Pregnant mother’s notice: In addition to taking drugs, you can also supplement folic acid!

During pregnancy, pregnant women’s demand for folic acid is four times higher than normal people.In order to prevent premature birth of the fetus, or the occurrence of diseases such as giant cellular anemia, cleft lip and palate, heart defects, and malformations, the child’s future growth and development and intellectual development are normal. Pregnant women should replenish the appropriate amount of folic acid in a timely manner.

The most commonly used method of folic acid is to supplement through drugs.Folic acid is an indispensable key nutritional element that is indispensable during pregnancy, so you can buy folic acid drugs in major hospitals. The current folic acid drugs are mainly folic acid tablets and folic acid.The rate is also high.

When purchasing folic acid drugs, special attention should be paid to buying a regular pharmacy to prevent buying fake medicines so as not to cause harm to pregnant women and children.It is recommended to go to a regular hospital to buy. You can not only understand the amount of folic acid needed by the mother, but also understand the issues that should be paid attention to during the process of taking. It is safe and assured.

In addition to supplementing folic acid through drugs, it can also be supplemented by food.Food is also an important source of nutrition for pregnant women, and the health of diet is important.Folic acid belongs to a natural substance, and many foods contain folic acid.

Among them, the most foods containing folic acid are green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, rapeseed, etc. Fruits are also important ways to consume folic acid, such as strawberries, cherries, lemon, etc., as well as some animal offal, nuts, soy products are also good choices.Can supplement folic acid and can also supplement other nutrients.

Knowing the method of supplement folic acid, what should I pay attention to in the process of supplementing?

1. Because folic acid is unstable when it encounters light and heat, it is easy to lose activity. Even if there are many foods containing folic acid, there are very few folic acid that we can take from food.Therefore, when making food, pay attention to reduce the loss of folic acid as much as possible.

2. The most folic acid is green leafy vegetables. When cooking vegetables, try to reduce the time for soaking and stir -fried, and those fresh vegetables should not be placed for too long.Do not have too long time to buy rice. It is best not to add alkali when boiling porridge. The meat should be cut into small pieces.

3. Do not take folic acid too much. Long -term folic acid will affect the normal metabolism of zinc in the mother, which will cause insufficient intake of zinc, and also affect the child’s growth and development.If a mother who has a fetus with neural tube defects, go to the hospital for examination after pregnancy, and take folic acid in accordance with the doctor’s instructions.

4. At the same time, the supplement of the vitamin C of the mother and the supplement of folic acid should not be carried out at the same time. There is a conflict between the two. The acidic environment formed by vitamin C will destroy the stability of folic acid.

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