Pregnant women have a cold and cough, how much knows about medication!

Prosecution: I am 18 weeks of pregnancy.Since 14 weeks of pregnancy, I have symptoms of colds. After 4 days of symptoms, I ate a box of Pu Di Blue Orals. After that, the doctor opened the penicillin for 3 days.The symptoms of colds improved significantly after having the needle, but after 4 days, I hit another two -day plainteromycin because of the cough.After this medication, the symptoms improved significantly, and a routine review of blood was also made. The indicators were only higher.

It is sputum in the throat, not thick sputum, but white sticky sputum.Today, I went to review the blood routine and C -reactive protein, and the indicators were much higher. Is it not complete for the last time a cold and cough. If it is still bacterial infection, the doctor suggested that I eat cephalosporte decentralized tablets. Can I eat it?Is it according to the amount of children or adults?

Question: I would like to ask the frequent use of these antibiotics on the baby?How should I use cough and cold during pregnancy?

Answer: The physical resistance of pregnant women will greatly decrease during pregnancy. At this time, it is when the disease is the easiest to invade. Pregnant women should be treated seriously during pregnancy, actively treat, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and use reasonable medication.Pregnant women have a lot of medicinal medicine during pregnancy, and taboos of medication at each stage are also different. The "summary of a word" is unrealistic. Doctors need to combine the individual conditions and clinical reality of pregnant women, and reasonable medication according to the "classification of danger of pregnancy".

It is worth noting that pregnant women suffer from upper respiratory tract infections (colds). Do not abuse antibacterial drugs.Generally, a cold cold, no special smell therapy, just strengthen care, pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, and heal more.

In your situation, my opinion is: 1. Pregnant women use relatively safe antibiotics as penicillin and cephalosporin, so your diagnosis and treatment are right, and each time in the morning and evening also meets the time dependence requirements of penicillin. The medication is OK.of.2. After the injection, there is no sequential oral antibiotics, which leads to the delay of the disease. The blood in the blood is high, the neutral is high, the C-reactor is high, and it is still an inflammatory prompt. You can consider oral cephalum.3. Of course, you are adult doses. You have been pregnant from April to May, and you have passed the "high -sensitivity period of drugs". Penicillin and cephalosporin are safe, but the disease has been repeatedly not conducive to the development of the fetus.4. If there is a fever, for more than 3 consecutive days, there will be a B -ultrasound to check whether the fetus is malformed after healing.5. Regularly do a good job of standardized and necessary inspection.

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