Pregnant mothers have infected the new crown virus. It is recommended to eat this way.

With the adjustment of the epidemic, Xiao Jing, who was more than 4 months pregnant, was unfortunately infected with the new crown virus this time.

These days, like many people, she has experienced fever, cough, sore throat, and ca n’t eat.

During the illness, I did not eat well. Xiao Jing and her family were worried about the lack of nutrition, which would affect the health of the baby.

As a special group, pregnant mothers have high demand for nutrition, and when they are sick and fever, their bodies will be in a higher metabolic state, and their nutritional needs will be higher.

If pregnant mothers can’t eat new crowns, carbohydrates, protein, fat and other nutrients may be insufficient in the short term.

However, pregnant mothers and family should not worry too much.

Generally speaking, if the pregnant mother usually has a good physical fitness and rational care, it can generally get better in 3-7 days.

During the illness, even if you do not eat well, the short -term nutritional intake caused by is not enough, and it usually does not have an impact on the health of the baby.

As long as the pregnant mother maintains a normal diet during the recovery period, nutrition can catch up quickly.

During the special period of illness, pregnant mothers do not need to deliberately pursue how much they want to eat to ensure the basic energy supply.

It is recommended to follow these principles in diet:

1. Increase water intake

When fever and diarrhea, drinking plenty of water has an important role in regulating body temperature and preventing dehydration.

Drink water in full amount, about 1.5-2 liters. If you have diarrhea, you can be slightly more. Paibai water is the first choice. If it feels faint, lemonade, coconut water, vegetable soup, fish soup, chicken soup, etc. are also a good choice.Drink slowly.

If you sweat a lot, you can also drink some light saline and electrolyte drinks in moderation to supplement the loss of moisture and minerals.

2. Dinner-staple food protein must be available

During the illness, because of fever and sore throat, pregnant mothers can’t eat solid food.

Eat some white porridge and noodle soup to deal with the past.

These foods only contain carbohydrates, which are better to digest and absorb, which is very suitable for people who are sick.

If the course of the disease is short, it is so -called to eat it like this, but if the disease process is stretched and the diet cannot meet the body’s needs for protein, it will affect the immunity of pregnant mothers, and the weight will decrease.

The intake of protein food can help the pregnant mother who infect the new crown to restore the body’s resistance.

Therefore, during the illness, the pregnant mother’s diet must have both staple food and protein.

It is recommended to eat some light, protein -containing semi -current diet.

Such as egg custard, vegetable egg noodle soup, vegetable lean porridge, ravioli, milk, soy milk, etc.

If you still can’t eat it, you just want to drink porridge. You can add some oats, millet, and purple rice to make miscellaneous grain porridge, which can provide the body with more dietary fiber, B vitamin and minerals, and it is also good for victory over the virus.

As a dairy product, pregnant women’s milk powder is relatively balanced. If there is no appetite, you can also drink pregnant women’s milk powder to supplement nutrition in the short term.

3. Eat less meals

Avoid greasy and irritating foods in diet.

Don’t want to eat or not, and try to eat as much as possible.

It can increase the number of meals, eat 5 to 6 meals a day, and eat a few more at a time to help the body increase energy.

In addition to dining, you can choose yogurt, loquat powder, almond powder, etc. with meals. Eating some sweet and sour fruits can not only appetite, but also increase vitamin C, play a role in anti -inflammatory and antioxidant.

1. Fairy porridge

If you are in the early fever stage, this fairy porridge is recommended to eat.

This porridge scattered and cold can relieve the headache, fatigue and fever caused by the cold.

Ingredients: 50 grams of glutinous rice, onion vaginal beard, 5 slices of ginger, rice vinegar.


① Wash the glutinous rice, soak it in advance for half an hour in advance, and then cook it into porridge;

② Add green onion and ginger to the cooked porridge for 5 minutes, then add an appropriate amount of rice vinegar and mix well. Drink it while it is hot.

2. Ginger soup

This ginger soup has the effect of dispersing cold and relieving the cold. If you have vomiting, you can drink some ginger soup to relieve it.

Ingredients: ginger, brown sugar

Method: Wash and slice the ginger, cook in an appropriate amount of water for 6-7 minutes, add a large spoonful of brown sugar and stir well, drink it while it is hot.

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The new crown virus does not have special effects at present. Pregnant mothers cannot take medicine without authorization. They are more immune to their own.

In this special period, good nutrition, scientific and reasonable diet can promote the recovery of pregnant mothers’ bodies. I hope that every pregnant mother can spend this stage safely and healthy.

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