Pregnant women fainted on the subway, and they felt that the fetal movement was awake.

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Not long ago, a pregnant mother who was pregnant 24 weeks during the Guangzhou Metro fainted in the subway due to heat stroke.

The staff quickly lifted her to a place where there was a screen, and the pregnant mother felt that the fetus slowly sobered after the fetus punch and kick in her belly.

Many pregnant mothers in the comment area also said: Every time she goes out, she has difficulty breathing, and she has to wear a mask. It is really uncomfortable in the closed space.

Sanfu weather temperature High humidity High humidity

The two major climate characteristics of Sanfu Tian have very high temperature and very high humidity.High temperature and high humidity are the two main reasons for heat stroke.

High temperature will cause the temperature of our body to rise, and our body will cool down by sweating, but the humidity is relatively high, which is not conducive to sweat.

Therefore, our body temperature regulates the central ability, which causes the body’s temperature to affect the body. The slightly light heat stroke is that the spirit is sluggish or fainted.

As a special population, pregnant women are more likely to heatstroke in Sanfu Tian.

Pregnant mothers need to excrete the products of themselves and fetuses, so the pressure of excretion will be greater. If the excretion is not timely in the summer, the temperature in the body will not be able to drop.

Pregnant mothers are more likely to lack oxygen

In the closed space, the air was already thin. The oxygen needed by pregnant mothers is more oxygen than the average person. The thin air is also easy to make her feel difficulty in breathing. There is less inhaled oxygen, and it is more likely to appear heat stroke.

Coupled with the current epidemic, as long as you go out to public, you need to wear a mask.

When we do not wear a mask, we can breathe better. Although we wear the air, although the air is filtered, it will cause our inhalation of less oxygen, so it is easy to occur in hypoxia and heat stroke.

★ Try to avoid too crowded occasions

Generally, when we go to work, we will go out early and return. Pregnant mothers can consider going to work a little bit ahead of time. This can avoid early peaks. You can get off work a little later, or avoid late peaks.

Or you can go out in advance, take two or three subways in the opposite direction, and then take the subway on the opposite side. It is more likely to have a place. Sitting on the subway position, the space will be slightly larger.

Especially when the temperature at noon is relatively high, try to avoid going out.

★ A small amount of hydration multiple times

After pregnancy, we need about 1700 milliliters of water every day, and 1700 milliliters of water do not drink it at once. Instead, drink a small amount, drink a small amount, do not wait for thirst and drink water, but usually drink water consciously.

The water in the body is sufficient to help us sweat and cool down.

★ Go to outdoor activities sooner or later

The sun is not large in the morning and evening, the weather is relatively cool, and the fresh air is breathing outdoors, and the activities of pregnant women will also help improve the capacity of the heart and lungs. It will also sweat to help us reduce the temperature.

★ Don’t turn on the air conditioner for saving power

The air conditioner can play an effective cooling in the room, especially the pregnant mother itself is afraid of heat, so the air conditioner should be turned on at home in summer.It is more appropriate to stay at about 25 degrees when turning on the air conditioner.

Step 1: Move to a cool place

If we see pregnant women fainting on the road, do not surround them with a nest, but move the pregnant woman to a relatively cool place.

This can help cool down. If her clothes buckle is fastened upwards, she can unbutton the button on the chest to help heat dissipation.

Step 2: Moisture and cool down

If the consciousness of a pregnant woman is awake, she can give her some cold water, or a small amount of salt boiling water, which can supplement water.

Wipe the noses in cold water, wipe the neck, underarms, and foot nests, etc., which can cool down.

It is not very serious. Generally, you will be awake when you do these steps.

As a pregnant mother, avoid going out at noon in Sanfu Tian. The weather is cool in the morning and evening, and you can go to the open park.

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