Preparation for pregnancy

Maternity and baby guidance Teacher Mengmeng

2019-12-15 14:10:24 The dandelion mother shook her head gently, with the help of the wind blowing, its children took root and spread all over the world.However, we can’t do so freely, it is easy to breed offspring. However, it is not a relaxed thing to bred a healthy and smart and lively and cute baby!Preparation for pregnancy is to help our Bao Da Baomao prepare in advance, have a number in your hearts, scientific breeding, and water success!1. Preparation before pregnancy

1. Pre -pregnancy physical examination that women need to do

1) TORCH five inspections

T — Represents the bow -shaped worm, which will cause calcification in the brain and the stubborn storage water

O -Represents the type B virus B.

R -represents rubella virus, which will cause rash and fetal organs

C — Represents giant cell virus, which will cause small head deformities and calcification in the brain

H -herpespes virus can lead to cornealitis, conjunctivitis, and skin blisters

2) Reproductive system inspection

Vulvar examination: Understand whether there are genitalia inflammation, tumors, malformations, etc.

Cervical examination: The possibility of eliminating cervical lesions.

Routine leucorrhea: excluding tituration, mold, mycoplasma, chlamydia infection, vaginitis and gonorrhea.

3) Gynecological endocrine examination

Excessive ovaries: Poor reserve function in the ovaries

Esolis is too high: ovarian function is not good

Excessive lutein production: affect the quality of follicles, decreased the energy of follicles, increased abortion rate

Excessive prolactin: It will affect ovulation and luteal function

Largeon is too low: unfavorable fertilization, omen abortion after conception

High testosterone value: can cause female infertility

2. Pre -pregnancy physical examination that men need to do

1) Conventional inspection

Blood, urine, liver and kidney function and semen examination should be treated accordingly if the results are abnormal.

2) Do hepatitis B, hepatitis C, AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea screening to avoid directly transmitting the virus to his wife and fetus.

3. Diseases that need to be treated before pregnancy

Many of the pregnant mothers are disabled in pregnancy during pregnancy, so many pregnant mothers need to be prepared in advance.The virus of the liver disease will be carried for life, and some anemia, hypertension, diabetes and chronic inflammation will open the fetal allergic switch.

2. Preparation for eugenics nutrition

Insufficient protein intake of pre -pregnant couples will affect the quality of sperm eggs, thereby affecting the state of embryo formation.Insufficient protein intake of pregnant women, in addition to affecting the normal development of the fetus, can also affect the resistance of pregnant women and even cause insufficient postpartum milk secretion.Foods rich in protein include fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans, etc.Vitamin A promotes the visual development of the fetus and promotes the secretion of milk secretion after gardening, vitamin D promotes calcium and phosphorus absorption and promotes fetal skeletal development, vitamin E enhances reproductive function, and prevents premature birth and abortion.Calcium in minerals is an important component of human bones and teeth. It participates in the metabolism of nerves, skeletal, and muscles, while maintaining the excitement of normal neuromuscular muscles.Iron deficiency in pregnant women can cause iron deficiency anemia, which will not only cause pregnant women to be weak and weak, but also cause hypoxia in the fetus, slow development and affect the intellectual development of the day after tomorrow.DHA and lecithin are called smart fat. They are the main source of nutrients for brain development. Eating more will make the child’s brain smarter.

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