Pregnant recipes to live in ICU!What can I eat during pregnancy and which can not be eaten?

Recently, a pregnant woman posted a video saying that after eating olive stewed pork belly, there was an unwell response that night, and immediately rushed to the hospital to hang the emergency department. After the hospital review, she arranged for the ICU to protect the fetus.Eat random, believe in science, and refuse prescriptions.

The picture intercepts from Weibo

Regarding the dietary taboos during pregnancy, there are divergent opinions on the Internet.Some say that you ca n’t eat fish, eat, children have long fish scales; some say that they ca n’t eat dog meat, eat, and children love to bite people; some say they ca n’t eat rabbit meat, eat them, children have “rabbit lips”;After eating, the child will have body odor; there is also a saying that you ca n’t eat seafood. If you eat it, the child will develop poorly.

But some people say that most foods can be eaten, and there is no food that needs to be taboo during pregnancy.

As a pregnant mother, are you very entangled? Who should he listen to?

If you do n’t look at it too long, you can eat hawthorn, lychee, longan, watermelon, eggplant, purslane, fungus, kelp, spinach and other fruits and vegetables; you can eat seafood during pregnancy, which is good for fetal brain and vision development;Calcium replenishment continues until the end of breastfeeding; do not eat raw food, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, eat less canned food, take appropriate amount of caffeine (a cup of coffee or drink tea per day);Salt food, without overeating, gain weight at 10%, can meet the normal development of the fetus.

These rumors are not credible

In ancient times, due to the backward medical and science and technology level, women had children who had "nine deaths". In case of ectopic pregnancy, difficulty in giving birth, incorrect fetal position, postpartum bleeding, etc., there were almost no treatment methods, and she could only watch the death of pregnant women.In the era of lack of medicine and medicine, these people’s diet taboos were the root cause of the fear of unknown.In fact, rumors of many dietary taboos during pregnancy are not credible.

Rumor 1: Eating hawthorn can cause contractions, lead to abortion

In fact, there is no scientific basis. If the hawthorn is so amazing, what is the significance of various oxytic methods.Eating fresh hawthorn during pregnancy can help relieve pregnancy and increase appetite.If the pregnant mother wants to eat hawthorn, you can eat it with confidence. The right amount is good

Rumor 2: Eating litchi and longan can cause vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, leading to abortion

There is currently no medical evidence that pregnant women eat litchi and longan can cause abortion.There are many causes of vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain during pregnancy. Common causes include ectopic pregnancy, vaginal, cervical inflammation or infection, etc., but it has nothing to do with eating litchi and longan.The sugar content of litchi and longan is high. It is recommended that it cannot be eaten in large quantities whether it is during pregnancy.

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Rumor 3: Eat more watermelon, and there will be less amniotic fluid

Similarly, no scientific evidence proves that watermelon is a taboo during pregnancy.As long as it is fresh watermelon, it is good to eat it.

The biggest problem with fruits is that the sugar content is high. Eating too much is not conducive to blood sugar control, leading to gestational diabetes.We usually control the intake of watermelon, let alone pregnant mothers.As long as the fruits are hygienic and safe, pregnant mothers can eat with confidence, but the appropriate amount is good.

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Rumors 4: Eggplant can easily cause diarrhea, stomach pain and other symptoms

Eggplant is a common vegetable in our daily life. It contains nutrients such as sugar (carbohydrates), calcium, and potassium on pregnant women and fetuses. It can be eaten.It is recommended to be as little as possible and less sugar as possible in the cooking method, which will be healthier for pregnant women.

Rumors 5: Purslane and wood -ear vegetables are cold, and it will easily cause discomfort after eating

Purslane and fungus dishes are wild vegetables, which contain protein, vitamins and trace elements. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. There is no evidence to prove that it has a bad effect on the fetus.

It is not recommended to eat wild vegetables during pregnancy, so as not to cause allergies and cause serious consequences.

Rumor 6: kelp and spinach can easily cause accumulation, how easy to eat and constipation

The kelp is rich in iodine. Eating kelp in a moderate amount of gemstones can prevent iodine deficiency. In addition, kelp is rich in taurine, glutamic acid, etc., which can promote the development of fetal brain and nerve. Eating kelp in moderate amounts of gangsters is good for the fetus.

