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Many owners are always caught off guard in the face of dogs. In the face of the upcoming new life, how should the owners take care of the dog’s mother and ensure that it and their babies are healthy and safe?

Previous examination is important

The dog mother can take it for a birth check 28 days after pregnancy.If the owner can’t wait to know that there are a few dog babies in the dog’s belly, when you are more than 45 days of pregnancy, you can know it through X -rays.Tips, avoid the situation where the puppy stays in her mother’s belly.

In addition, some animal hospitals do not have ultrasonic equipment, and animal doctors will judge the condition of mother and child based on the records of the dog mother’s weight change and health state. The mental condition and appetite of the dog mother are important judgment basis.

Every time the check -up, the doctor will be called the dog’s weight. According to the dog’s condition, the owner will tell the owner whether the dog is too light or too heavy. As long as the feeding is normal, the dog is healthy, and the weight change should not be too worried.

During prenatal examination, animal doctors will evaluate the status of dogs and dogs. Once the fetus is unhealthy or the fetus is not right, it will discuss with the owner whether to let the dog be given in the hospital to avoid difficulty in giving birth.

In addition, especially small dog breeds, such as Chihuahua and Yorkshire, are too small to produce because they are too small.In addition to the dog’s mother, the Hengshe will consume a lot of physical strength and even collapse, the baby dog will suffocate because the mother’s birth canal is too narrow.Under such circumstances, natural production is too dangerous. Doctors will judge whether to use caesarean section as dogs.

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If the infectious disease is infected during pregnancy, the dog baby is easy to die. This is because the virus bacteria can cause the baby to die if the mother is infected with the puppy infection without treatment.The owner usually pays more attention to letting the dog mother exercise in moderation. A dog with a full exercise will be smooth during production.

Dietary care during pregnancy

Generally speaking, the number of days of pregnancy of dogs is 63 days. During the pregnancy, there is no need to add other nutrients that exceed the dog load than the dog load in the naive healthy adult dog food during pregnancy.The content of feeding needs to be converted.

The owner needs to adjust the supply of energy appropriately according to the needs of the dog’s mother. Only a small number of dogs with a small number of dogs need to increase the amount of feeding by about 30%, and only more dogs need to increase about 60%.You need to choose foods that are marked with the words "growth", "puppy" and "pregnancy", because these types of high nutritional dog food meet the nutritional needs of this period.Some large dogs cannot maintain sufficient weight during pregnancy. They may need to feed the dogs that dog feed on "growth", "puppy" and "during pregnancy" dogs in the whole pregnancy process.

In addition, the owner should remember to provide additional high -nutrition food for dogs. Small and medium -sized dogs add at least two seats a day, and large dogs can let it take freely.In the same way, the method of free to eat is also beneficial to the only small dogs with more than there.

A suitable feeding plan can provide a good physical state of physical fitness and help it give birth to a healthy and lovely baby.The owners need to keep in mind that the dogs who are pregnant and bone -backed during pregnancy need better nutrition than other periods in their lives, and their nutritional needs will change with different stages of pregnancy.

On time, according to the doctor’s advice, according to the doctor’s advice, adjust the diet structure of the dog’s mother reasonably. With appropriate exercise, the owners can patiently accompany the dog mother and wait for the birth of new life.

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