Pregnant women have experience sharing: positive a day of fever during pregnancy, do not take medicine, do not take injections, physical cooling

What should I do if the pregnant woman is sunny?I am afraid of cross -infection when I go to the hospital. I do n’t go to the hospital and do n’t know what the baby ’s baby is. Although I can take“ acetylphenol ”, each pregnant mother wants to hurt the baby a little, and can carry it without taking medicine.As long as the fever is basically the war, the war of resistance is basically victorious, and Baojuan’s throat "and" swallowing blade "as long as it does not hurt the baby, the expectant mothers can resist.

I was diagnosed on the third day after my mother was positive, because I had to do it in the second trimester of pregnancy.My mother was isolated as soon as possible, and I always wore a mask when I delivered meals.The next day and the third day, my body temperature was 37 °, a bar of antigen, but the new crown symptoms such as uncomfortable throat, and the flowing nose began to have.

The family can’t escape, and when the temperature of the bar is warm, she is positive and positive.

On the fourth day, I trembled at three o’clock in the morning, and the body temperature was 38.4 °, and my yang battle was officially launched.I ca n’t sleep, go up when I get up, drink water and soak my feet.Next day, repeat the physical cooling movements such as drinking water, soaking feet, and wiping body, in addition to staying in bed and resting.When I did these at that time, I did n’t know if it was right or wrong. The face was red, and my belly began to get hot.Mom worriedly said that you took some medicine. I said that they were still moving. As long as they moved, they proved that the baby was normal and could resist.Besides, I am more than 38 o’clock in the hospital. Instead of running the hospital, I might as well save my strength.The temperature during the day has always been 37.8 ° -38 °, and tossed to cool down before going to bed.

Any fruit add rock sugar or cook directly and drink

I woke up at 1 am the next day, and felt that my body was comfortable, with a amount of body temperature of 36.8 °.After 22 hours of fever, I had a fever. Is this cooling and fever succeeded?At this time, my body temperature was 36.5 °, and I did n’t take medicine and injections. Pure physical cooling and fever will not dare to be repeatedly fever, but at least it confirms that physical cooling is effective.Share experience with pregnant mothers who are in the Yang and those who are not able to take medicine and people who can’t take medicine.

1. Wearing a mask: You also need to wear a mask when your family is yang. In this way, there will be fewer viruses, and there will be a gradual adaptation process for the virus. It will not have a high fever to 39 ° or above 40 ° at once.

2. Drink plenty of water: From the beginning of the family’s diagnosis, he treats himself as a new crown disease. Brown sugar ginger and shallot white water, electrolyte water, pear rock sugar water, and boiled water are constantly drinking.Once you are sunny, you have to drink water, and occasionally drinking more days without water poisoning.After I found a high fever at 3 in the morning, I immediately boiled soybean water (dry soybeans and washed the pot and boiled, just drink water), wait for the gap between the boiled water to drink boiled water first, then boil brown sugar ginger and green water, and then drink after drinking.The apples boiled water, pear roles, and drank two more brown sugar ginger water and multiple glass of boiled water. I had been drinking water for a day and felt that there were seven or eight pounds of water.The body temperature has not dropped much, and it is suspected whether it will be effective, but the number of times the toilet has increased, and urine will be detox.

Can’t buy green onions with shallots in Shanghai, white onion white+brown sugar+ginger+garlic boiled water, just put it at will

Dry yellow beans, boil water or dry soybeans and wash them directly, drink while hot

3. Soak your feet: It is not recommended to soak your feet such as adding ginger and pepper during pregnancy. Soak your feet in warm water. Each time is 15-20 minutes, and you can soak it every 2-3 hours.It ’s better to soak your feet while drinking water.

4. Cold the forehead: Ice treasure stickers use Ice treasure stickers. There is no ice treasure stick to wet towels to apply the forehead to the forehead.If you do not reduce the fever, apply it repeatedly, this has no side effects and it will be very comfortable.

Bingbao stickers or wet towels apply forehead, the container that is strong in water is sandwiched under the armpit and the root of the thighs to cool the heat

5. The body cools down: white wine or alcohol wipes the palms and feet, the front chest and back.Pregnant women or skin allergies can wipe the body with warm water.You can also fill the containers such as beverages, mineral water bottle, and place it under the armpit and the root of the thighs.When cold water becomes warm water, replace it and continue to be cold until the body is comfortable.It is not recommended to use frozen water, too cold to be afraid that the body will not adapt.

6. The stomach cooling: The high fever really affects the fetal movement. I just get the forehead in front of me, the belly temperature is normal, and the baby’s fetal movement is normal.It lasts above 38 °, the belly is hot, and the baby has not moved for a long time.I put the cold wool towel on the belly, and the cub immediately kicked the cubs.

The content of the uterus after a positive fever is susceptible to oxygen, so no matter how much the pregnant mothers are, if you can’t feel the abnormal phenomenon such as fetal movement or decrease in fetal movement, too frequently, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.Continuous fever is above 38.5 °, and those who have no time to reduce fever will also affect the fetus. They must also go to the hospital.Come on for pregnant mothers, can pass through in October during pregnancy. The new crown Omiro virus is only 5-7 days, and we will definitely succeed!

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