Pregnant mother’s urinary tract infection?Not only should we pay attention to personal hygiene, but also pay attention to these points!

Many expectant mothers have symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, and urination pain in the middle and late pregnancy. After going to the hospital for examination, they were informed of urinary tract infection.The expectant mother may be very puzzled. She has always paid attention to personal hygiene and has never been to other places. How can urinary tract infections occur?

Because during pregnancy, the level of hormone levels of expectant mothers will relax the muscles of the ureter, and the increasing uterus may compress the ureter. Therefore, it is difficult for urine to flow from the ureter as usual as usual quickly and smoothly.EssenceIn the third trimester, the baby baby will seriously compress your bladder, making it difficult for you to empty it when urinating.This causes more time to breed and store in your body that should have been rushed out of the body, causing urinary tract infections.

3 major symptoms of urinary tract infection

Frequent urination: increased the number of urine times, decreased each urine output, and the normal urine volume of 24 hours is called frequent urination.

Urine: I can’t wait to urinate immediately when there is urination, often accompanied by frequent urination.

Urine pain: Pain feels in the bladder area and urethra during urination, mostly contracture -like pain or burning pain.

Frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria are symptoms of urinary tract stimulation, and often appear.

Correctly dealing with urinary tract infection during pregnancy

1. If possible, go to the hospital for urine examination every month. If you have urinary tract infections, you must be completely cured in the early stage.If you don’t pay attention to it, the continued development, deterioration or recurrence of the condition will be extremely unfavorable to Mommy and Baby.

2. Do not have too many drugs that have influence on the fetus. You still have to use it when you use it. It is important to explain to the doctor that during pregnancy, and the doctor will try to choose the drug that is harmless to the fetus.

3. Choose antibiotics that are harmless to the fetus.First of all, consider using aminoin toxycin and cephalosporin drugs.It is best to use antibiotics based on urine bacterial culture and drug sensitivity test results, but it is not necessary to use drugs that are very effective for urinary tract infections and are not good for fetal (such as oloneone, galcopromycin, scacomycin, and pamamycin,, cunimylscin, and pamamycin, and pamamycin, and natomycin, Kanamycin, and pamamycin.Chloromycin, etc.).If Western medicine cannot find a suitable drug or repeated seizures, it can also be used to treat traditional Chinese medicine at the same time, or supplemented by medicated diet to improve and consolidate the efficacy.

4. Be sure to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Do not delay to heal yourself, or see your own doctor by yourself. It feels like you have a urinary tract infection, and you can treat the right medicine without authorization to save trouble.As a result, it is often the best time to treat treatment.

Preventing urinary tract infection during pregnancy 4 elements

1. Maintain a good physical condition and talk about hygiene

Avoid bad factors such as tiredness, insufficient sleep, malnutrition, and mental depression during pregnancy, and maintain good physical condition.The underwear should be replaced diligently and keeps local drying.After developing the habit of wipe back, avoid bringing the stain near the anus into the front yin, and insist on cleaning the vulva once a day.

2. Scientific diet, drink plenty of water

Choose foods with nutritious and easy to digest, eat more vegetables, especially drinking plenty of water, because the physiological changes during pregnancy can easily make urine flow in poor use.Keep enough drinking water to increase urinary flow, "rinse" urethra, so that bacteria are not easy to stay in the urinary tract.

3. Pay attention to sleep posture

In the middle and late pregnancy, the enlarged uterus compressed bilateral ureteral tubes during the supine position, making the urine stay and easily infected.When taking the side position, especially when the left side position, the uterus can be relieved of the compression of the ureter, which is not only conducive to smooth urine and preventing urinary tract infections, but also beneficial to increase the supply of blood from the fetus.

4. Make -up sexual life

It is not advisable to have sexual life 1 month before pregnancy.The former is easy to cause miscarriage, while the latter is easy to induce premature breakthrough and premature birth.Other stages of pregnancy must also greatly reduce the number of sexual life.Sexual intercourse is easy to squeeze bacteria that lurked in the urethral or outer urethral mouth into the bladder and cystitis, especially moms with the history of the original urinary tract infection, it is best to avoid sexual life during pregnancy.

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