Pregnant mothers have noticed that early pregnancy and vomiting are normal, but these three symptoms should be vigilant

I have a cousin, my cousin is very thin before pregnancy, it looks like more than 80 pounds.Later, my cousin was pregnant, and she was still pregnant.And the cousin’s early pregnancy reaction was still fierce.I heard that she would vomit everything, and sometimes she did n’t eat staple food. She would vomit many times when eating some fruits or drinking water.In this way, the cousin was pregnant for less than 3 months, and her weight had dropped to more than 60 pounds.

Go to the hospital to see the doctor. The doctor’s symptoms of the cousin are "pregnancy drama vomiting".And it was quite serious. At that time, the doctor asked the cousin to be hospitalized to control the cousin’s early pregnancy response through drug treatment.

For many pregnant mothers, the process of pregnancy is basically experienced in early pregnancy.Generally speaking, normal pregnancy does not need to look at the doctor or treat it through drugs, and it will improve after a period of time.However, if these three symptoms mentioned below appear, you must pay attention to it. The seriousness of pregnancy may be a kind of disease and to be cured.

The number of vomiting is too frequent

The doctor pointed out that when pregnant mothers are pregnant early, if they are seriously vomiting and they cannot eat, they should pay attention.If you add more than 3 times a day, and there is no food in his belly, it will still vomit.At this time, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Normal pregnancy vomiting is generally the case. According to the constitution of different pregnant women, when you just get up in the morning, or a certain time or evening in the afternoon, there will be a little more uncomfortable pregnant mother.Most of the other times are normal.

Delived weight

Medical pointed out that normal pregnancy vomiting is not hindered, but if the weight of pregnant mothers in the short term will decrease by more than 5%or more, pay attention.With this symptom, pregnancy is no longer a normal pregnancy response, and the serious situation also requires pregnant mothers to go to the hospital for a doctor for treatment.

Abnormal urine test

Under normal circumstances, if the pregnant mother vomits is severe, and the body will not be able to get nutritional supply for a long time, there will be more acetone in the body.When you go to the hospital for a urine test, you will see that the urinary ketone body is positive.If you vomit early to this point, it will be quite serious, which is what we call "pregnancy drama vomiting". At this time, doctors generally take drugs directly.

Therefore, it is recommended here that when pregnant mothers have severe pregnancy in early pregnancy, and with these three symptoms mentioned above, don’t stick to it anymore. Going to the hospital as soon as possible is the practice of the baby and herself.

Early pregnancy vomiting is too severe, but it is actually a disease, and it is wise to seek medical treatment in time

Studies have shown that of every 1,000 pregnant mothers, 5 to 20 pregnant mothers may suffer from "pregnancy drama vomiting".Symptoms are generally as follows. Vomiting more than 3 times a day, and with the problem of sharp decline in weight, it is likely to be a disease. At this time, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time.If the pregnant mother does nothing, it may have some negative effects on the fetus and herself.

However, pregnant mothers should not worry. Although "pregnancy drama vomiting" is necessary to seek medical treatment in time, most of them are not hindrance. Take some oral vitamins under the guidance of a doctor, or directly hospitalize for treatment.Although early pregnancy and vomiting are also a disease, they can be cured.

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