Spinach contains a large amount of vitamins and dietary fiber, which helps to relieve constipation and maintain smooth stool, but spinach contains high oxalic acid. The human gastrointestinal tract is not easy to absorb.absorb.

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Rumor 7: Can’t eat seafood

According to the folk, "cannot eat seafood, especially crabs and turtles can cause abortion."

In fact, no evidence shows that eating seafood eating seafood can cause skin problems.

Seafood is rich in protein, iron and zinc and other nutrients. These nutrients are critical to the growth and development of the fetus.Deep sea fish is an important source of fatty acids and is good for the fetal brain and vision development.Therefore, pregnant women can eat seafood, and even eat more appropriately.

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Crab and turtles are also not directly related to abortion, but they do not eat or not, and people with poor stomachs eat as little as possible.Generally speaking, pregnant women eat seafood before pregnancy. They do not cause any discomfort. Normal consumption during pregnancy will not harm it, and there is no need to be too anxious.

But be careful, be sure to ensure that the seafood is fresh, and it is cooked and cooked when eating.In order to keep the taste tender and the time for cooking seafood, it cannot completely kill the germs, which will bring hidden safety hazards.

Rumor 8: Too much calcium supplement will make the placenta aging

Placental aging has nothing to do with calcium supplement!Personal mothers are necessary to supplement calcium during pregnancy, because during the process of bone development, the fetus needs a lot of calcium. From the beginning of the pregnancy, the calcium supplement can be supplemented according to the doctor’s order, which continues to end until the breastfeeding period.

Things that pregnant mothers can’t eat

Raw beef cannot be eaten, such as sashimi, seven -cooked beef, and hearty eggs, and try not to drink uninterrupted milk.

There may be a large amount of bacteria, viruses, or parasites without cooked meat.After eating pregnant women, it is easy to cause infection.Therefore, it is not recommended to eat any raw meat during pregnancy. Be sure to cook the meat until it is cooked.

Stay away from tobacco, alcohol and alcoholic beverages

Regardless of active smoking or passive smoking, toxic and harmful substances such as nicotine, hydrocyanic acid, pyridine aromatic compounds, etc., can be accompanied by smoke inhaling the mother and entering the blood circulation, affecting the normal growth and development of the fetus, leading to premature birth, abortion or fetal developmentdeformity.

The placenta has no barrier effect on alcohol, and alcohol in the mother’s blood can be unimpeded into the fetus through the placenta.Alcohol metabolic products can prevent the fetus from the absorption of the B vitamins and glucose, which is not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.Drinking pregnant women can cause the fetal intellectual development and damage, and in severe cases, they can cause abortion and premature birth.So you can’t drink alcohol during pregnancy.

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Try not to eat canned meat

Generally speaking, it is best to eat foods cooked with fresh ingredients. This is rich in nutrition, and the nutrition of canned food is lost in production.In addition, canned foods such as cold ham, bacon, lunch meat, chicken, etc. are high -risk foods in Lisnter. Infection during pregnancy can lead to serious consequences such as abortion.Essence

If you want to eat very much, it is recommended to take it for completely high temperature and heat and sterilize. If there is no heating conditions, try not to eat it.

Coffee -containing food intake should be appropriate

Some pregnant mothers like to use a cup of coffee to open a beautiful life for a day. If you drink coffee to make pregnant women feel happy, you can drink it during pregnancy.Studies have shown that there is no correlation with the baby’s intelligence, weight, and behavioral development during pregnancy.

What is the right amount?my country still lacks the recommended standards for daily caffeine intake, but can refer to other standards: the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposes that pregnant women should try not to eat or eat foods and drugs containing less caffeine; European food safety; The bureau (EFSA) clearly states that the daily intake of the caffeine in pregnant women and lactating women should be below 200 mg; it is recommended that the caffeine consumption of caffeine issued by the Ministry of Health of Canada, it is recommended that pregnant women, lactating women or women planning to get pregnant daily The caffeine intake is less than 300 mg.

In other words, pregnant mothers drink a cup of coffee a day is not harmful to the baby.Drinking tea is the same. The caffeine concentration in tea is lower than that of coffee. Drinking tea will not increase the risk of abortion.

