for a long time, she could still feel the misery and suffocation of the moment of fate.

According to Qi Wei’s details, she had a baby with her daughter Lucky and her son Seven.

At that time, it was the point where their husband and wife were prepared. All the rhythm was arranged very in line. At that time, the bodies of their husbands and wives were happy when the babies arrived.

But the baby who was 3 months suddenly had a miscarriage …

Because it happened too suddenly, Qi Wei was completely unacceptable for a while, obviously everything was just right, everything was so perfect.

After experiencing abortion, Qi Wei also knew that the perfection that it was often wanted was not truly realized.

Losing the baby is an unbearable pain for her mother, and Qi Wei is the same.

Fortunately, when all emotions were unable to speak, Li Chengyi always accompanied Qi Wei’s side to comfort her and told her: Everything has me, the baby will return to us to find us.

In a word, it makes people burst into tears.

Abortion is a heavy blow for mothers who have experienced it, all painful pain!

Abortion is the pain in many mothers!

Although most mothers can give birth to their babies healthy and smoothly, 15%to 20%of pregnancy will end with abortion.

Super heavenly Britney has also experienced abortion. It was her first child who was forced to have been for many years. It was a miraculous existence for her.

But such a baby suddenly left her.

"I lost my miracle baby, and abortion is a devastating moment for any parents,"

In the pregnant mother’s group, many mothers have shared their heartache experience.

"Because the fetus stopped abortion, I cried every day after abortion. It has been more than ten days. I don’t know why I accidentally shed tears."

"I was aborted in 12 weeks and never thought it would happen. This feeling was very unreal. I was so broken and empty. If the news was not bad enough, it would be terrible in the next few days.It is a harm to me for all blood, blood clots, tissue and placenta. "

"After losing the first child, I tried to chat with other mothers who had the same experience, crying, and writing my feelings and ideas. I even gave up my master’s degree. I spent a semester to cure myself. At this moment,I feel that I finally healed. I tattooed the tattoo for our baby. I suddenly relieved it and understood that I had to take good care of myself. For miscarriage, you had no shortcomings and mistakes.After receiving it, one day he will give you a healthy baby. "

No matter how long, as long as you think of that baby who has been, mothers will still feel heartache!

Abortion is not a mother’s fault!

Many times, everyone will attribute the cause of miscarriage to pregnant mothers. Whether the pregnant mother does not pay attention to her diet, is it not good to be safe …

In fact, most abortion occurs naturally and cannot be blamed for anyone, including the mother himself.

The most commonly occurred in the first few weeks of pregnancy (6-12 weeks).

Cause of miscarriage one: fetus itself

Natural abortion caused by fetal chromosomal abnormalities accounts for about 50%of the total number of natural abortion.

The congenital abnormalities of the fetus may be caused by chromosomal abnormalities, other genetic abnormalities, and some external factors, such as second -hand smoke.

Cause of miscarriage 2: Pregnant mother’s body

Although abortion is not a mother’s fault, the cause of abortion sometimes has some relationship with the mother’s body.

① Old age.Women who are between 35 and 45 have a 20%to 30%chance of abortion, and women over 45 years old have a 50%chance of abortion.

② Medicine history.Some drugs can affect pregnancy, but because abortion is a common phenomenon, it is difficult to determine whether abortion is directly caused by these drugs.

③ Diseases with chronic diseases: such as diabetes or lupus, the risk of abortion is higher.

④ Weight problem.Women who have too much weight or light have a history of abortion before.

⑤ Anomalial uterine structure.If the pregnant mother has abnormal uterine structure, it may affect the growth of fertilized eggs and embryos.

Of course, there are still many unknown reasons for abortion. Some pregnant mothers’ physical examination results show that they are healthy, and the chromosomes and structures of the embryo or fetus are normal.Clarify.

In most cases, the majority of abortion in the early pregnancy is the choice of survival of the fittest. Pregnant mothers do not need to blame too much!

5 major symptoms of miscarriage, early recognition and early intervention!

Before the occurrence of abortion, pregnant mothers will have corresponding symptoms, and you can deal with these symptoms in time in advance.

① vaginal bleeding

Severe bleeding is the most common sign of miscarriage. Bleeding is often accompanied by spasm and convulsions. Just like during dysmenorrhea, severe bleeding must be doctor in time!

