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Wuji Baifeng Wan is a medicine that everyone is very familiar. This is a very famous gynecological commonly used medicine. When I was out of the clinic, there would be female patients to ask me.Talk about Wuji Baifeng Pills


The origin of Wuji Baifeng Pill

Wuji Baifeng Pill, known as the gynecological medicine, is from Ming Gong Tingxian’s "Shoushi Baoyuan". This ancient book records "Wuji Pills" and "Bai Fengdan", which is used to treat women’s menstrual irregularities and leaks., Qi and blood deficiency, thin body, blue and yellow, and other symptoms.

In the Obstetrics and Gynecology monograph "Jiyin Outline" of Wuzhiwang in the Ming Dynasty, there are also records of black pills. It is used to treat women’s thinness, blood deficiency and fever, irregular menstruation, leakage, and not pregnancy and other diseases.In the Qing Dynasty, the director of the Tai Medical Medical Medical Medical Medicine created a "black chicken Baifeng Pills". After long -term use of clinical use, the prescription was constantly adjusted to become today’s Wuji Baifeng Pills.


The function of Wuji Baifeng Wan

The original prescription was from Wuji (removing hairpower intestines), ginseng, astragalus, yam, cooked ground yellow, Angelica, Bai Zhi, Chuanxiong, Danshen, antlers cream, antlers gum, 鳖 armor (system), ground yellow, daydown, fragrant (vinegar (vinegar (vinegar (vinegar (vinegar (vinegar (vinegar (vinegar (vinegarSystem), Silver Chaihu, Zi Shi (fried), mulberry, oysters (燔), licorice and other twenty -flavored medicines.

The main medicine of Wuji Baifeng Pill, which is the junior medicine in our behavior, black chicken, Li Shizhen believes that it "supplements the deficiency and weakness, cure thirst, nourishes women, and treats women.It has a good benefit effect, can nourish yin and blood, nourish the liver and kidney, and clear the heat.Ginseng, astragalus, yam, qi and health cards; cooked ground yellow, Angelica, Bai Zhi, Chuanxiong, and Danshen to nourish the blood meridian; antlers cream, antlers, liver and kidney, benefit eside and blood;Disproof heat.Xiangfu sparse liver qi, regulate menstruation and relieve pain; silver Chaihu retreats heat;Licorice and medicines.For the combination of various medicines, the functions of replenishing qi and nourishing blood, regulating menstruation and stopping band.

■ Treatment of irregular menstruation and leakage

Wuji Baifeng Pill is suitable for the treatment of more menstruation caused by the deficiency of qi and blood deficiency, too little, and endlessness.Because qi deficiency and qi cannot be taken, the amount of menstruation is large, and the menstrual time is prolonged; because of blood deficiency, the menstrual color is light and the menstrual volume is small.

■ The increase in leucorrhea

Fangzhong Yam, Grace, Mulberry, Oyster’s kidney solid essence, strengthen the spleen and dampness, and collect astringent bands to achieve the effect of increasing the increase in leucorrhea and boring.However, if the secreted material is yellow and the odor is damp, it should not be taken.

■ Treatment of menopausal syndrome for women

Lost and spoiled, nourishing yin, such as black chickens, yellow, and daydowns in the recipe, and nourishing yin to nourish blood. Bupleurum and 鳖 甲 失 retreat to deficiency heat, and fragrant attach to liver and qi, can help through this stage well.

■ Insufficient qi and blood, thin body

As a tonic agent, Wuji Baifeng Pills have many medicinal materials that benefit qi and blood. They are very suitable for people with insufficient qi and blood, thin body, dizziness, fatigue, fatigue, and soft waist and knee.


Unsuitable crowd

People with dampness, dampness, and spleen deficiency and dampness should not be used.The characteristics of phlegm dampness are characterized by body obesity and excess nutrition. Wuji Baifeng Wan is more suitable for people with insufficient nutrition and thin body; people with damp -heat constitution should be cleared first and then supplemented, otherwise it is easy to increase the symptoms of humidity and heat;Insufficient functions, stop water and wetness, and nourishing supplements that are greasy to help wet wetness.

1. For those who are allergic to Wuji Baifeng Pills.

2. It is not advisable to take this medicine when you have a cold.

3. Pregnant women should not take it, breastfeeding women should take them under the guidance of a doctor.

4. Do not take it for a long time.If you take two weeks of symptoms, you should go to the hospital again.

5. Diet should be light, avoid foods such as cold, seafood, spicy, cold and other foods.

6. If the dry mouth is dry after taking it, drink more water.

Recommended by Food Therapy

Wuji Baifeng Pills Chicken Soup


1 black chicken, 3 black chicken Baifeng pills, 3 pieces of ginger.(2 people)


Wash the black chicken, peel and cut into pieces, simmer the water and ginger in the casserole, add a sufficient amount of water to boil, turn it off and simmer for 1 hour. In the last 20 minutes, add the black chicken Baifeng Pills, and continue to cook it until the pill is dissolved in the soup water.Add salt to season.

Efficacy: nourish qi and nourish blood, regulate menstruation.

Suitable for the crowd:

Insufficient qi and blood, common constitution, pale complexion, dizziness, irregular menstruation, insomnia and night sweats, rare leucorrhea, pale tongue, white fur, weak pulse.

Medical Guidance: Professor Huang Suiping, the leader of the academic leader of the Spleen and Stomach Diseases of Guangdong Province and Guangdong Province

Huang Suiping

Doctor of Medicine, Chief Chinese Medicine, professor, doctoral tutor, and famous Chinese medicine medicine in Guangdong Province.He is currently the academic leader of the spleen and stomach discipline of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and concurrently served as academic leader of the Chinese and Western University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Digestive System Diseases), vice chairman of the Digestive Diseases Committee of the World Chinese Medicine Association, and the Spleen and Stomach Disease Branch of the Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine SocietyDeputy Director, Vice President of the Spleen and Stomach Disease Branch of the Chinese National Medicine Society, Deputy Chairman of the Professional Committee of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated Spleen and Stomach Gastroenterology Society of the Chinese Research Hospital, Deputy Chairman of the Expert Committee of the Specialist Specialist Special Disease Cooperation and Development Platform of the Chinese Medicine Society, and Guangdong ProvinceChairman of the Professional Committee of the Chinese Medicine Society, Honorary Chairman of the Professional Committee of the Gastroscopy Professional Committee of the Guangdong and Western Medicine Society in Guangdong Province, and Lingnan (South China) Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment of Hermiax Cycotic Academic Alliance, Chairman of the Expert Committee of the Expert Committee of the Science Branch of the Chinese National Medical AssociationDeputy Director, Executive Director of the New Media Professional Committee of the Federation of the World Chinese Medicine Society, head of Lingnan Liang’s genre inheritance studio, national and old Chinese medicine medicine professor Yu Shaoyuan academic experience inheritance studio, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese MedicineThe person in charge of the chronic gastric disease research team specializes in the chronic gastritis, gastric cancer lesions and early gastric cancer in the superior disease of traditional Chinese medicine.He is good at the diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese and western medicine, and has more than 80 master’s and doctoral students.He presided over more than 20 scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Health, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology.He has won the Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Guangdong Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Progress Award, the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine.There are 7 editors, 8 deputy editor -in -chief books, and published more than 180 medical papers.Get the title of "First Lingnan Famous Doctor", "The first Yangcheng Good Doctor", "2017 Hurun -Ping An China Good Doctor".

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