Preparing for pregnancy couples to grasp these 5 things in the same room, it is easy to get pregnant!

As the so -called child is the pillar of the country, but in each family, she is the harmonious agent of the entire family, so most husbands and wives start to prepare for pregnancy after marriage, but according to the current fertility rate, pregnancy has become a one.The boss is difficult, so many pregnant couples start various strategies when preparing for pregnancy, thinking about how to get pregnant as soon as possible.The same room is a method. Grasp the following things in front of the same room. It is easy to get pregnant. Let’s take a look at what things.

1. Find the eggs and meet with Xiao Yan

It is the first step to find the same room in the same room, which is important! Otherwise, the time is not allowed, then all your preparations before pregnancy will be in vain ~

How to find ovulation: Aunt’s calculation, basic thermometer, ovulation test strip, semi -quantitative ovulation test paper.

2. Create a great environment

√ Keep the room at the right temperature

√ Create a romantic atmosphere

√ Keep the battlefield clean

3. Grasp the best time to get pregnant in the day

If you want to get pregnant, the best time for the same room is from 5 pm to 7 pm.

At this time, whether the number of small tadpoles and the quality of the day change a lot, and the peak reached the peak during the afternoon afternoon, it happened to be the most likely to conceive at this time.Hormon plays a key role in affecting women’s conception, which makes most women ovulation during the afternoon.The two studies are combined into one, and human beings do exist in "sexual blessings".

4. The same room is not in quality

① Forget the task, forget to make everyone, caress more, and increase some fun.

② Don’t forget to warmly afterwards. After the same room, I do n’t prevent two more romantic words in her ear, which can make her feel that you are very careful.beneficial.

5. After the same room is over, the four things do not do it right away

① Go to bed without falling your head, because it is easy to aggravate fatigue.It is recommended to rest in about 20 minutes, which is more conducive to health.

② Do not smoke immediately, because the harmful substances in cigarettes will cause harm to the body.

③ Do not take a bath immediately, because the blood circulation after the same room has not returned to normal, and the cold bath and hot bath can easily cause damage to the body.

④ Do not use paper towels immediately because it is easy to cause inflammation.

Have you learned the above methods? If you have used all kinds of methods and methods, but you still have no pregnancy for more than one year, then you must consider whether you have some kind of disease in your body.Treatment, so as to usher in your own baby as soon as possible.

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