Q & A (2) of common problems during pregnancy and having children during pregnancy

Q: Do I need to wear radiation protection clothes after pregnancy?

A: No need, in the early pregnancy, the cumulative radiation dose of the fetus must reach 5-10rad before it can lead to a significant increase in the incidence of fetal birth defects.Taking the most common radiation test as an example, the radiation dose of the fetus received by a single abdomen X -ray was 100mrad, which means that 50 abdomen X -ray tablets must be taken in a rowEssenceIn daily life, it is impossible for pregnant women to reach this radiation dose.In general, if you need professional contact with radiation, you can consider wearing radiation -proof clothing, and it is a professional -level radiation protection suit that really works.

It is also a rumor for computer radiation that is very worried about professional women.What may have radiation may be the large TV and computer display using cathode ray tube in the 1970s and 1980s. Even at that time, the radiation volume of the TV and computer display was relatively small, so it was not too worried.The current computers and televisions are tablets and LCD displays. Theoretically, it will not cause significantly adversely affect radiation on the fetus.

Some people lift the bar and say that everything has radiation!Well, if you believe in these "bricks", if you have a lot of money at home, you can buy it, you can wear it!

Q: Will calcium supplement make the child too hard and can’t give birth?

A: Actually, for this problem, I wrote a special article "Calcium Supplement Q & A during pregnancy", but it seems useless. I still often ask me to ask me.Don’t supplement calcium, otherwise the fetal head is too hard or the double diameter cannot be born, which will cause placenta aging.

Why does the doctor say that no one believes in scientific basis, just believe in these wonderful sayings on the Internet?I want to ask you, where are the sources of these strange ways?What is its basis?And not only the prospective mother believes that some doctors also believe in this kind of ghost!One of my patients told me during the clinic that her community doctors were very responsible and called to tell her not to supplement calcium in the third trimester, because it would cause the child to be too hard to give birth!well

Well, don’t pull it, in the right thing: calcium supplementation will not cause the child’s head to be too hard and the placenta calcification, no, no!

Q: Do you need to add DHA during pregnancy?

A: This problem is controversial. Everyone has not reached a completely consistent consensus, so I will not simply say NO.It is recommended to supplement the origin of DHA during pregnancy. Someone has observed a phenomenon, as if children from the coastal areas are smarter than children from farmers from inland areas.Therefore, everyone believes that it may have something to do with fish often eating fish in coastal areas. Later, it may be DHA from deep -sea fish.So the study of pregnant women supplemented DHA, found that compared with DHA during pregnancy, children’s IQ would increase after birth.Of course, not every study can draw the same conclusion. In general, it is prompted to supplement DHA effective research.The current DHA products are from deep sea fish oil and seaweed.

DHA has no disadvantages and may be good, so my personal opinion is: not opposed, but it will not be used as a routine recommendation.

PS: IQ decide to get started, and emotional intelligence decisions succeed!Is it so important for the difference in IQ?Someone cares very much, some people don’t care, okay, I do n’t blend, do n’t make up, do n’t make up, you decide yourself!

Q: Are you pregnant, do you need to make up bird’s nest?

A: Actually, bird’s nest is not as nutritious as you think at all, and its price and nutritional value are seriously separated.But if your family is too rich and wants to be willful, then buy it, you can make up!

PS: The autumn wind is itchy, and it is in the hairy crab season. Many expectant mothers are also about to move and ask me if I can eat hairy crabs.In fact, I have written an article. You did n’t read it seriously. If you know you are lazy, I will talk about it three times. I hope you can remember this time: Yes, yes!

Not only can you eat hairy crabs, you can also eat chili, eat hot pot, and eat ice cream!It’s cool!But don’t be too much, just solve the same, don’t eat it for meals!Otherwise, even if your husband has no opinion, your mother will have opinions. Even if your mother has no opinion, your mother -in -law will have opinions!

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