Pregnant women and fetuses have great harm.

For women, pregnancy is a pleasant thing, and most women will pay special attention to them during pregnancy. In order to allow the fetus to supplement sufficient nutrition, they will take too much high fat and high -calorie food.However, some women do n’t know that the occurrence of complications due to unwavering diet and other aspects during pregnancy, and the occurrence of these complications will endanger the fetus and mother, so pregnant women need to know and prevent some complications during pregnancy.

Pregnancy hypertension is a common complication during pregnancy. After pregnancy hypertension, women will be characterized by rising blood pressure. Especially during the continuous rise in blood pressure, some pregnant women will have edema, headache, or even dazzling.Symptoms, this has great harm to pregnant women and fetuses, so once the blood pressure has increased, you must seek medical treatment in time.

But I do n’t know if I eat too much high -nutrition and high -fat food, it is easy to make other organs in the body follow problems, such as gestational diabetes. Once the blood sugar during pregnancy rises, it can easily affect the health of the fetus, causing the fetus to stop the fetus.Essence

Women should pay attention to the above points during pregnancy to avoid fetal stops. When fetal stops, the body may have some special symptoms, so you need to observe your physical condition in daily life.

In fact, frequent dreams of pregnant women are not a good thing. It will not only greatly affect the quality of sleep, but also affect the sleep and development of the baby in the belly.

Many pregnant mothers think that moxibustion can promote blood circulation and stasis. If moxibustion during pregnancy can easily lead to abortion of fetal abortion. In fact, there are many reasons for fetal abortion.You can regulate these situations. According to the doctor’s guidance, avoiding the position of the lower abdomen, pregnant mothers can also make moxibustion, but after all, pregnant women are more special. These precautions should be kept attentive at all times when making moxibustion!

However, the temperature should not be too high when doing moxibustion, because the body sensation temperature is already higher than normal people after pregnancy, and it is easy to sweat. If the temperature is too high during moxibustion, it will not only affect the mother’s emotions, but also the body will also have discomfort.feel.

Moxibustion can nourish qi, can nourish pregnant mothers and fetuses, but pregnant mothers should pay attention to acupuncture points when moxibustion, and need to avoid the stomach and waist, and the appetite is not good at moxibustion.Moxibustion Yongquan and so on.

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