Pregnant mothers, dare to say to smokers say "no"

Author: Duan Tao

Now that the pregnant mothers will inevitably encounter people around them when they are home or out of the office for a long time, especially the expectant mothers who are forced to suck second -hand cigarettes. Do n’t move. You have a privilege that the smokers have a privilege.

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Have you ever encountered such a passive smoking?

Under normal circumstances, will you use the "privilege" to signal the smoker to leave?

Or will you ask your family or friends to discourage the smokers?

The feedback from some users is also collected on this issue, as follows:

Duan Ye


The adverse effects of passive smoking in pregnant women

Passive smoking is also called second -hand smoke, referring to smoking smoke in the environment passively, including smoke caused by cigarette burning and smoke spit out.

Occasionally, it is not a problem to smell the smell of cigarettes 1-2 times. If you often smoke passive smoking in family, or restaurants, offices and other public places, you will have a adverse effect on mothers and fetuses.

In the general environment of Chinese men’s smoking, many women often suck second -hand smoke after pregnancy. The adverse effects of passive smoking on pregnant women are still not small.The incidence of children does not seem to increase the incidence of miscarriage or siege dying.

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If you continue to be exposed to second -hand smoke after birth, children are prone to asthma, allergies, and more prone to infections in lung and ear, and the probability of sudden infant death syndrome will increase.

China’s overall smoking situation

China is the world’s largest cigarette producer and consumer. The number of smokers accounts for about 30%of the world’s total number of smokers, ranking first in the world.The total number of Chinese smokers reached 301 million, and the smoking rate of people over the age of 15 was 28.1%, of which 52.9%were male and 2.4%of women.

The overall smoking rate in China is declining, mainly because there are fewer male smokers who occupy the big head, but on the other hand, the number of female smokers is increasing.

In the past five years, the proportion of women’s smoking has been rising to 3.3%.The increased female smokers have three main characteristics: young, highly educated, and high-income. Data in 2014 showed that their monthly average income reached 7,818 yuan and 48%of female smokers was between 15-34 years old, 64%of their age, 64%People have a bachelor’s degree or above.

"Pressure" is the main cause of smoking for women. In 2014, 72% of female smokers believed that "there are too many things in life that make me feel stressed."In addition, the social environment is gradually open to women’s smoking.

The harm of smoking in pregnant women

For women, in addition to other known harms such as lung cancer, smoking and passive smoking will also increase the risk of infertility. After pregnancy, they will also increase abortion, premature birth, low birth weight, ectopic pregnancy, premature fetal membrane breakthrough breakthrough breakthrough.The risk of front placenta.

According to surveys, 23%of American women are still smoking three months before pregnancy, and the proportion of women who still smoke in the last three months of pregnancy are 11%.

How many Chinese women are still smoking after pregnancy and have no reliable statistics.Someone will definitely continue to smoke after pregnancy, but the overall proportion should not be too large.

In addition to Chinese women attaches great importance to their children’s health, there are also husbands, especially their mother -in -law, so that the motivation to quit smoking after pregnancy is far greater than non -pregnancy after pregnancy.

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In addition to the above -mentioned smoking harm of pregnancy, there are other possible adverse effects.

Death and newborn mortality rate

Does smoking increase the incidence of death and newborn death?The current research results are inconsistent, but some large sample research suggests that smoking will increase the risk of death and newborn death.


More than 2,500 chemicals in cigarettes will theoretically increase the occurrence of birth defects, but the study of clinical epidemic diseases does not suggest a significant increase in the overall incidence of birth defects.

However, some types of birth defects will increase. During the development of the fetus, nicotine will cause blood vessel contraction, affect the occurrence and development of certain organs, and cause corresponding malformations, such as rabbits, cleft palate, abdominal cracks, anal atresia, heart deformityMulti -finger and deformed, dysplasia of the kidney.

But these malformations are only increased risks in some people, which may be related to genetic susceptibility.

The effect of smoking on breastfeeding

Smoking will reduce the amount of milk secretion, reduce the content of fat in milk, and reduce the duration of lactation.For smoking mothers, the child’s sleep time after breastfeeding will be relatively short.

Smoking on the long -term impact of Zidai

The risk of smoking is more powerful in the future of the mother -in -law’s future II diabetes.

During the recent new crown pneumonia, there are many rumors that smoking can prevent virus infection?Although it has been rumored, I still have to remind everyone here that there is no scientific basis!Intersection

Smoking can cause human immunity, but it is easy to be infected by the virus, and cannot wear a mask during smoking. Hands need to be close to the mouth or contact the mouth, which greatly increases the chance of being infected.

So, remember to stay away from tobacco for the health of yourself and his family.

good luck


Duan Ye

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