Pregnant women should not be 10 things, have you shot?

Women during pregnancy will try everything in order to raise their tires, but some behaviors in life are likely to fall into the trap, affecting the safety of the fetus, including the beautiful lady who loves beauty will apply nail polish, hair dyeing and high heels.We collected ten things that are not suitable for ten pregnant women to do for everyone, so that everyone can prevent it and wait for the baby to be born safely.

1. Nail oil loss baby reproductive system

Women like to apply different colors of nail polish. Looking at the colorful ten fingers, it is really happy.However, nail oil contains harmful substances, which are also known as plasticizers, phthalate, formaldehyde, titanate, stablein, dyes, etc., which endanger the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

Actuzate is an environmental hormonal, which is a carcinogenic substance.These chemicals will be transported to the fetus after being absorbed by the skin of pregnant women to endanger their reproductive systems, affect development, and may cause terators and even abortion, so do not sacrifice fetal health for beautiful fingers.

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2. Avoid hair on hair in the early stages of pregnancy

Ladies with hair dyeing usually need to dye their hair once every two to three months, but their hair dyeing during pregnancy is endless.Because hair dye is organic chemicals and strong scalp absorption, the body also absorbs these chemicals, and the opportunity to endanger the body is greater. Pregnant women should avoid hair dyeing.If it is true, you should try to avoid dyeing hair in the early stages of pregnancy and early pregnancy, so as not to affect the golden period of the fetus due to the affected fetal development of the fetus, and even affect the mother’s premature birth due to sensitivity.Moms are better to turn their hair back to their original color before pregnancy, and then change a new and easy to take care of hairstyles, which can make people’s eyes shine!

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3. Do not dharma overnight

Many people now love to do night -walking animals, always like to watch TV, brush the net until they all overnight, or add to work so that they forget the time.Between the fifth and twelve weeks during pregnancy, the fetus needs to balance the hormonal environment to support organ growth. If the pregnant woman staying up late will easily affect the coordination and physiological function of the endocrine system, it will affect the stability of hormones, and it may not be conducive to the development of the fetal organs and growthAnd often staying up late will also increase the chance of pregnant women with hemorrhoids.

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4.Stay away from Toxoplasma

Gow -shaped worm is a parasite attached to the cat. Pregnant women may infected the toxoplasma gondiac from the cat dung, infected with the fetus through the placenta, or cause the fetus to develop poorly and damage its intelligence.If there are cats raising cats, they should find others to clean up cat litter daily and clean up the places where cat litter pots and cats love to stay. Pregnant women and cats can perform bow -shaped insect detection to reduce concerns.In addition, eating raw meat and raw eggs also have the opportunity to infect bow -shaped worms. Before eating, ensure that the food is completely cooked.

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5. High temperature states harm the fetal brain

Many people love steaming sauna and let themselves sweat to relax.However, if pregnant women have been in a high temperature state for a long time, such as sweat steaming houses or hot springs, this will cause pregnant women to have a fever, which may affect the fetal brain development.The high temperature environment will also danger to pregnant women itself, because high temperature will increase fetal movement, increasing the risk of amniotic fluid water.In addition, many pregnant women will have mild anemia and are prone to dizziness.

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6. Easy to fall in high heels

During pregnancy, the weight of pregnant women will increase and lean forward in the body support point. Wearing high -heeled shoes will increase the chance of falling injuries, so it is not advisable to wear it after twelve weeks of pregnancy.And due to changes in body hormones, the softness and muscle softness of pregnant women will rise, and high heels may cause their feet.The ideal distance is that the height of the heel subtracts the height of the forefoot, which should be four to half an inch.In fact, as long as the style and color of the clothes are appropriate, it is just as good as not wearing high heels!

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7. Sitting for a long time will dizzy

When pregnant women are prone to sit for a long time, stand for a long time, or suddenly stand up, the blood accumulated in the abdomen and lower limbs fails to return to the heart immediately, which will cause short -term brain ischemia, and once dizziness and dazzling, they will even fall.You should slow down to avoid excessive fatigue.If you feel dizziness, you should lie down, lie flat and raise your legs.

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8.Pregnant women should not take the medicine randomly

The effect of drugs on the fetus depends on the dosage and number of pregnancy weeks. Pregnant women should take the drug according to the doctor’s guidance. If you need to buy the drug, you should also consult the doctor’s opinion beforehand to understand which drugs can be used safely.In addition, if a pregnant woman is a long -term patient, do not reduce the amount of medication or discontinue drugs by themselves, because it may worsen the condition and affect the development of the fetus.

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9.Moving heavy objects may cause premature birth

Climbing up and down or moving heavy objects at home not only accidentally falls, but also because the waist and lower abdomen need to be forceful, which can cause compression of the abdomen, which stimulates the uterine contraction and causes premature birth.Some studies have shown that too much physical load can easily cause premature birth.

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10. Displatamine products poison the fetus

Some mosquito repellent products on the market contain the Dedetamine. Some studies have taken mosquito repellent products containing Deet for cell testing. It is found that DEET can cause cell sample deformed or even death.And DEET can penetrate the placenta into embryo blood. If the pregnant woman is used for a long time, the baby may lose hearing, urethral cracking, etc. after birth.Be careful, while killing mosquitoes, it may pose a threat to fetal life.Pregnant women can use mosquito coils and electric mosquitoes to ensure fetal safety.

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