Pregnant mothers have a lot of hemorrhoids, so you can easily cope with "chrysanthemums", and be at home to give birth at home.

Pregnancy is a beautiful process. During pregnancy, there are also some pregnant mothers who are plagued by hemorrhoids.It is because after pregnancy, due to the weakening of gastrointestinal muscles, the pressure of the uterus increases, and then compress the gastrointestinal and intestines, leading to constipation and hemorrhoids of pregnant women.Because of the various reasons during pregnancy, the hemorrhoids are susceptible, although the impact on the baby is not great, it will cause great pain to the pregnant mother.

Because hemorrhoids can bleed light, and severe will affect walking.What should pregnant mothers who are deeply plagued by hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

For pregnant women’s hemorrhoids, they cannot take medicine in the early stages of pregnancy. They must eat light diet, eat more digestible foods, and drink plenty of water to prevent the cause of stools to prevent the pain caused by hemorrhoids.No matter how much warm water can be used to promote hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids will obviously promote the edema of hemorrhoids, which will be able to relieve the pain caused by some hemorrhoids.

There is also a drug that can be appropriately applied to treat hemorrhoids. For example, Ma Yinglong hemorrhoid cream or Ma Yinglong hemorrhoid embossed, which relieves the anal plug and local application. The pain caused by hemorrhoids.Rest, avoid cold.

Because the abdominal pressure of pregnant women will be relatively large, the varicose veins will cause the formation of hemorrhoids. If you squat for a long time for a long time, hemorrhoids will be swollen, which will seriously affect the life and work of mothers during pregnancy.

There are mainly the following points:

First, use warm saline, water with temperature of about 30 to 40 degrees and then mix the appropriate amount of salt to play a role in local swelling and inflammation.

Second, you can use soft ice packs to make cold compresses for hemorrhoids several times a day to eliminate swelling.

Third, you can use Chinese medicine therapy, pour in a bath with traditional Chinese medicine or ordinary warm water, and pay attention to cleaning and hygiene.

Fourth, use a soft and clean paper towel after the stool to massage gently.

Fifth, keep the rules of stool smooth and try to prevent constipation.

If the pregnant woman is hemorrhoid bleeding, it can be applied to the Taining milk cream or the anal plug. These two medicines are safer drugs for pregnant women. Pregnant women can use it with confidence, and can also use norepinephrine.The anal plug is local to stop bleeding, which is mainly used for the case where the amount of bleeding is more.

You can also use traditional Chinese medicine to smoke a bath. For example, you can choose peppercorns, wormwood, coptoly pornographic, etc., boil water for soup, smoked in the bath twice a day, 15 to 20 minutes each time. Be sure to try not to eat spicy, cold, greasy, greasy, greasy, greasy, greasyFoods should also avoid diarrhea or constipation.

Due to the increase in the volume of the fetus in the abdominal during pregnancy, the increase in abdominal pressure, the hemorrhoids are blocked, and the hemorrhoids will be worse than before.After production decreases with abdominal pressure, hemorrhoids will be reduced or even healed.

Pregnant mothers can drink warm water in an empty stomach every morning; eat more foods with more cellulose, some fruits and vegetables such as banana celery; develop a good habit of timing defecation; be sure to eat less spicy food to avoid constipation.Mom should exercise properly, avoid sedentary for a long time, and promote gastrointestinal motility.At night, you can soak the anus with warm water to relieve the swelling and pain of hemorrhoids.The prognosis of hemorrhoids has a certain promotion effect.

Therefore, mothers should not have too much pressure during pregnancy, develop good habits during pregnancy, and be a relaxed and happy expectant mother!

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