Pregnant mothers pay more attention to their daily life, and back pain and back pain are not something ~

Recently, I always feel tired at work. I have been tired in the office for a long time.I always worry about whether the baby will have any problems?In fact, don’t worry too much, this may just be tangled by low back pain during pregnancy, there will be no big problems.

Why do low back pain wrapped the prospective mom?

Limer sore during pregnancy is because of the fetal fertilization of the eggs gradually growing up after bed. The mother’s uterus is stimulated, and sometimes fake contractions occur, so this is the backache caused by the stimulation of the uterus.Mild abdominal pain may be related to the reaction of pregnancy. Without other serious conditions, mothers don’t need to worry too much, just pay more attention to rest.

Back acidity in the early stages of pregnancy is a normal pregnancy reaction

In October, it is a pain and happiness for a quasi -mummy. When the baby grows up day by day, the load of the waist is getting heavier and heavier. The back pain during pregnancy began to visit frequently.Some expectant mothers are worried about whether it is bad signs when she starts to be pregnant. In fact, the backache in the early stages of pregnancy is mostly a normal pregnancy reaction.

1. Normal pregnancy reaction

If there is only lumbaric acid in the early stages of pregnancy, there is no symptoms of vaginal bleeding, which is caused by fertilized eggs into the endometrium of the uterine.As the fertilized egg grows up, the uterus is stimulated, and sometimes contractions occur, and at this time, hormone levels have also changed, so this is the back pain caused by the uterus being stimulated by pregnancy.It may also be accompanied by slight abdominal pain, which is a normal pregnancy reaction without worrying.

2. Pregnant women’s physical reasons or fatigue

Many pregnant women are easy to sleepy in the early stages of pregnancy. If the pregnant woman’s constitution is not good enough, it is likely to cause back pain.Some pregnant women are pregnant but still insist on continuing to work in their posts. Excessive tiredness, long -standing, sedentary, bending, standing posture, and poor sitting position may cause back pain.

3. The changes in the physical posture of pregnant women are caused

In the early stages of pregnancy, the joint ligament was relaxed due to the impact of hormones, the uterus increased, and the pelvic tissue and nerves were compressed. Due to the increase in the abdomen, the body’s center of gravity gradually moved forward, forcing pregnant women to move backwards accordingly to maintain their body balance.

Specific mommy may have backache during pregnancy, and usually take good care of.Preventing and relieving lumbaric acid is something that expectant mummy and prospective dad will face the entire pregnancy.

1. Pay attention to the small details in life

Do not do the action of increasing the burden on the waist, such as lift heavy objects, weights, sneeze loudly, and do not bend over and squat suddenly.It is best not to take a long posture during pregnancy. You should often change your position to avoid tight lumbar muscles and aggravate lumbar muscle strain.Pregnant women should avoid staying in a humid environment, not to be cold, and avoid too hot or sweating.

2. Control weight well

If the pregnant mother has grown too fast, the meat is long, and the mother’s body is on the body.The weight control during pregnancy in a reasonable range is more conducive to the health of the waist.

3. Pay attention to rest

After pregnancy, due to the rapid growth of the fetus, the body of the pregnant woman changes sharply. Many pregnant women will be drowsiness, and it is easy to feel tired. Pay more attention to rest when there is backache to avoid overwork.

4. Massage waist

If the pregnant mother’s backache, you cannot enter the medicine, acupuncture, or plaster, and these babies are harmful to fetal babies.The easiest way is to make the prospective dad come to massage the waist. The prospective dad should remember to be gentle. Do not have too much strength. After rubbing your two hands on the middle of the lumbar spine, push it from top to bottom 30-50 times to make the makeup until the makementLocal fever, which can reduce the discomfort of the waist.

5. Moderate pregnancy exercise

In fact, the most suitable movement for pregnant mothers is walking.Pay attention to the measurement when walking.Especially when walking in the third trimester, someone must be accompanied by people. When there is a sensitive contraction, stop and rest for a while.Pay attention to walking in a flat place when walking.

The prospective dad must cooperate positively. After all, pregnancy childcare is not a matter of expectant mothers.

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