Pregnant women’s hips are large, can they see boys and women?

Since the pregnancy, the baby’s gender has become a hot topic around the people around.Although it is said that bustling and women are the hearts of the parents, but the expectant mother’s curiosity about the gender of the baby in the belly is always irreversible.Especially the daughter was born with a daughter, and the second child was more concerned.

My girlfriend Xiao Zheng sent me WeChat and said she was annoyed recently, and the reason had to start with her mother -in -law.Her mother -in -law was particularly heavy men and women. At that time, her husband took her to see her mother -in -law for the first time.The opening white is really embarrassing, and her mother -in -law looked directly at Xiaozheng.After looking at it, she said, "I think this daughter -in -law."

Later, Xiaozheng learned from her husband’s mouth that her mother -in -law had disagreed with them together and felt that Xiao Zheng was in the mountains.But when I saw Xiao Zheng’s first glance, I felt that Xiao Zheng’s hips were large, and it was definitely good for raw. The key is that the probability of having a boy is high.My mother -in -law also said that her husband was a three -generation single biography, so he had to find a girl with more sons, so that he could be more blessed.My mother -in -law just felt that Xiao Zheng’s big power had a boy and gave birth to a boy.But now Xiaozheng’s head is born with a girl. The mother -in -law is naturally unhappy and always picks her nose with her nose.

The older generation said, "The hips can give birth to a boy, and there are girls with small buttocks." In fact, there is no scientific basis.After the expectant mothers are pregnant, all aspects of nutrition will be relatively balanced. Maybe if too much fat cannot burn, it will start to accumulate. The easiest place to accumulates is the hip of the pregnant woman.In addition, as the month of pregnancy is getting bigger and bigger, the uterus will gradually increase, and the increase in the uterus will oppress the pelvis, so the expectant mother’s hips will look larger.

The most important thing is that if the expectant mother is relatively large before pregnancy, the hips look larger after pregnancy.As the due date, the pelvis of expectant mothers slowly increased, and the expectant mother’s body began to prepare for the body, so the hips looked larger.

It is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy to become bigger during pregnancy. This is a great relationship with the figure of the expectant mother, weight, etc., but it cannot be judged that the pregnant woman is a boy or a girl.It is completely unbelievable to judge men and women based on the size of the pregnant mother’s hips.Whether it is a boy or a girl, it is the unique baby in the hearts of the parents, and it is the favorite baby of the parents.

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