Preserved eggs are the top of the "most disgusting food" in the United States. Can it be eaten with lead?Tell you the answer

"The lead content of preserved eggs is high, and can be poisoned and carcinogenic. Do not eat it!"

Today, Xiao Zhang bought a few preserved eggs home in the supermarket and planned to let his mother make preserved egg lean porridge, but was seriously rejected by his mother.My mother said that the preserved eggs have lead, which is extremely harmful.

"Preserved eggs have been circulating for thousands of years, so many people eat preserved eggs every day, isn’t it okay?" Xiao Zhang looked at it.

"Aunt Li next door, because of eating preserved eggs a few days ago, then all the family of three poisoned to the hospital!" The mother Zhen Zhen said.

I didn’t believe it. When I heard the real case, Xiao Zhang was shocked and felt that the preserved eggs in his hand were like a hot potato. He felt very dangerous and hurriedly threw the eggs into the trash.

Preserved eggs are a common dish on the table. Although it was first listed by the United States CNN as the "top ten most disgusting in the world", it is the favorite of many Chinese people, but some people are worried that the preserved eggs contain lead.Is there any scientific reason for carcinogenesis?

Preserved eggs, also known as Songhua egg, are a unique egg processing product in China.People use salt, tea, and alkaline substances to make the physical chemical changes in the eggs form a gel state, thereby obtaining beautiful and rich preserved eggs.

Because preserved eggs will generate a substance called amino acid salt during the production process, the amino acid salt is insoluble in protein, so it is presented in the form of crystal, like a moving "pine flower" condensed in the egg white, so the preserved egg is also called pine flowerEgg.

Preserved eggs have a long history in our country. As early as in the early Ming Dynasty, text records were recorded. Among them, the seventeenth year of Ming Xiaozong recorded the prototype of the preserved egg -the method of chaos.

In the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, there are also special effects. Luo Wei, a general doctor of the Department of Medicine, the Third People’s Hospital of Hubei Province (Provincial Zhongshan Hospital), said that from the perspective of Chinese medicine, preserved eggs are cold, with throat, heat, sober, and large intestine.Fire, diarrhea, eye pain, toothache and other functions. Eating preserved eggs in summer can get the heat to heat the heat. There is also a saying that preserved eggs can reduce fire in the people.

Although preserved eggs have the effect of reducing heat and heat in the eyes of Chinese medicine, many people think that preserved eggs contain a large amount of lead, which will endanger physical health.Is it really the truth?In the past, the preserved eggs produced by traditional craftsmanship will maintain the color and taste for a long time, and it will add Huangdan powder when it is produced. This is a material with the main component of lead oxide.

Huang Dan powder will penetrate into the egg, and eventually accumulate in the human body, leading to lead poisoning in the human body.If the human body has a long -term contact and intake of a certain dose of lead, it will cause a series of health problems such as the functional damage of the nervous system damage, the immune system and the function of the kidneys, and the lead will also cause irreversible damage to the child’s brain development.

However, since 2015, the state has introduced new standards for preserved egg production. All preserved egg production has adopted a leading process. The lead content of preserved eggs must be controlled below 0.5 mg/kg.Wang Lei, deputy chief physician of the Nutrition Department of First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, said that the amount of preserved eggs produced by lead -free processes is very low. As long as it is not large -dose, it does not have much impact on the body.

Since the lead content of modern craftsmanship is very low, why do people eat preserved egg poisoning?

Associate Professor Zhang Zhihong, deputy director of the Chengbei Emergency Clinic Department of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to Southwest Medical University, introduced that preserved egg poisoning is generally divided into two cases: lead poisoning and bacteria exceeding the standard. Preserved eggs produced by modern craftsmanship will rarely lead to lead poisoning.Poisoning.

During the production, there is no good bacterial control or improper storage, resulting in exceeding the standard egg bacteria. After people eat the belly, bacteria will exceed the standard poisoning.The human body has gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

You may be puzzled when you see this, preserved eggs are not carcinogenic, but there is a risk of poisoning. So how should you eat it?Xiao Ai will give you a branch trick!

1. Buy regular products

Some bad vendors may still use Huang Dan powder for the benefit and choose a qualified product produced by regular manufacturers. The preserved egg lead content produced by regular manufacturers generally meets the national production standards and can be eaten with confidence.

2. Eat it as soon as possible after opening, don’t eat raw

The preserved eggs are easily exposed to the air for a long time.The raw eggs may cause the fungus to exceed the standard due to improper storage, which can easily cause bacteria to exceed the standard poisoning. Most bacteria are not resistant to high temperatures, and preserved eggs cooked after high temperature are safer.

3. Children, pregnant women, and high blood pressure people eat less

Compared with ordinary people, children and pregnant women are more sensitive to lead and easier to absorb heavy metal lead in preserved eggs.And preserved eggs are often criticized as "high sodium foods", which can easily lead to increased blood pressure. Patients with hypertension are best to stay away from preserved eggs.

The preserved egg flavor of traditional food in my country is unique and loved by everyone.Although with the development of modern craftsmanship, the lead content in preserved eggs has been greatly reduced, but eating too much can also cause physical discomfort. Although the food is good, don’t be greedy.”””Family Health Guardian”


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