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High -fat, high sugar, high -salt foods should be eaten less

Too much sugar, oil and calories are not good for people’s bodies at any time.It will increase the risks of obesity and pregnancy diabetes during pregnancy, increase the probability of deformities, huge children, and difficulty in giving birth, and will adversely affect the baby’s long -term health.

In addition, studies have confirmed that high -salt diet is related to the occurrence of hypertension.High -salt diet during pregnancy can lead to hypertension during pregnancy, and it is easy to cause edema during pregnancy.Therefore, it is recommended to control the daily salt intake within 6 grams.

The hard work of pregnant mothers can only experience themselves.Occasionally I want to eat "junk food". In fact, it is okay to eat something. You do n’t have to be blind and harsh.A fried chicken leg, a bottle of carbonated drinks will not affect the baby’s health, but may bring a good mood to pregnant mothers for a day.

How to eat during pregnancy

The dietary principle during pregnancy is not to overeating and control weight control.Most pregnant mothers can ensure sufficient nutritional intake during pregnancy. The more important task during pregnancy is to control weight.

During pregnancy, the energy intake of expectant mothers can meet the needs of fetal growth and development by about 10% compared with the before pregnancy.Do not overeating to increase nutrition.Excessive nutritional intake during pregnancy is not conducive to the control of expectant mothers.Excessive weight growth during pregnancy during pregnancy will increase the risk of premature birth, gestational diabetes, and hypertension during pregnancy. Excessive fetal development can also cause difficulty in giving birth.

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At present, the obstetrics of pregnant mothers on weight are as follows: If the weight before pregnancy is in a normal range, that is, the weight index (BMI) is within the range of 18.5 kg/㎡ ~ 24 kg/㎡, the weight of the entire pregnancy can increase by 11.5 kg to 16 kg;Light weight (BMI <18.5 kg/㎡), the weight of the entire pregnancy can increase by 12.5 kg to 18 kg; if the weight before pregnancy (BMI ≥24 kg/㎡), you should pay attention to controlling the weight of the entire pregnancy.KG weight.

For example, a mother with a normal weight before pregnancy has a weight of 50 kg before pregnancy and a limit of 16 kg throughout pregnancy, which means that the limit of this pregnant mother should not exceed 66 kg during pregnancy.Therefore, we must do a good job of weight management. It is recommended to eat less meals.

Don’t eat partial, balanced nutrition

Specific mothers should try not to eat as much as possible during pregnancy to avoid malnutrition.To ensure the diversification of nutrients, it is recommended to eat foods with high nutritional density.

Nutrition density refers to the concentration of a certain nutrients in foods of unit energy.To judge the nutritional density of a certain food, you can follow the following two principles: high nutritional density: in similar foods, low fat content or low sugar content; low nutrition density: add a large amount of oil, sugar and other foods.

The proportion of sugar (that is, carbohydrate) is prone to the diet structure of the Chinese (that is, too much staple food). In particular, pay attention to avoid a large amount of high -carbohydrate foods. It is more scientific to be rational and balanced.

Some nutrient supplements can be taken appropriately, such as folic acid, multiple vitamins, calcium, etc., nutrient supplements cannot replace food, but when some nutrient intake can be insufficient, the normal function of the body and the normal development of the fetus.

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In order to prevent iron deficiency anemia and the adverse effects on the fetus, it can be appropriately supplemented with rich iron -rich foods, such as lean meat, animal liver, animal blood, etc.At the same time, vitamin C is supplemented to promote iron absorption.

In summary, pregnant mothers should avoid intake of toxic, harmful, and allergic foods during pregnancy, encourage pregnant mothers to diverse diet, eat less high -fat, sugar, and high -salt foods. Balanced amount is most important.As long as you eat the food that is okay before pregnancy, the normal eating during pregnancy is not a problem.Control the weight, the mother and the baby benefit.

Author: Yuqi Chief Physician of Beijing Union Hospital of China Academy of Medical Sciences

Hao Yanfang Beijing Concord Hospital of China Academy of Medical Sciences

Review: Deputy Secretary -General of the Popularization Expert Committee of Tang Qin Chinese Medical Association

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