Pregnant stomach is hard and painful?Don’t panic, listen to what the doctor says

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I am a friend, now I am more than 8 months pregnant, and I have occasionally felt that my stomach was hard and painful recently. I was nervous every day, afraid of what was wrong with the fetus.At the beginning, she thought about whether the fetus was hypoxic, so she went to community hospitals to do fetal heart monitoring.But a few days after returning, she felt even more worried, so she went to a large hospital to find the attending doctor to check.If the pregnant mothers also have this situation, don’t panic first, let’s listen to what the doctor says together.

The doctor did a detailed examination for my friend, and combined with her symptoms, saying that she was a pseudo -contraction in the third trimester.Many pregnant mothers may appear in the third trimester, and some are early, and this happens in more than 6 months of pregnancy.

What is pseudo contractions?How to relieve it?

Pseudo -contractions, also known as the contraction of contractions, is that in the late pregnancy, the uterus began to do before childbirth exercises to prepare for the birth of the fetus.Especially when pregnant mothers walk, they will stimulate fetal activities and cause contractions.The main manifestation is the slight pain of stomach, tightness, pulling stimulation, and stimulating stimuli, and it is one after another, but it is not long and there is no regular.Sometimes once or two, sometimes once a day or two, but it will make the pregnant mother panic.Especially before giving birth, the lower part of the uterus is stimulated by the decline of the fetal head, and the false contractions will become more and more frequent.However, if there is no signs of abdominal pain or bleeding, and there is no frequent time or more than a few minutes or ten minutes, pregnant mothers should not worry too much.

As for how to alleviate false contractions, do not stimulate the abdomen, rest more, and do not mention heavy objects.Try not to eat spicy foods to avoid adding fake contractions.In addition, do not keep a sitting or standing posture for a long time. You can adjust your breathing when the contraction is coming.

Preventing pseudo -contractions matters that need attention

My classmate started the symptoms of hard stomach and pseudo contractions in the absence of the third trimester. After examination, the uterine contraction caused by too little amniotic fluid.Therefore, the doctor suggested that she usually drink plenty of water and hopes to grow the amniotic fluid.Therefore, if you want to prevent false contractions, pregnant mothers may wish to start with drinking plenty of water. Do not make the stomach less amniotic fluid.

In addition, pay attention during bathing during pregnancy. Do not wash too long, and do not rush hot water directly at your stomach.Because this is easy to stimulate the fetus and cause contractions.If it is in the third trimester, there is another taboo, that is, the husband and wife are in the same room.Because the husband and wife are in the same room, it will stimulate the pregnant mother, and it will cause a certain degree of stimulation to the fetus and the uterus, which is likely to cause contractions.In addition, if you are a pregnant mother who is pregnant, you should also pay special attention. Do not move too much and tired, because the nostalgic pregnant mother’s uterus is heavy, and once it is stimulated by the outside world, it is more likely to cause contractions.

Therefore, as long as the pseudo -contraction does not reach abdominal pain, bleeding, and causes premature birth, pregnant mothers do not have to panic because this is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy.What pregnant mothers have to do is prevent fake contractions in advance, pay more attention to diet, safety and rest during pregnancy, and relax the babies’ arrival of the baby.


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