Pregnant mothers repeatedly cough and sputum?This time it is not because of the new crown, because it is a "mirror person"

At the beginning of 2023, the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University and the 3 district of the three districts of the 3rd district of the Guangzhou Critical Maternal Maternal Cure Center ushered in a "New Year’s Day Baby".She suffers from Qatar’s syndrome, which is commonly known as "mirror person".

For this special pregnant mother, the multidisciplinary medical care of the third hospital in Guangyi was escorted. Xiaoxin finally gave birth smoothly. The mother and baby were safe.

Data Map: A newborn baby was born in the obstetrics department of the Third Hospital of Guangyi

"Mirror Man" women’s long cough and sputum originated from hereditary cilia motor disorders

In December last year, Xiaoxin (pseudonym), who was 34 weeks pregnant, came to the third hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University for a cough and sputum in a cold cough and sputum.

After consultation, the doctor learned that 29 -year -old Xiaoxin suffered from Qatar’s syndrome. The patient’s heart and spleen were located on the right side of the body and the liver is on the left side.The image of a normal organs is called "mirror person" by people.

"I have often caught a cold and fever from the kindergarten before, and then it has evolved into cough and sputum. Our family is in the countryside, usually in the clinic, and this disease has been dragged like this." Until 2017, 24 years oldXiaoxin was diagnosed with "Qatarne syndrome".

"Qatar’s syndrome, also known as internal organs-sinusitis-bronchi expansion syndrome, is a cilia structure and (or) functional defect caused by genetic mutations.The prevalence of rare genetic disease with a prevalence of 1/40000-1/20000. "Director Wei Liping, Director of Director of Respiratory and Cympapture Medical Division of the Third Hospital of Guangyi, introduced that Clargne syndrome is a congenital genetic disease," in the Department of Respiratory Medicine, We also call this condition as the "primary cilia without motion syndrome ‘. Many Katagi’s syndrome patients come to the Department of Respiratory Medicine because of severe bronchial expansion problems.Do the mucosal biopsy and observe the condition of the cilia under the electron microscope to determine whether the patient is a Karagne syndrome. "

According to Director Wei Liping, Qatar’s syndrome has obvious clinical manifestations: the lower respiratory tract manifestation is the patient’s repeated experience, chronic bronchitis or interstitial pneumonia and bronchial expansion, cough, yellow pus, hemoptysis and breathing occurredDifficulty and other symptoms; upper respiratory tract manifestations often include chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, causing mucus or purulent secretions in the sinus, so there is nasal congestion and pus; internal visceral reversal: During the embryo period, some epithelium tissue loses normal tissue due to abnormal cilia structure.Swing up, the directional rotation of the internal organs is transformed into random rotation. The location of the internal organs is a mirror of normal people (the right position, the left position of the liver, the right position of the stomach bubble, etc.).

Xiaoxin’s heart ultrasound report

Surprise pregnancy stopped medicine for the baby’s health

Qatar’s syndrome is a chronic disease, and there is currently no cure.In 2017, Xiaoxin confirmed that Qatar’s syndrome was taken for a long time, and he also controlled the condition through follow -up."Some patients with Katagi’s syndrome may have infertility, which is related to the cilia movement of the fallopian tube." Director He Fang said.

Over the years, Xiaoxin has been suffering from the disease and needs to take medicine for a long time to relieve the discomfort caused by cough and sputum, but she has not lost her enthusiasm for life. A few years ago, she encountered her current lover and stepped into the now.The palace of marriage.

For the physical condition of his wife, Xiaoxin’s husband understands it very much that he has a attitude of the two.Unexpectedly, one year after marriage, Xiaoxin was surprised to find that he was pregnant.

"I used to say that my body may be difficult to get pregnant, and I can naturally feel a bit miracle!" For this difficult baby, Xiaoxin’s family attaches great importance to it. For the health of the baby, Xiaoxin stopped taking it.The medicine, which also caused her cough and sputum symptoms during pregnancy. "During pregnancy, I feel that my breathing is more difficult than ever, and the lung function is relatively poor. I can’t mention heavy objects."

"The baby can be born healthy. I can still accept some uncomfortable discomfort." Until the cough and sputum were worsened or even hemoptysis, Xiaoxin had to come to the Guangzhou Medical Third Hospital for treatment.

In response to the condition of Xiaoxin’s pregnancy, obstetrics, respiratory and criticalized medical disciplines were given comprehensive treatment of drugs to eliminate inflammation and closely observed Xiao Xin’s pregnancy situation. Xiaoxin was able to survive the late pregnancy.

Xiaoxin’s lung CT image

Birth of a cesarean section 2023 "New Year’s Day Baby"

On December 29th, Xiao Xin, who was 37 weeks pregnant, came to the third hospital in Guangyi for a production examination. The doctor suggested that she was hospitalized as soon as possible.From her CT examination, it can be seen that Xiao Xin’s dual -lung multi -hair tubal dilatation is scattered in infectious lesions.

Because Xiaoxin’s body structure is different from ordinary people, in order to better guarantee Xiaoxin and their children’s safety, multidisciplinary experts such as obstetrics, respiratory and anesthesiology departments such as obstetrics, respiratory, and anesthesiology are conducted to discuss the childbirth plan suitable for Xiaoxin.

"From the patient’s CT diagram, it can be seen that her lungs have many sacks, which are water. If they give birth, the mother may have difficulty tolerance. Based on this consideration, we think that her lung conditions cannotTo support it for vaginal delivery, it is recommended to have a cesarean section. "The chief physician of the obstetrics He Fang explained.

"Because patients with Katagi’s syndrome are congenital diseases, the patient’s lung function will be affected over time, so it is more appropriate to choose a cesarean section for such patients."Analysis of the reasons for recommending cesarean section for Xiaoxin.

After fully communicating with Xiaoxin and his family, Xiaoxin also accepted the doctor’s suggestion to be admitted to the hospital in time.

"I seem to break the water!" In the early morning of January 1st, Xiao Xin found that his vagina had a large amount of flow fluid, and at the same time, he clearly felt abdominal pain.After looking at the situation, the deputy chief physician Liu Fen and Zhang Yuping’s hospital doctor found that Xiao Xin’s fetal membrane had ruptured, and he had to immediately end his pregnancy.

Under the cooperation of obstetrics, respiratory, and anesthesiologists, Xiaoxin successfully gave birth to about 2.6 kg of baby boy.The surgery process is very smooth, and the vital signs of Xiaoxin and the child are very stable.

The baby has no visceral reversal

Because Qatar’s syndrome is hereditary, Xiao Xin and his family are also worried about their children’s physical condition."In the past, the fetal examination showed that the fetus was not abnormal. Now the child has been checked after birth, and there is no visceral reversal." When he heard the doctor’s explanation, Xiao Xin and his family were relieved.

After cesarean section, Xiao Xin’s state recovered well. The child was discharged first. Xiaoxin could only see the baby through photos and videos. The baby in the video, his eyebrows look very dad."The facial features are similar, it is exactly the same."

"After discharge, you should also go to the obstetrics and respiratory department to retract in time. We must follow up closely. You must pay attention to your physical condition!" On January 5th, Xiaoxin took Director He Fang’s instructions to discharged smoothly and went home to reunite with his children.

"The little guy really will pick a day. Born on the first day of the new year, the new year’s hope is a good sign!" Xiaoxin’s family is full of love and expectations for this new life: "I hope he will grow up and healthy in the future, happy growth!"

Writing: Nandu reporter Li Wen Correspondent Cai Hanghan Wang Hui

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