Pregnant women’s belly is itchy, Dou Laner Mom tells you why?

After pregnancy, the expectant mothers are giant pandas at home and are carefully taken care of by the whole family, but there are still many troubles that are difficult to solve. People around them do not know how to help expectant mothers solve confusion. For exampleWrite, itchy belly during pregnancy.EssenceEssence

*Speaking of itching during pregnancy, many people have experienced Ma Ma who have experienced pregnancy. After 4 months of pregnancy, the slow belly starts to get bigger.The fiber will also be opened or broken as the stomach becomes larger. Water and oil are no longer as easy as before. With the dry skin, the belly starts itching.As long as the temperature is slightly taller, or the clothes are not pure cotton, you will stretch out your own small paws and start scratching.The claw print will appear, it really itchy, you can touch it gently with your fingertips, and treat your fragile belly gently)

*At this time, someone wants to ask, is there any way to reduce the problem of the belly itching. In fact, as long as you pay a little attention in daily life, it will not be extremely itchy at all. For exampleBath gel or other products with more foams to take a bath. Bean Laer Mom advises to let your small belly avoid these foam products, wash your belly with water, and use foam products to be cleaned with foam products on the back and other parts.Relatively dry, it was easy to secrete a little bit of fat and was washed away by foam. After washing, the belly was very dry, and then itchy (you just need to understandLocking water is also a naturally generated protective film)

*The last question that everyone cares about is that the products that prevent stretch marks on the market are effective?Here Dou Laer Mom tells everyone that it is just a marketing method. This has not been confirmed. On the contrary, after wiping these products, I will feel that the stomach is not comfortable, such as the pregnancy and pregnancy of the imported brand in the early stage.The nursing suit of a delicious card has no effect. The long and not long stretch marks depends on your skin fiber elasticity is good enough, so if you feel that the belly is dry, it is relatively safe to wipe the vitamin E.Essence

*I hope that the above remarks can help pregnant mothers who are worried about the belly. I have a very good time, but it took 10 years to answer skin problems for women throughout the country, explain skin knowledge, and how to skin care. NextWill you introduce whether you can use skin care products during pregnancy?What kind of skin care products are used.EssenceEssenceIf you like me, you can follow me …

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