Pregnant women have more farting, or they are related to these factors, don’t worry too much

Fart is a relatively common physiological phenomenon. Generally speaking, under normal circumstances, each person puts three or two farts a day.However, some women find that they always fart after pregnancy, so why pregnant women always fart are also a matter of attention.In fact, there are many reasons for pregnant women to fart. In addition to the changes in hormone levels in the body after pregnancy, the poor dietary habits will also cause more fart.

Farting is mostly a phenomenon that occurs during pregnancy, because after women are pregnant, the amount of lutein secretion in the body will gradually increase.In addition to promoting fetal growth and development, lutein will also cause the gastrointestinal peristalsis ability to deteriorate, so it also causes digestion and excretion function to be affected to some extent.During pregnancy, expectant mothers are very prone to symptoms of flatulence in the stomach, and flatulence in the stomach needs to be exhausted, and naturally, there is always a phenomenon of farting.Secondly, as the gestational week increases, the compression of the uterus to internal organs will become more and more serious, and it will also cause gastrointestinal motility to be affected, which will cause indigestion, stomach swelling and fart.But in general, these are normal physiological phenomena, and there is no need to worry too much. Specific mothers can relieve exercise and food that are easy to digest in proper exercise and more easily digestible foods.

In addition to changes in hormone levels in the body after pregnancy, the phenomenon of farting more, expectant mothers sometimes do not pay attention to diet, which will cause gastrointestinal function to be affected and cause flatulence and always fart.For example, some women have habits such as overeating or speaking while eating, which will cause too many gases from the stomach to cause more fart.There are also some women who have changed their tastes after pregnancy. They always like to eat sweet potatoes, beans or onions. These foods belong to foods that are easy to produce in the intestinal content.Exhaust the gas in the intestine by farting.

It should be noted that some expectant mothers always fart because of spleen deficiency, and spleen deficiency represents poor gastrointestinal digestive function.If you usually eat some indigestible foods such as fried fried, it is more prone to accumulation in the intestine. After a long time, a lot of gas will cause stomach swelling and fart.To reduce the number of farts, first of all, we must pay attention to correction of eating habits to prevent the intestine from entering a large amount of gas.In addition, keep the diet light and digestion.

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