Pregnant women’s pregnancy checks for three months of pregnancy, and there are no children in the stomach "grapes". What about children?

Everyone should have heard of the story of the Cat Cat to change the prince!During the Zhenzong period of the Northern Song Dynasty, the two concubines of Zhenzong were pregnant at the same time.In order to strive to be the queen, Liu changed the son of Li’s just born to but had such a news recently. The child of Xiaoyan, a pregnant woman, turned into many blisters like grapes. What was going on?

I have been pregnant for almost three months. Although my husband has been urging to go to the maternity inspection, he has not taken care of.It wasn’t until one day that her abdomen began to bleed before checking. The results of the examination caused the couple to collapse.Xiaoyan has been pregnant for 3 months, and has always been very good before, but she has some irregular bleeding in the past two days. Sometimes she still has a bit of pain in her lower abdomen.First, Xiao Zhang decided to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.After arriving at the hospital, the doctor suggested to be a color Doppler ultrasound to see the specific situation of the fetus.However, after finishing the color Doppler ultrasound, the doctor told her that you hurriedly took the report to find the doctor, and the situation was urgent.Xiaoyan was startled. At that time, she glanced at the color Doppler ultrasound list and found that the children in the uterus were gone, leaving only a lot of blisters such as grapes.Xiaoyan suddenly stunned, how could this be?Obviously, I have tested pregnancy with early pregnancy test strips. How can children get gone?What is the blisters in the belly?After reading it, the doctor told her that this situation was conceived with hydatidum, which was not common, and had to be studied further.

So what is a hydatidifier?

Porttal fetus has a variety of bubbles of different sizes due to the hyperplasia of the placental velvet nourishing cells after pregnancy.Porttal fetus can be divided into two types: complete hydatidal and partial hydatidal tires.

So where did the child go, where did the child go?

The children of hydatidium are not alive.If it is a complete hydatidifier, it is nourishing cell tissue, and there is no fetal and embryo tissue.There is no statement of fetal survival.And if it is a part of the hydatidum.Basically, the fetus and dead fetus of Xiaoyue, basically there is no surviving fetal fetus existence

So what are the clinical symptoms of hydatidus?

1. Due to the advancement of diagnostic technology, patients with full -scale hydatidians often have diagnosis and treatment when there are no symptoms or only a small amount of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy, so typical symptoms are rare.The typical symptoms of complete hydatidal fetus are as follows

(1) After menopause, vaginal bleeding: More than 80%of patients will have vaginal bleeding, which is the most common symptom.Xiaoyan has a vaginal bleeding. Generally, I start to irregularly bleeds vaginal bleeding in about 8-12 weeks of menopause, and the amount is uncertain.If the big blood vessels are ruptured, it can cause major bleeding, shock, and even death.Portuguese tissue can sometimes be discharged by itself, but it is often accompanied by a lot of bleeding before and out of discharge.Repeated vaginal bleeding if it is not treated in time, it can be followed by anemia and infection

(2) The uterine abnormal increase and softening: Due to the rapid growth of hydatiditic tires and the accumulation of blood in the uterine cavity, about half of patients’ uterus is greater than the menopause month, the texture becomes soft, and the level of HCG is abnormally elevated.

(3) Pregnancy vomiting: Those who occur mostly in the uterine abnormal increase and abnormal HCG levels. The occurrence time is generally earlier than normal pregnancy, with severe symptoms and long duration.

(4) Preliminary signs of eclampsia: Most of them occur in uterine abnormalities, and hypertension, proteinuria and edema can occur before 24 weeks of pregnancy, but eclampsia is rare.If early pregnancy occurs early pregnancy, we must consider the possibility of hydatidal tires.

(5) Hypertrophy of thyroid function: About 7%of patients may experience mild hyperthyroidism, such as tachycardia, humid skin and tremor, and serum to be increased from T3 and T.

(6) Abdominal pain: Due to the rapid growth of hydatiditic tires and the rapid expansion of the uterus, it is manifested as paroxysmal lower abdominal pain. Generally, it is not severe and can be tolerated. It often occurs before the vagina bleeding.If the ovarian luteum cyst is reversed or ruptured, abdominal pain may occur

2. Most of the partial hydatidal tires do not have the typical symptoms of fully hydatidal fetus, and the degree is often mild.Most vaginal bleeding is common, but most of the uterus is consistent with or even smaller in the menopause month. Generally, there is no premature elamps, ovarian luteum cysts, etc., and pregnancy vomiting is also mild.

Therefore, pregnant women must remember the birth check and find that they must seek medical treatment in time in time for their lower abdomen or vaginal bleeding.

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