Pregnant mothers are always yellow and yellow?It may be caused by these reasons

After pregnancy, the secretion of various hormones in the body of the pregnant mother will change. Pregnant mothers will experience some pregnancy characteristics, such as breast swelling, easy fatigue, frequent urination, constipation, changes in secretions, etc. Many pregnant mothers often check their secretions often.If you are used to it, you will find that your secretion will emit a sour taste. This is because the secretion has changed from the original alkaline to acidity. Generally speakingThe body will regulate the secretion of hormones and make the secretion from alkaline to acidicity. This is a normal manifestation of secretions during pregnancy.What causes?

So why are some pregnant mothers always yellow and yellow?

First of all, pregnant mothers need to understand that the panties are yellowed because of the leucorrhea. The vaginal flow flows out of the vagina, and the odor will appear over time on the underwear.Whether to suffer from the following diseases, the first thing to consider is mold vaginitis. Patients with mold vaginitis will have symptoms of leucorrhea yellow and vulvar itching.After the symptoms of this disease, you need to go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis, followed by cervicitis. Cervicitis is the cause of the leucorrhea when many pregnant mothers during pregnancy. However, cervicitis is different from fungal vaginitis.With the symptoms of blood secretions and lower abdomen pain, cervicitis is a very serious condition for pregnant mothers. Therefore, the above symptoms should be treated in time.Then if you find your own leucorrhea yellow, you should pay more attention to your personal hygiene and go to the hospital for treatment in time. Do not take medicine without authorization to avoid premature breakthroughs caused by gynecological inflammation and premature fetal birth.

If pregnant mothers do not pay attention to their bodies during pregnancy, irregular schedules, and often staying up late may also cause leucorrhea yellow, irregular work schedule. The direct change brought by the pregnant mother is the disorders of hormones in the body. This will cause pregnancy.Mother’s leucorrhea increases and turns yellow, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to their sleep quality during pregnancy and ensure the rest time.Pregnant mothers are very prone to fatigue during pregnancy, but many pregnant mothers will not take the necessary rest in improper rest.There is sufficient sleep every day, and to ensure a certain sleep quality. Pregnant mothers should rest before 10 pm. We must avoid staying up late.Habits, so you won’t feel tired at noon. In fact, it is not possible to have a sense of sleepyness during pregnancy. If you find that you want to sleep, it is best to start to rest to ensure that you have a good mental state every day.

During pregnancy, the mood of pregnant mothers also has a huge impact on their own hormone secretion. Many pregnant mothers will become very big during pregnancy.Realizing your own mistakes, in fact, this is the normal psychological manifestation of the pregnancy. The nervousness, anxiety, and fear of the pregnant mother are not conducive to the normal secretion of hormones in the body.If you meet the above situation, you must start adjusting your emotions. Do not give yourself too much mental pressure, relax, and adjust your emotions by diverting your attention.The body should not pay too much attention to the disobedience in life. When the psychological pressure is too large, you can also adjust it through appropriate exercise.As long as the pregnant mother maintains a good mood, facing every day of pregnancy is optimistic, they can live a healthy period of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay more attention to their physical changes. If discomfort, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible and treat early.

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