Pregnant mothers have partial eclipse and picky eaters, and baby baby will partial eaters and picky eaters?How should pregnant mothers replenish nutrition

Many pregnant mothers have the habit of eclipse or picky food before pregnancy, and they will also change to varying degrees of changes in appetite after pregnancy. Some prefer a certain food;Twist, I don’t like it anymore.Because the situation of each pregnant mother is different, the response after pregnancy is also different.

The fetus mainly tastes the taste through amniotic fluid. Everything that the mother eats will be directly transported to the baby through the mother. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers prefer certain foods, and the baby will also prefer.Some foods are particularly annoying, and baby baby will also hate certain foods. After the baby is born, it will also form partial eclipse and picky eaters.

I remember that a friend especially liked to eat tomatoes before pregnancy. After pregnancy, he used tomatoes as a fruit. Later, his baby also liked to eat tomatoes after birth.In the summer, his baby hugs a tomato every day, and he is also eaten as a fruit.

Take myself as an example. I usually do n’t pick up food, so I have n’t eaters since I was a child. I have started to eat supplementary food for a few months. I am never picky. Now he is 15 years old and still do n’t pick eaters.He eats.

It turns out that if the pregnant mother is partial and picky, the child will be affected ten or nine. If it is not affected, it is very small.

Don’t like eggs

Eggs are one of the sources of protein needed by pregnant mothers every day. There are many pregnant mothers who do not like eggs in our lives. There are many reasons.For example, if you do n’t have the habit of eating eggs before pregnancy, you have to eat it if you want to eat it, but nutrition is far less than boiled egg nutrition.Do not like to eat eggs may cause protein, vitamins and minerals.

How to make up?

You can eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C every day, so that you can promote the absorption of iron, and you can also eat two nuts a day to supplement the nutrients needed for the body.

Do not like meat

Pregnant mothers do not like to eat meat can cause protein and B vitamin deficiency, and long -term lack will also affect the healthy development of the fetus.

How to add?

You can consume more dairy products in your usual life.For example, a glass of milk every morning and evening, pure milk and yogurt, you can also eat a few pieces of cheese in moderation.Eat more soy products, such as: tofu, soy milk, soybeans, etc.

You can also eat all grain food, eggs and nuts.Especially for breakfast, you can eat all -wheat bread or oatmeal, insist on eating nuts every day, and ensure that one egg is every day.

Don’t like fish

Fish is the main source of protein, vitamin D and vitamin A. Do not eat fish during pregnancy can lead to the lack of protein, fat, minerals and vitamin D, vitamin A.

There are also some pregnant mothers who do n’t like to eat fish. On the one hand, they do n’t like the fishy smell of fish. The second is that the fish is more nutritious because it is steamed, but she is not used to eating themselves, so she simply does not eat fish.In general, nutritionists also recommend eating steamed fish, and braised burn can also be destroyed.

How to replenish nutrition for pregnant mothers who do not like to eat fish?

You can choose fish oil specially allocated for pregnant women with a amount of DHA more than 80%.You can also use nuts to supplement nutrition, because the nuts in nuts are rich in fat, and can be used as nutritional supplements for high -quality fat.In addition, when cooking vegetables, you usually use vegetable oils, such as olive oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil.But do not eat more than 30 grams per day during pregnancy.

Do not like to drink milk

Many pregnant mothers do not have the habit of drinking milk before pregnancy, so they will barely let themselves drink a glass of milk every day after pregnancy.However, there will still be some pregnant mothers who don’t like to drink milk, so it is more prone to calcium deficiency after pregnancy.

Because the fetus starts to grow bones in about five months, it is necessary to supplement the calcium supplement of pregnant mothers. Once the pregnant mother is deficient in calcium, the body will have foot cramps.

How to add calcium?

First, you can choose yogurt and cheese, because pure milk has no taste, but yogurt is relatively appetizing.They are also processed by milk. The processing yogurt no longer has a fishy smell, and it is more conducive to physical absorption. There is also lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, which can also prevent constipation.For some mothers who drink pure milk, it is lactose intolerance, and you can choose to drink goat milk.

You can also drink 1-2 cups every day.

If you have symptoms of calcium deficiency during pregnancy, you must eat calcium tablets under the guidance of a doctor.

Favorite sweets

Some pregnant mothers can’t avoid their mouths after pregnancy. They especially like to eat cakes, cream, puffs and other desserts. Some too sweet fruits should be eaten in moderation.Such as cantaloupe, durian, mango, and so on.Undoubtedly, too much sweets during pregnancy can easily lead to obesity, and there will be risk of gestational diabetes and pregnancy uremia. Therefore, you must restrain yourself if you like sweets.

Is there any solution?

It can be appropriately consumed to use the amount of fruit, control the amount of fruits, not more than 500 grams per day.

Like to eat sour food

For example, some pregnant mothers are more pregnant. When eating noodles or eating vegetables, they like to mix with vinegar; they love to eat sour plums, pickles, etc., because eating too much sour food can easily cause excessive gastric acid, causing diseases such as gastric ulcers and other diseases.EssenceThe pickled sauerkraut contains carcinogens, try to avoid it.

What kind of food can be used instead?

In daily life, you can choose the fruits of the season instead, such as the sweet and sour loquat, the virgin fruits, the passion fruit, the mangosteen, and so on.

Like to eat salty

Like salty taste, this is the habit of many pregnant mothers with heavy appetite, but too much consumption is particularly easy to cause hypertension for pregnancy, and it is also very unfavorable to the fetus in childbirth and abdomen.

How to relieve it?

First of all, it is necessary to reduce the intake of salt, not more than 6 grams a day; second, you can use seasonings such as lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to adjust your appetite.Drink fruit juice.Such as apples+carrots, bananas+milk, passion fruit+Sydney and so on.

The dietary habits of pregnant mothers will inadvertently affect the baby’s baby. Therefore, the most important thing is to adjust the dietary habits and their own mentality.Just like I experienced it myself, I didn’t like to eat eggs, but for my baby, I was also willing to try to eat one egg every day. After a long time, I found that the eggs were not so unpalatable.Now I have a second child again, and the situation of pregnancy is more obvious, but I will always find a way to help myself transition smoothly.Still, there is always a way to see if you are willing to change.

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