Preparing for pregnant women do not have to know about ovulation and cold knowledge

Speaking of ovulation, women who are prepared during pregnancy must be familiar with. Many people know that finding ovulation periods is easy to get pregnant. Senior preparation women also know that it is not enough to find the ovulation period, because the ovulation period may not be ovulation.And finding a real ovulation day, that is the middle of all, you can definitely get pregnant …

Are these claims right?Regarding ovulation, what else do you have a cold knowledge that pregnant sisters do not know?

1. Eggs also have freshness

Obviously, the more fresh things, the more vitality, which is also applicable to the eggs. The eggs are like fruit. There will be a process from fresh to dry to broken. If it is a non -fresh egg andThe combination of sperm becomes a fertilized egg, which may cause the embryo to develop well, and even the risk of biochemical pregnancy.


2. The more follicles are, the better

Under normal circumstances, women have a mature egg every month, but there are some people who have more than one visible egg.Normal and mature ovarian, the left and right ovaries are discharged from a mature egg every month.The bilateral of the polycystic polycystic ovary increases, which is 2 to 5 times the normal size. The surface of the rappbing is thickened and tough. The white film is 2 to 4 times thicker than the normal.Waiting cystic follicles.Ovulation dysfunction.The level of FSH (promoting follicle growth hormone) of polycystic patients is low, and the level of H (promoting lutein ingotin) is high, which will cause these small follicles in the ovaries to stop developing.Mature, LH secretion is non -periodic, and the LH peak cannot be produced, which causes ovulation without ovulation. Although there are many follicles of polycystic patients, they are all immature follicles. The ovarian has no ovulation and naturally cannot get pregnant.

3. There is an advantageous follicles that may not ovulate

The mature follicle diameter is 18-25mm, and follicles with a diameter greater than 10mm are called advantageous follicles.Generally speaking, it will ovulate when the follicle development becomes mature follicles. It is normal if it is not ranked to 24mm. If it is not broken, it may not be enough hormones in the body. You can exercise the ovulation appropriately.The doctor recommends whether to break the egg needle.

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