Pregnant women bleed, be careful of "hydatiditic tires"!

The expectant mothers who are pregnant hope to have a healthy and smart baby, but there are always twists and turns on the road of pregnancy. In the strict sense of the "fetus" of some pregnant mothers, it is not the real "tire", but called "Portuguese tires.

When you hear the "Portex" for the first time, you may have all kinds of doubts. How did "grapes" be tipped with pregnancy?"Portex" does the fetus grow the same as grapes?Or is the metaphor of the fetus too small?Or is it related to eating grapes during pregnancy?

What exactly is "Portuguese"?What are the reasons for "Portuguese tires"?What are the performances of "Portuguese"?What are the control measures?Let’s take a look at it now:

"Portuguese" is due to the hyperplasia of the pill nourishing cells in the placenta after pregnancy, which causes high edema to form a blisters of different sizes.Many blisters are connected together, and these blisters are connected and forming a string. It looks like a bunch of grapes, which deliberately called "hydroma".

According to statistics, under the age of 20 and over 40 years, it is a high -risk age group for "hydatidal tires".

① Complete "Portuguese": Placental fluffy is all affected. The entire uterine cavity is full of blisters, diffuse nourishing cell hyperplasia, and can be visible

② Partial "Portuguese tires": some placental velvet swelling and degeneration, local nourishing cell hyperplasia, embryo and fetal tissue can be seen, but the fetus dies more. Sometimes it can be visible to live or abnormal tires smaller than pregnancy.Essence

"Portuguese" is actually a gynecological disease that causes "bleeding". When these symptoms of pregnant women appear, remember not to be careless!It is likely to be "Portuguese".


Vaginal bleeding after menstruation

Most of the "hydatiditic" patients will show signs of vaginal bleeding after menopause, and the phenomenon of this bleeding is irregular. Most patients generally occur at about 12 weeks after 6 weeks after the onset of onset.Generally, a small amount of bleeding is easily diagnosed as a threatened abortion.

Later, it will gradually increase. If the condition is serious, there will be repeated bleeding and abortion symptoms. Sometimes it can naturally discharge blisters and tissue, which can lead to shock and even death.


stomach ache

When the "Portuguese fetus" grows rapidly and the uterus rapidly swells, it can cause lower abdomen pain.When the "Portuguese fetus" will be discharged, the factor shrinkage and have lower abdominal array pain.

(1) The uterus is abnormally increased and softened

Due to velvet edema and the accumulation of uterine cavity, most of the patients with "hydatidal" patients are greater than the normal pregnancy uterus in the corresponding month, and the texture is soft.The size of the uterus of 1/3 patients is consistent with the menopause month.Only a small number of less than the menopause month may be due to the changes in and stop development with the foaming degeneration.

(2) Pregnancy vomiting and signs of pregnancy hypertension

Because the nourishing cells of hyperplasia produce a large amount of HCG, vomiting is often heavier than normal pregnancy.Due to the rapid increase in uterus in patients with "hydatate" and high tension in the uterus, pregnancy hypertension syndrome can occur in the middle and early pregnancy, and even acute heart failure or eclampsia can occur.

(3) Ovilian cyst

Due to the stimulation of a large amount of HCG, "Portugal" patients often change their bilateral or one -sided ovaries.Generally, symptoms are not produced, and occasional acute reversal causes acute abdominal pain.The lutein cysts can be faded by itself after the "Portt Port" can be removed.Lutein cysts can store a large amount of HCG. Therefore, patients with huge lutein cysts are merged after the "Porturtica" is discharged. The disappearance of blood and urine HCG is slower than that of ordinary patients.

(4) Phenomenon of hyperthyroidism

A small number of "hydatate" patients have mild hyperthyroidism, and plasma thyroid asolete concentrations have risen.


Ultrasonic examinations can be found that there are thick dots or snow -like images in the uterine cavity. There is no pregnancy sac to see, and there is no fetal structure and fetal heart beat.

When "Portuguese fetus" is severe, it will bleed and threaten life and health. So why does "Portugal" bleed?

1. "Portex" is a kind of abnormal pregnancy. It is caused by some abnormalities in fertilized eggs during conception. There is no normal development of a fetus in the uterus, but a pile of blisters like grapes. ""Portuguese tires can bleed, mainly due to the manifestation of natural miscarriage.

2. "Portuguese tires" caused bleeding from the uterus. In addition to the vagina flowing out, some accumulated in the uterus may also be completely accumulated in the uterus for a while, which led to prolonging the amenorrhea time and the phenomenon of "hydatidal" bleeding.

If these symptoms such as bleeding occur, treasures are recommended that pregnant mothers should not be too nervous and anxious, and they must go to regular hospitals for confirmation in time.

