Prime Minister Yang Guozhong had a business trip for more than a year, but his wife was pregnant unexpectedly. The wife explained that she was conceived in a dream.

During the Tianbao period, during the period of the Zuo Xiang, Yang Guozhong was sent to Zhejiang by the court. Yang Guozhong was more than a year. After returning, Yang Guozhong found that his original wife Pei Rou was pregnant. Obviously, Yang Guozhong, the prime minister, wasBring a green hat by his wife.

Pei Rou was born in a prostitute. After Yang Guozhong came out of Zhejiang, Pei Rou was unwilling to be lonely at home and committed an occupational disease. He brought Yang Guozhong a large green hat, and he accidentally became pregnant.But Pei Rou was not panicked and blushed, and gave a reasons for a grand. Pei Rou said: "Your trip to Zhejiang is more than a year.Yeah, I met you in my dreams, and I was pregnant soon. This is called a dream in the dream. "Yang Guozhong thought about it for a long time with his head and made a sudden expression.suspect.

Soon after, Pei Rou gave birth to a baby boy. Yang Guozhong was very happy, and the baby boy named Yang Yan, and Yang Guozhong also set up a banquet to wait for his colleagues and friends.The colleagues and friends of the DPRK and friends all knew that they were regarded as a joke after dinner. Only Yang Guozhong’s explanation of his wife was convinced, and he believed that this was a dream.

Some readers may ask, is Yang Guozhong stupid?How can this absurd thing in this dream happen?In fact, Yang Guozhong was not stupid at all. He knew more than anyone else. His wife wore a green hat for him, but he could only believe that his wife’s explanation was not selected.Because at this time, Yang Guozhong and the chief prime minister Li Linfu could not be fought, and Yang Guozhong wanted to arch Li Linfu from the position of the chief prime minister, and then replaced it.

If at this time, the wife of Tang Datang left, Yang Guozhong will be sneered by the people in the world, affecting his personal image and political future.As long as Yang Guozhong believes his wife’s explanation, it is a dream in the dream. No matter how he laughed at his colleagues and friends. As long as Yang Guozhong believes that there is a state of pregnancy in the dream spread all over the world, Yang Guozhong has more mysterious colors.This approach of Yang Guozhong is actually a crisis treatment. Effective intervention is given before the formation of crisis, which minimizes the harm of the event.

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