② Organized secretions

The symptoms of miscarriage include pink vaginal mucosa, which may contain pregnancy tissue. If the secretion looks like a solidified tissue, this may be a symptom of miscarriage. Be sure to see a doctor immediately!Transparent and milky secretions are normal.

③ Abdominal pain

During the abortion process, pain usually occurs in the waist and abdomen, and the degree of pain ranges from mild to heavy. If there is a feeling of lower back pain, seek medical treatment immediately. If the abdomen suddenly occurs, you must seek medical treatment immediately.

Occasionally tingling or pain of the abdomen, pelvic cavity and back is caused by the body to adapt to the growth of the fetus. This is normal, but if the pain is very serious and it continues to relieve it, it needs to pay special attention!Especially if you are accompanied by bleeding!

④ True contractions appear

Early contractions may also be a symptom of miscarriage. If the contractions occur every 15 to 20 minutes, it will become more and more serious, and go to the hospital immediately!

⑤ The disappearance of the symptoms of pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring a lot of symptoms. These symptoms are caused by hormone changes. If the symptoms of pregnancy suddenly disappear, such as the sudden disappearance of pregnancy, the swelling and tenderness of the breast disappear.Before pregnancy.

If the above symptoms occur, you must go to the hospital in time to understand the specific situation of the fetus. Even if all the above symptoms occur, the fetus may still survive according to the abortion situation!

Most abortion is uncontrollable

But do this well that can reduce the chance of miscarriage

1. Do a good pre -pregnancy examination.Unprocessed sexually transmitted diseases increase the risk of miscarriage, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, and AIDS, and do a good health check in advance.

2. Inform doctors in the history of chronic diseases.Thyroid disease, epilepsy and lupus erythematosus increase the risk of abortion. Although women with these diseases can also be pregnant healthy, they must tell the history of doctors. Doctors need measures to ensure the health of pregnancy.

3. Limit caffeine intake.Do not drink coffee per day for pregnant mothers. Do not exceed two cups (200 mg). A large number of caffeine caffeine affects hormone levels and is not good for healthy pregnancy.

4. Keep mild activities.Adjust the intensity of activities and exercise. Starting from mild activity, whether it is housework or exercise, do not excessive, don’t let yourself breathe, challenge your body limit to increase the risk of abortion, and at the same time increase your body temperature. Excessive heat will reduce the fetus’s fetal’s fetal’s.Blood flowing, do 30 minutes of mild activity a day.

5. Dangerous foods are prohibited.Avoid eating unintentional dairy products and raw meat, these foods can cause severe infection, including Liste bacteria and Toxoplasma. They will increase the risk of miscarriage and ensure that the meat is cooked.

6, quit smoke and alcohol.Pregnancy is absolutely prohibited from these things. In fact, it must be implemented from preparation. These things will seriously threaten the health of the baby and increase the risk of abortion.

7, healthy diet.Replenish daily nutrition from the five categories of healthy foods.

● Five categories of foods include: dairy and substitutes, meat, fish, eggs and substitutes, vegetables, fruits and cereals.

● Reduce foods with low calories and low nutritional value, such as: soda, sugar drinks, ice cream, candy biscuits, crisis, cakes, fast food or fast food food.

● Drink 8-10 glasses of water (2.2 liters) every day, and drink two cups of milk a day.

The last thing to say is that if you are unfortunately encountered abortion, you must pay attention to this again.

① Give yourself enough time to recover.

The most important thing is to understand that the abortion cannot be blamed for anyone, including the abortion.

After a natural miscarriage, it does not mean that the pregnant mother has done something wrong, because this is the embryo and the fetus’s own choice, and no one can change.

② Knowing when preparing for pregnancy is the healthiest.

It is best to wait for two or three months after abortion, try to get pregnant again, give yourself more time to condition your body and mind, and wait until you return to the best state before preparing to get pregnant.

③ Prepare health and pregnancy.

Do a good pre -pregnancy examination, supplement folic acid in advance, and maintain the weight growth of fit, allowing mothers to give birth to babies healthier.After pregnancy, you should also be checked for a period of time. Healthy pregnancy can give birth to healthier babies.

I hope that every expectant mother who prepares will have a healthy little angel successfully!

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