Pregnant women cannot take clothes, can’t hold their children, can’t do housework … Is this so?

It is said that there are many taboos in pregnancy, there are many things that cannot be done, there are many places that cannot be available, there are many things that cannot be eaten …

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I have a colleague, when she was pregnant before, she said that she could not mop, bend over, can’t go down the stairs, can’t touch a broom, can’t get close to the computer and printer, etc.It’s so scary.It is probably the reason for her pregnant. I see that others do not seem to be pregnant, so I have always been puzzled. What happened to pregnancy?What can it be like?

I remember when I was pregnant, I didn’t care about anything, and I didn’t understand anything. I might suddenly be said to have been said.I remember one time I hugged the children of someone else’s house and was scolded all at once, saying that it was a pregnant woman who could not hold a child, otherwise my child would not be good in the future. I was a bit embarrassed at the time;I went to see it, and later said that it is said that this will take away the milk of others.And I was also said to be drying my clothes, and the mop was also said …

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Can’t these things really do?What are the scientific basis?

We don’t understand a lot of things, but I still talk about myself.

When I was in the early pregnancy, because the floor tiles of the unit lobby in the winter frozen, I fell suddenly. At that time, I was scared to shake my body. After I got up, I stood there. One was to calm myself. TwoI want to wait to see if I will have abdominal pain and redness. After a few minutes, it seems that it is nothing, and I feel at ease at work. After that, I did n’t take it seriously. Fortunately, the baby is safe.

I hugged the children of others, and my child was healthy and good after birth.

I am usually at home alone. Although I feel that although my husband is under the same roof as my husband, I can’t see each other for ten and a half months, because he often goes out to play, and go home in the middle of the night. When I get up to work, he is sleeping.When he was sleeping at night, he hadn’t returned home, so he felt that he couldn’t see him for a few years. Most of the time I was at home, cooking and eating myself, sweeping the floor and mopping the floor, laundry and clothes myself.Waist or squat, and also lift heavy objects, especially when preparing to be born in a package, you may get one or twenty parcels a day.

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Because I do n’t show up, my colleagues almost saw that I was a pregnant woman after seven months of pregnancy, so I did n’t go late and leave early on the work, and I have never reduced the workload. I have to work overtime from time to time.Must be used every day.And I have been driving by myself until I go home to give birth.

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My mentality has always felt that pregnancy is not a big deal. I ca n’t take myself seriously, so I have n’t been arrogant in my life and work.Dafu was born after a week of due date. It is fat, very good, very smart, very smart, can eat and sleep, especially good.So I feel that pregnancy is not so terrible, not so many taboos, why should I do?

Of course, as a pregnant woman, there are some things to pay attention to. For example, wrestling is very scary, and you still have to pay more attention to your feet; you can climb the stairs and pay attention to your feet; try not to mention heavy objects and try not to climb high and low.; Mopping is not so scary, but you can’t bend over for a long time; try not to hold the child, because you may be kicked; try not to go as much as possible, because too many people may be hitUse it, but you can’t stare for a long time. For your eyes are not good; others have children, you can also let your family look at it, because you are not sure if the other party will mind …

There is also the most important point. If you have a good husband, he will be considerate of you, so be more affectionate and lazy, because there are no such opportunities in a few times in a lifetime.

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