Pregnant mothers must watch!For fetal heart monitoring, please accept the processes and precautions

During the long pregnancy

There are often fetuses that occur in the mother’s body in the mother’s body

Some are caused by the placenta umbilical cord

Some are caused by the reasons of pregnant mothers themselves

So how to discover in time in the third trimester

What about the baby’s "survival state" in the palace?

Ferry heart monitoring is what you are indispensable

One of the inspection items

Pional heart monitoring is also called fetal heart rate monitoring. It is currently an important way to understand the condition of the fetus, fetal reserve ability, and hypoxia in the fetus.

The use of fetal heart monitoring curves can not only understand the functional status of the fetal cardiovascular system, but also determine the activity of the fetal central nervous system, and provide an important basis for clinical judgment of the prognosis and guidance treatment of siege.

If everything is normal during pregnancy, then our doctor will suggest that you do fetal heart monitoring every 1-2 weeks from 34 weeks of pregnancy.

However, high-risk pregnant women with high-risk pregnant women with special circumstances such as hypertension during pregnancy, gestational diabetes or too little amniotic fluid, and limited fetal growth can start from 28-30 weeks in advance.

01. Avoid fasting!But it should not be too full.In addition, you need to empty and urinate before doing inspections

02. Self -reinforcement heart monitoring zone (must be brought with two when the custody belt is hospitalized)

03. Payment of bills for doctors’ clinics


05. Waiting for the call in the waiting area of fetal heart monitoring

06. After calling, enter the room for inspection

07. After the end, take the monitoring report to return to the doctor’s office for the doctor’s office

01. The entire monitoring time is about 10-20 minutes. If you encounter special circumstances, you will be extended. Do not play your phone during the monitoring process to avoid interference;

02. If there is nausea, chest tightness, or hiccup baby in the monitoring process, please inform the nurse in time;

03. For those who are overdent

04. On the day of the recurring person, I took the number and went directly to the clinic for examination;

05. Family members of the diagnosis and treatment area must not enter.

Unqualified fetal heart monitoring does not mean that the baby has had hypoxia. In most cases, the baby is hungry because the baby is in the sleep cycle, or the pregnant mother is hungry, and the baby is unwilling to move.

Therefore, the pregnant mother should not be empty when doing fetal heart monitoring, and it is advisable to choose a period of fetal activity for examination.You can prepare some desserts if necessary to prepare from time to time.But pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes are not recommended to eat sweets.

At the same time, pregnant women who are ≥34 weeks of pregnancy need to strengthen self -care. In addition to the fetal heart monitoring of the normal check, they can also rent a remote fetal heart monitoring. They can pass pictures at home without running the hospital for convenience and peace of mind.

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