Once the diagnosis of "Portuguese fetus" is determined, pregnant mothers should not be too sad. They should cooperate with doctors to actively treat them in time, and immediately remove them. When removing "Portuguese fetus", pay attention to prevent too much bleeding, uterine perforation and infection.If the opportunity to reduce the changes in the future, if it is not treated in time, if the patient has major bleeding, it may cause shock or even death.

In order to do a good job of preventing and controlling this disease, we must first start with the cause and strive to stay away from the source of the disease.

There are many reasons for the formation of "hydatidium", which are mainly the following:

1. Nutrition factors:

"Portuguese tires" are more common in rice nations, so many experts believe that the occurrence of "hydatidal" is closely related to nutrition.

According to research, pregnancy -nourishing cell tumors (GTT) patients in patients in the serum are very low, and the lack of folic acid during the formation of embryonic blood vessels will affect the synthesis of pecticinemidine, which will lead to the lack of blood vessels in embryonic death and placental velvet;

The consumption of carotene in the diet is low, and the risk of "hydatidal tires" increases;

Vitamin A’s lack of "hydatiditic" incidence of "hydatidity";

The content of trace elements ZN and SE in the "Portuguese" tissue decreased.

2. Infection factors

Many experts believe that the occurrence of "hydatidal" is related to virus infections, but there is no real evidence that the two have a direct relationship.

3. Endocrine disorders

Some researchers believe that the occurrence of "Portuguese fetus" is related to the inadequate ovarian function or decline, so it is more common in women under 20 and over 40 years old.Animal experiments have proven that the early pregnancy resection of the ovaries can cause blisters to change the placenta, so the insufficient estrogen may be the cause of "hydatiditic tires".

4. Pregnancy defects

It may be related to the egg itself.

5. racial factors

The difference in the incidence of "hydatidal" between races has attracted attention.It is reported that the incidence of "Portuguese fetus" in black women in the United States is only half of other women.In Singapore, the incidence of "Portuguese fetus" in Eurasia’s mixed -race races is two times higher than that of Chinese, Indians, and Malaysians.

6. Excessive expression of primary cancer genes and cancer -suppressing gene mutation loss

Protonous genes and cancer suppressing genes are genes that control cell growth and differentiation, activation and excessive expression of primary cancer genes, and mutation of the cancer suppressing genes related to the occurrence of tumors.

What should patients do if they have "Portuguese fetus"?What are the treatment methods?

1. Qing Palace

"Portuguese tires" can cause major bleeding. If you have been diagnosed with "hydatidal", you must clearly clear the palace in time, that is, clean up the "Portuguese tire" tissue in the uterus.First do a full -body examination, and then use the method of scraping to clean the contents.The first Qing Palace does not have to be completely cleaned up, otherwise it will damage the inner wall of the uterus and can perform the second Qing Palace after one week of rest.

2. Uterine resection

This method is targeted at patients over 40 years old and do not need to get pregnant again.The uterus that is less than 14 weeks of pregnancy can be removed directly, but the ovaries on both sides cannot be removed.Periodic examination is required after uterine resection.

3. Blood transfusion

Patients with severe anemia need a small amount of blood transfusion, closely observe whether there are bleeding, and wait for the condition to clear the palace.In the Qing Palace, if there is a bleeding phenomenon, blood transfusion is also needed.

4. Correct electrolyte disorders

If the patient has blood loss for a long time and has no appetite for diet, it may cause dehydration and cause electrolyte disorders in the body.At this time, it is necessary to check and correct it in time.

5. Control infection

Uterine bleeding frequently, or improper cleaning, can easily cause infection and cause sepsis.At this time, a sufficient amount of anti -inflammatory drugs should be used to treat anemia and other diseases.

6. Chemotherapy

At present, there is no unanimous opinion on this method.Because the effect of "Portugal Weds" after chemotherapy is not great, it is reduced than the malignant change rate without chemotherapy, but it does not have enough data to confirm that this method is indeed beneficial.

For many families, pregnancy is a very happy thing. No one wants to see tragedy. Patients who have had "hydatiditic tires" are worried. Can you get pregnant again if you have "Portuguese tires"?

In fact, pregnant mothers who used to have a history of "hydatidal fetus" do not need to be nervous, and there is still the possibility of having normal babies. Those who are pregnant again after "hydatidal" should be examined before pregnancy, and regular review after pregnancy.

Reminder: The point of view of this article is only the science of pregnancy knowledge, and it cannot be used as a means of diagnosis and treatment. The specific diseases and diagnosis need to go to a regular hospital to find a professional doctor for specific analysis and treatment.

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