Preparation: I am pregnant at a glance at the ovulation knowledge.

Tian Tian went to Watsons with friends, and saw that she stopped at the condom counter. When she squatted and chose, I turned my head shyly.On the way to checkout, she shook the box without avoiding it, and said "this is easy to use", which attracted everyone’s side!I dare not look directly at: Isn’t my husband buying "this"?My friend asked: Why do you want to buy this?I sighed in my heart for a while, and glanced bravely: I bought the ovulation test paper!IntersectionI can only feel that Watson puts "a contraception and a pregnancy -agent" to put a shelf!

Pregnancy is the result of the combination of eggs and sperm, but the eggs only survive for 24 hours, grasping the life period (ovulation period) of the eggs, becoming a top priority in pregnancy.Now through the ovulation test paper (pen) self -test, monitoring the ovulation period has become a choice for more and more pregnant sisters.As a result, this bold friend gave me a very popular knowledge of ovulation. I started the lesson for free, and I was pregnant at a glance!

What is ovulation test paper?

The ovulation test strip is mainly to measure hormones (LH) in women’s body (LH), detect the peak level of luteum generic hormone, so that women can predict the best conception or contraception time.It is an in vitro test and auxiliary diagnosis of women’s ovulation.

What is the difference between ovulation test pen and ovulation test paper?

In fact, the ovulation test pen is the same as the test paper, but it is more convenient to use the brush design. It is said that it can be measured 12 hours before ovulation to make pregnancy more accurate.In addition, women with ovulation test strips but not obvious test results can also try to use ovulation test pens.To put it bluntly, you can do not need a urine cup, you can directly urinate. Sisters should pay attention to cooked clever, do not "wet" hands!Common brands are enrolled: David, Xiuer, Lefu, pregnant friends, Ao Lei, Yun Zhi’an, Blue Cross test strip, Cantone …

Price: The single market price is generally about 1 yuan, and the expensive is about 5 yuan.Some online stores provide wholesale prices, and one -piece price of one -end purchase will be cheaper.Another friend was a wholesale box, and he was fighting!As a result, I was pregnant after 1 month of pregnancy. Now I am drunk with the ovulation test strip everywhere!

How to calculate ovulation time?

The menstrual cycle of women is short and short, but the interval between ovulation days and the beginning of menstruation is relatively fixed, generally about 14 days.According to the relationship between ovulation and menstruation, the ovulation period can be calculated according to the menstrual cycle.The calculation method is from the first day of the next day of menstruation. The countdown or 14 days is the ovulation day. The ovulation day and the first 5 days and the first 4 days and 4 days are called the ovulation period.

Ovulation test paper use time:

It is recommended to start the tenth day of menstruation, and test paper once a day with ovulation test strips.If you find that you are gradually turning, you need to increase the frequency of measurement. It is best to measure it every 4 hours. Try to measure the strong yang, grasp the moment when the strong yang turns weak, ovulation occurs when the strong yang turns weak.If you find the rapid turn, it means that the egg is going to break the shell, then you have to hurry up!Ovulation within 24 hours, do not drink water 2 hours before the ovulation test strip.Do not test with morning urine, it is best to test at 10-20.

How to use ovulation test strips:

Generally, the ovulation test paper packaging is explained, and it must be done strictly in accordance with the instructions to minimize the error.

1. Collect urine with clean and dry containers. Do not use morning urine. The best time to collect urine is from 10 am to 8 pm. Try to use urine samples at the same time every day.Water intake, because the diluted urine samples will hinder the detection of LH peak.

2. The test strip is immersed in the urine at one end of the arrow logo line. After about three seconds, take it out and release it for 10-20 minutes.Observe the results, the result is subject to reading within 30 minutes!

3. Test paper Insert urine depth cannot exceed the MAX logo line.

What do you think of ovulation test strips?

1. Two purple -red lines appear, and the lower end line (detection line) is obviously light color than the upper end line (control line), indicating that the LH has not yet appeared in the urine, and it must be tested every day.

2. There are two purple-red lines, and the upper and lower end lines (control lines, detection lines) are basically the same, or the lower end line (detection line) is dark than the upper end line (control line), indicating that you will be within 24-48 hoursovulation.

3. Only one purple -red line (control line) appears on the upper end of the test bar, indicating no ovulation.

Precautions for using ovulation test strips:

1. Select the time period of using ovulation test strip

For women with a regular menstrual cycle, ovulation days are generally about 14 days before the next menstruation starts. Therefore, it is easy to conceal during the 2 to 3 days before ovulation and 1 to 2 days after ovulation.In the stage, it is generally required for 5 consecutive days.

2. Do not use morning urine for testing

The first urine in the morning, because of the accumulation of overnight, the LH value contained in the urine cannot represent the actual value, so it is best not to use it.In addition, do not consume too much moisture within 2 hours before the test, so as not to cause the luteum in the urine to generate hormones to be diluted and affect the results of the test.

3. Read the results within the time of the instructions prompt

When using in use, we should strictly follow the instructions of the use and read the results within the prescribed time, exceeding the prescribed time, and the results are invalid.

Four novel products for testing ovulation period

1. Message meter measuring instrument

It is understood that when the level of estrogen changes, the blood supply of the human limbs will be affected, and the blood flow of the fingers during ovulation during ovulation is less than daily, so the temperature of the hand will be lower than usual.The photoelectric controller of the peripheral blood flow measuring instrument can help explore this subtle change.

2. Test computer watch during ovulation period

This computer watch is worn on the hand and can sensorize women’s menstruation after menstruation.When the ovulation comes, the micro computer in the watch sends a reminder signal, prompting the wearer to pay attention to contraception or conception.This method is more convenient, and the watch is also practical on the hand, that is, I don’t know how accuracy is.

3. Lipstick tester

The lipstick tester is named after the shape is like lipstick. In fact, it is a micro -microscope and a set of light -induced light sources to observe the estrogen crystalline images in women’s saliva.Women’s estrogen crystals will produce three different images in the safety period, ovulation period and ovulation period. By observation, you can confirm the safety period, ovulation period and ovulation period in the physiological cycle.

4. Cervical "thermometer"

The cervical "thermometer" has nothing to do with the test temperature. It is actually tested as the "more creative pimiol peroxidase" in cervical mucus, which has dropped sharply 5-7 days before ovulation.

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